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The Essence of Assistive Technology SEAT Center Coordinator-Jodi Nibbelin Kappa Delta Epsilon February, 2014.

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1 The Essence of Assistive Technology SEAT Center Coordinator-Jodi Nibbelin Kappa Delta Epsilon February, 2014

2 Different and Alike Some of us like to write Some of us like math Some of us like computer games Some of us like sports Some of us like watching movies People with disabilities like these same things, but may have different ways of doing so or be unable to do so because of their disability. ?

3 Abilities Read Write Think Run Swim Play the piano Draw Type Drive Talk Listen Eat Remember Play

4 Disabilities Effects motor skills (walk, jump, pinch, touch, pick up, push) Effect communication (talking, listening) Effects processing (reading, math, writing, understanding) Effects independence (self-care, driving, working) Effects sensory input (vision, hearing, touch) From Birth (Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Various Syndromes) From an Accident (Stroke, Car Accident, ALS, Parkinsons)

5 Why am I an ATP? Background is a COTA/L Worked with children with physical disabilities Could assist with improvement or delay regression, but couldnt always bridge the gap between personal abilities and the skills to be accomplished Weve gone to the MOON! Surely, theres something out there to help! Robbie

6 My Job I am the Coordinator of the Special Education Assistive Technology Center or seat Center in Fairchild Hall. Assist teachers in knowing about latest assistive technologies available for their classes. Assist college students in understanding how to use assistive technology devices. I am the Assistive Technology Coordinator for HILIA, a regional consultant for school teams. Assist teams in determine what assistive technology might be appropriate for a student. Assist teams to integrate assistive technology use into the school day for students with disabilities.

7 AT Device Any -item, piece of equipment, or product system Acquired -commercially, modified, or customized Used to -increase, maintain, improve Functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. (P.L. 108-364)

8 AT Service Any service that directly assists an individual with a disability in the -selection, acquisition, use of An assistive technology device. (P.L. 108-264)

9 Assistive Technology Creates opportunities to improve abilities for people with disabilities

10 Do you use AT? Technology Computer, phone, iPad, digital calendar, scanner, control + Adaptive Equipment Umbrella with a button, grab bars, walker, wheelchair, ergonomic keyboard tray, lumbar support Instructional Supports Digital books, Voice Recognition, Guided Notes, Right Mouse Click, Calculator Community Curb Cuts, Automatic Doors, ATM

11 Lets meet Sam Assistive Technology in Action- Meet Sam

12 Technology vs Tools vs AT We all use many types of technology, tools, and equipment. While the definition of AT states used by, in practice; the defining idea changes from used by to required or necessary.

13 Types of AT (low to high) Activities of Daily Living Getting dressed Eating Cooking Driving Bathroom Home access (TV, blender, lights) Communication Picture boards Voice Output Communication Device (VOCA) Dynamic Screen (ipad apps)

14 More Computer Access Keyboard Mouse Eye control Windows features Voice control Math Calculators Special paper software

15 More Positioning and Mobility Walker Wheelchair Specialized seating Mounting Hardware Personal Management Schedules Timers Organizers

16 Even More Reading Books (ebooks, talking books, adapted books) Highlighting options Magnifiers Recreation Card holders Built up handles Puzzles Garden tools

17 And just a few more Switches (allows access for people unable to isolate a finger or touch something small) Plate, lever, voice, pinch Battery or electrical devices Writing Paper, pencil grips, slantboard Portable word processor Voice recognition Concept mapping

18 Whats the SEAT Center? Classrooms where Special Education majors can learn about AT devices and how to implement AT services A place where students can come see, learn about and explore many types of AT devices A library with hundreds of AT devices worth thousands of dollars to facilitate hands-on learning

19 What AT allows? Assists a Person with a Disability be seen as a PERSON!

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