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Executive Dashboarding Andy Carlson Rally Technical Account Manager Larry Maccherone Rally Product Owner.

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2 Executive Dashboarding Andy Carlson Rally Technical Account Manager Larry Maccherone Rally Product Owner

3 SHARP: Riffin on Dashboards POV: Dashboarding is easy, teams need a jump start GAS: create templates for the different rolesand let them riff off of em Benefit: results in a consolidation of practices and lets people work with examples Key Point 1: What tools do we have to do this? #1 Dashboarding Basics -Sharing techniques -Copying from a share #2Panels and Apps as 1, - Walk them through the new framework #3 Duh Duh Duh… -custom grids!!!! -query language (larry) -RPM queries? Key Point 2: Start simple think about roles #1 how do standard reports help us… -What should we be watching, why…? --scoping across teams helps…- #2Organizers -Sample PO dashboard -Sample Scrummaster DB 3 – Exec Dashboard -Program level view -RPM, RPM! Key Point 3: Learn From Others Riff #1 Larry/Steve Stolt#Catherines RPM MVPs#Todd Olson POV: (see above) SAS: Take one custom panel from today, implement and share it Benefit: Giving teams and individuals something to riff of of is a starting point which will bring SHARP: Who here has created a dashboard panel in their own sub that theyd like to share? 10 dolla gift cert for each


5 SHARP Riffin on Dashboarding.

6 Hey Larry, what should we call this thing?

7 RIFFin On Dashboards

8 Chuck and Keith

9 A Riff Wikipedia - In music, a riff is an ostinato; a repeated chord progression, pattern, or melody, often played by rhythmic instruments. The riff is the base of the musical composition. They are most common in rock music, funk, and jazz.

10 In the music world… Most musicians find influence from other musicians from their past. Riffin is a common practice where musicians take a good idea from the past and make it their own

11 So what?

12 POV Dashboarding is easy, but lets face it we have full time jobs already, teams need a jumpstart to create awesome dashaboards

13 Teams need jumpstarts Dashboarding is easy, right?

14 ACTION (GENERAL) Team leaders should create dashboard templates for all roles

15 Create a Dashboard for your team to Riff off of!

16 Executive Dashboarding Who are your execs? Do they care? How can we make them care?

17 BENEFIT Results in consolidation of practices, while giving teams freedom and flexibility to innovate

18 Get On the Same Page Use shared dashboards to create a consistent language across your business If Execs arent engaged now, they will be when everyone is singing from the same sheet of music

19 Create Consistent Visibility Create consistent visibility Link Execution to Strategy Consolidation of practice Consistency with Autonomy

20 KP1 Use Rallys awesome tools to get started

21 HOW?

22 KP1 SP2 #2 Panels and Apps as 1 (walk through the basics)

23 Changes as of last weekend! Panels and Apps as one!

24 KP1 SP1 #1 Dashboard Basics (sharing/copying)

25 Share Larry walk through

26 Copy & Riff

27 KP1 SP3 #3 The POWER of custom grids

28 Custom Gridding (tips from Larry) Experiment with queries in WSAPI (((((___))))) query operators Lets make a custom grid!

29 KP2 Starting simple means, start where you are


31 ODMI Framework better Measurement better Insight better Decisions better Outcomes

32 Initiative Kanban from Rally1

33 Where do we start? Think roles… Think team level. Start small. Roll up!

34 KP2 SP1 Std Reports Which and Why Scoping across teams

35 Starting Small Which reports do we start with at a team level?

36 KP2 SP2 Walk Thru Scrum Master Product Owner

37 Team Level Metrics

38 Burndowns and Velocity

39 Detailed Info about the team at your fingertips…

40 Global Project Hierarchy Intended to represent Team Structure Use planning projects to group programs Scope data across the programs to see aggregated data

41 Throughput/Cycle Time

42 Think Roles!

43 KP3 SP1 Rally POs -Larry -Steve Stolt

44 Steves Dashboard

45 KP2 SP3 What do Execs look at? Walk through…

46 The same concepts can be applied to Release level information…

47 Portfolio Kanban to track Upstream Process (pre-dev)

48 Portfolio Level Dashboards for Execs or the PMO

49 KP3 Riff off the pros

50 KP3 SP3 Todd Olsons dashboard

51 Todds Dashboard

52 KP3 SP2 Catherines RPM MVPs

53 Catherines MVP RPM Panels #13 - How do I locate stories that are not connected to a Portfolio Item? #14 - 14. How do I remove completed portfolio items from view?

54 User Stories Associated with a PI?

55 Heres a treat!

56 Larrys Bad Data Panel (((((KanbanState = "Accepted") OR (KanbanState = "In Test")) OR (KanbanState = "Walkthrough")) OR (KanbanState = "Merged")) AND (((FeatureToggleStatus = "") OR (ImpactonOps = "")) OR (Release = null)))

57 POV Dashboarding is easy when we can work from examples

58 Teams need jumpstarts Dashboarding is easy, right?

59 ACTION (SPECIFIC) Take an example from today… steal/riff off of it and share it!

60 Steal an example from today

61 And riff…

62 BENEFIT Create consolidation of practices, while encouraging innovation

63 Make everyone happy!

64 SHARP Dashboard Showdown!!!!

65 Dashboard Showdown!? Whose got one? Whats in it for you?

66 What questions do you have for me?

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