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Google confidential Design Best Practice Masthead Doubleclick Rich Media.

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1 Google confidential Design Best Practice Masthead Doubleclick Rich Media

2 Google confidential There is no one right way to design a creative Best Practice Its a complicated process and it depends a lot from the core message, the brand guidelines, the goal and functionality used. But there are a few guiding principles it always help to have in mind.

3 Google confidential 1. Call to Action Impact the CTR Be clear and concise - Leave no doubts on the landing page content. - Use active words. - Give a reason to click. - Dont confuse users with too many buttons. Create a sense of urgency - Push users to act now. - Give an incentive to act now. Make it stand out - It should be the biggest button on the page. - Use contrast colours. - Use white spaces with the copy text. Display it on every frames - Not only on the last frame (user wont wait). - Test different Call To Action. The CTA is mixed with the content and is unclear The CTA stands out and communicate the benefit

4 Google confidential 2. Images and colors Draw attention to the creative and communicate the message Connect images & the message - Images should be related to the content and to the core benefits of the product. Direct the eye to the content - Use human faces or (close-up work best). - Profile work best to direct the eye. - Use asymmetry or alignment. Use strategic colors - Contrast with YouTube background. - Match the mood of the message (learn more).learn more Simplify - Use simple images to not clutter the creative with too much visual information. - Use high quality images. - Draw attention using famous characters. Direct eyes outside the creative. Background image brings confusion. Direct eyes to the content. Background image highlight the message and CTA.

5 Google confidential 3. Video Increase visibility and engagement Use the entire canvas - Display a 970*250 intro video to draw attention. - Insert a video carrousel. - Activate the Full Screen option. Dont forget the Logo - Place the logo in a dominant position of the Masthead even during the video. Interactive video - Invite users to interact with the content of the video to create a great user experience. Call to action - Add a call to action to increase the number of video views.

6 Google confidential 4. Logo Increase Brand Awareness Always Visible - Each frame should stand on its own (dont expect users to watch the masthead during the whole 30 seconds). Make it prominent - Place the logo in a dominant position of the Masthead. - When utilizing more than one brand: prioritize the most important logo. No brand association. User need to wait to the end of the video. The brand is communicated on every frame.

7 Google confidential 5. Social Network Generate feedback on social networks Entertain - Dont do brand pitch. - Invite users to interact with Games, Polls, etc. Personalize the content - Create content that triggers reactions. - Integrate Social elements directly into the Masthead (Twitter feed, +1 button). Call to action - Show social buttons prominently. - Encourage users to share with an incentive. Twitter feed is included inside the design (Gallery example)Gallery example Include Google +1 recommendation (Gallery example)Gallery example

8 Google confidential 6. Content Focus on the main message Keep it simple - Dont clutter the message with too many info. - Create a strong headline that sum up the main benefits of the product. - Make the idea stick with a Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible and Emotion-Evoking message. Make it clear - Display the core message prominently. - Dont make people think: use the same semantic than your target. Prioritize - Use a visual hierarchy to make the most important content more visible. There is too much info, headlines are hard to detect. The core message is lost. The headline is clearly visible, there is a clear hierarchy in the content.

9 Google confidential 7. Interactions Create a unique experience Make the Masthead the destination - Display extra content through menu. - Create mini games to engage users. Be relevant - All interactions (even games) should help to communicate the core message. - Do not create interaction for the sake of it. Call to action - Increase the number of interaction with a strong call to action (see Call to Action best practice). Tracking - Name each exit differently to track user path. If possible redirect to separate landing page. Interactive video to determine your Power of Addiction. DemoDemo Try a demo of Lloyds Money Manager. DemoDemo

10 Google confidential 8. Expand Increase visibility and engagement Collapsed panel - Insert the most important content on the collapsed panel (dont hide it in the expand panel) - If one of the goal is an high CTR, create an exit on the collapsed panel. Expanded panel - Use the huge canvas size to bring extra content and interactions (games, videos etc.) Call to Action - Display a strong call to action to expand. - Clarify what is hidden in the expand panel. - Name exit from the collapsed and expanded panel differently to track user path. Logo - Insert it on all frames. There is rich media in the collapse panel, the CTA is not engaging and there is no direct exit. The collapse panel has a video, the call to action to expand is clear and a second Exit redirects directly to the landing page (it will decrease the expansion rate but increase the CTR).

11 Google confidential Sources. Google conference - The human factor: Common Sense Ways Industry best practices Google Benchmark: Better brand engagement with display formatsBetter brand engagement with display formats. External Studies and Books Made to stick (Book) The fundamental of Quality Ads Research: Dont make me think (Book)Book Other documentation

12 Google confidential Thank you!

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