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Complete Laboratory Services & Point-of Care Diagnostics.

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1 Complete Laboratory Services & Point-of Care Diagnostics

2 Background Jant Pharmacal Corporation is a leader in medical diagnostic products and services. Established in 1986, the company offers the physician office a complete laboratory solution, including: Consultation Services Hematology Chemistry Immunochemistry Urinalysis Point of Care Testing Products

3 Targeted Market Physician Office Laboratories Family Practice Oncology Internal Medicine Cardiology Endocrinology Fertility Clinics Urology

4 Point of Care Testing Urine Reagent Strips & Reader Lipid Profile screening and monitoring Urine Saliva Drug Screens Alcohol Testing Products Tobacco Exposure Testing Pregnancy & Fertility Testing Strep A Mono H. Pylori Urinary Tract Infection (Uriscreen) Cancer Screen

5 Lab Instrumentation Chemistry Hematology Immunochemistry Urinalysis

6 Diagnostics LIASYS CLINICAL CHEMISTRY SYSTEMS INNOVATIVE AND COST-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES AT YOUR SERVICE Easy to Use – One week on site training is provided Reliable – MTBF of 11 months High Throughput – 2 models to choose from 330 or 450 tests/hr Large Test Menu – over 35 assays currently available Non Disposable Cuvettes – Significant savings on consumables Onboard Refrigeration of Reagents – automated reagent inventory

7 Diagnostics Test Menu TEST PANELS Basic Metabolic Panel Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Electrolyte Panel Hepatic Panel Lipid Panel Renal Panel User-defined panels and ratio calculations available INDIVIDUAL TESTS General Chemistry Assays: Albumin C02 Direct Bilirubin Total Bilirubin Calcium Creatinine Glucose Phosphorous Magnesium Total Protein Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Uric Acid LIPID ASSAYS Cholesterol Direct HDL Direct LDL Triglycerides SPECIALTY ASSAYS Fructosamine Hemoglobin Alc hs-CRPWR Homocysteine Iron Lipase Microalbumin Microprotein Rheumatoid Factor ENZYME ASSAYS ALT AKL Amylase AST CK(NAC) Gamma GT LDH ELECTROLYTES Sodium Potassium Chloride

8 Tosoh Bioscience Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzers AIA 360 AIA 900 G 8

9 Tosoh Bioscience Cardiac Markers cTnI 2nd Generation CK-MB Myoglobin Tumor Markers CA PSA AFP CEA CA 125 Anemia Markers Ferritin Diabetes Assays Hb A1C C-Peptide Insulin Reproductive Hormones ß-HCGProlactin FSHProgesterone E2Testosterone LHDHEA-S Thyroid Hormones TSHFT4 Total T4FT3 Total T3 T-Up Kidney Marker Assays ß2 Micro globulin Intact PTH Cystatin C Additional Assays IgE II PAPACTH Metabolic Assays Cortisol HGH Test Menu

10 Tosoh AIA 360 Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer Please click on the picture to view a 5 minutes video on the 360

11 Tosoh AIA tests/hour throughput First result in ~ 18 minutes Random access Reliable Simple touch screen operation Bar-coded primary tube sampling Clot detection Unit Dose Test Cup Automated pretreatment Automated dilution from 2 to 1000 Please click on the picture to view a 5 minutes video on the AIA 900

12 Tosoh G8 High Volume Hemoglobin A1c Testing by HPLC Please click on the picture to view a 5 minutes video on the G8

13 CDS Hematology Open Vial Cap Piercing Auto Loader

14 CDS Hematology M Series Features and Benefits to the Laboratory Practice Easy to Operate – Three day on site training is provided Reliable – MTBF of 22 months Accurate and Precise – Delivers excellent patient results Economical – Inexpensive to operate Continuous Reagent Monitoring – Cant run out of reagents Zero Daily Maintenance – No daily shutdown, engineered to eliminate lengthy cleaning procedures. Calibration Only Twice a Year–Precision can be run at same time 20 ul Pediatric Sampling – Can be run on a finger stick Barcoded Controls – Helps eliminate error 1,000 Patient Files – Plenty of storage space 2 Identification Fields – Meets CLIA regulations Programmable Printout – Meets your labs needs Automated Reagent Logs – Tracks your lot numbers

15 Consultant Services New Lab Set Up Laboratory Testing Evaluation Financial Assessment Analysis Recommended Analyzer Needs CLIA / COLA Compliance Set Up Policy and Procedure Manuals Laboratory Design Assist in Lab Personnel Hiring

16 Existing Laboratory Check Up Financial Assessment to Decrease Cost Test Menu and Equipment Analysis Digital QA / QC Programs Proficiency Testing Review/ Recommendations Review of Lab Policies and Procedures Monthly Reviews with Lab Directors Lab Review Before CLIA Inspections Consultant Services

17 RESULTS…When You Need Them! (800) (818)

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