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Thermo Scientific Konelab PRIME 60 and Konelab PRIME 30

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1 Thermo Scientific Konelab PRIME 60 and Konelab PRIME 30

2 Fully automated clinical chemistry systems
For medium sized laboratories as a stand-alone instrument For high volume testing as a part of automated workcell Konelab PRIME 60: Capacity up to 600 tests/hour depending on workload Konelab PRIME 30: Capacity up to 300 tests/hour depending on workload

3 WORKCELL Automation Single entry point without pre-sorting
Minimizes the need of aliquots Workload balancing Centralized control over the system

4 Continuously expanding test range
Over 80 carefully validated methods for Enzymes Substrates Electrolytes Specific proteins Drugs of Abuse Tests Therapeutic Drug Monitoring CE marked applications can be complemented with user-definable tests

5 Product overview Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes
On-board capacity of 84 routine samples, 6 STAT samples 39 fixed calibrator & control samples 45 reagents in the refrigerated disk 600 cuvette storage positions in PRIME 30, 2100 in PRIME 60 ISE option: K+, Na+, Cl-, also Li+ and Ca2+ as optional extra Interface to a sample track system

6 Operational efficiency
Automated sample pretreatment feature Automatic sample clot detection Versatile dilution features Pre-dilution possibility Post-dilution with both high and low secondary dilution ratios Calibrator set made automatically from one stock calibrator for most specific proteins Different sample types can be analysed at the same time Important in drug monitoring and therapeutic control Reflex testing Saves time and money when finding out the specific test to be run E.g. A patient is having a severe chest pain and you don’t know if s/he is having acute myocardial infarction or not. There is no point of running lots of expensive tests if the basic test is negative. Reflex testing in Konelab can be programmed so that if the creatine basic test is within a normal range then no more tests have to be run, but if it is elevated then the system runs a more specific test.

7 Productive, accurate analysis
User-safe and contamination free measurement Proven, unique, single use 12-cell cuvette Cost-effective due to low reaction volume Only 100 to 250 l Typically l Flexibility and long walk-away time Cuvette storage enables up to 4 hours walk-away time Continuous loading access without interrupting testing

8 Advanced design to facilitate routine work
Integrated workstation with touch screen Enables a working posture with less physical strain Ideal for limited space Intuitive graphical user-interface Provides fast guidance Makes the analyser easy to use Available in more than 15 language versions

9 Safe sample handling Error free sample handling Sample tubes
Automatic sample identification, direct barcode reading and cup/ tube recognition Bidirectional LIS interface for quick data transfer Sample tubes 5, 7 and 10 ml tubes 0.5 and 2 ml sample cups Calibrators and controls Cooled positions Possibility to load also into segments

10 Automated sample pretreatment
Saves the operator time, e.g. by automating hemolyzation in HbA1c measurement Improves quality by minimizing operator variation Dedicated sample segment for whole blood samples For one segment hemolyzation takes about 10 min, total turnaround time about 30 min

11 KUSTI - optional module for point-in-space dispensing
Making automatically an aliquot from the primary sample Equipped with a 92-positions segment While part of automated workcell requested tests processed autonomously Sample is sent further to the next analyzer Minimizing delays on the sample conveyor Manual sample loading using segments possible at the same time

12 Automatic clot detection
To secure result integrity Based on pressure differential technology Both in sample and KUSTI dispensers The pressure system is calibrated By making a series of air aspirations, takes appr. 5 seconds, no extra solutions needed At start up with sample dispenser At every water wash with KUSTI Operator is alarmed about clot All requests are cancelled for that sample Extra wash is performed for needles

13 Clot detection in sample dispenser
Pressure signals of succesful aspirations on sample dispenser The pressure dives in an aspiration and returns through a maximum to the rest level 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 1 21 41 61 81 101 121 141 161 181 201 OK Clot The clot message is sent if in aspiration maximum fails to reach the rest level or if the end pressure of the curve remains too far below the rest level

14 Clot detection in KUSTI dispenser
Pressure signals of a succesful aspiration In each sub-aspiration the pressure signal dives to a certain depth, but returns to the rest level between aspirations The clot message is sent if in aspiration the pressure dives deeper than in a successful aspiration

15 Convenient reagent handling
Continuous monitoring possibility Flagging of expired reagents Determination of vial volume Estimation of reagent sufficiency Automatic bottle change-over increases the walk-away time Possibility to run QC with every new bottle Used reagent lots can be archived

16 Simultaneous electrolyte measurement
Direct measurement method used in Konelab Generally considered the most accurate ISE method Serum, plasma and urine samples Direct or by manually pre-diluted urine sample Micro volume electrodes for even smaller sample volumes Sample volume of only 50 l is sufficient for Na+, K+ and Cl- Additionally 6 l if Li+, Ca 2+ or pH is required Maintenance-free electrodes Delivered ready-to-use

17 Proactive support Minimal user maintenance tasks Maintenance contracts
About 5 min daily Start up and Stand by procedures Maintenance contracts 6 and 12 months programs

18 Proven technology and experience
Konelab analyzers are supported with Customized installation Product training Product & Application support After-sales support Maintenance contracts Technical service

19 Confirmed quality Quality system is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard extended with the EN ISO 13485:2003 Konelab Analyzer systems comply with the requirements of the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive (IVDMDD)

20 Key benefits of Konelab analyzers
Easy to use Clearly laid out, simple to navigate user interface Automation and analyst efficiency Once loaded, the analyzer will run without the assistance of the analyst Automatic dilution of an over range sample Automated sample pretreatment feature Reflex test possibility Clot detection Different types of samples can be analysed at the same time Important in drug monitoring and therapeutic control Productivity Low reagent volumes -> low cost per test, important in expensive tests Quick daily start up Minimal maintenance User-safe and contamination free analysis Disposable cuvettes

21 Key benefits of Konelab analyzers
Carefully selected methods and applications Over 150 CE-marked reagents Optimized kits serve laboratories of all sizes Liquid stable and ready for use System-specific multi-calibrators and controls Flexible software Easy method set-up Special applications to be validated by the customer or distributor Direct electrolyte measurement The most accurate ISE method Maintenance-free electrodes delivered ready-to-use Full application and technical support

22 One reagent line to be used in all Konelab analyzers
Albumin ACP Total and Direct Bilirubin ALP Carbon Dioxide ALT/GPT Calcium AST/GOT Cholesterol Amylase HDL and LDL Cholesterol Cholinesterase Creatinine Dibucaine Glucose CK Iron CK-MB Magnesium Gamma-GT Phosphorus -HBDH Total Protein LDH Triglycerides Lipase U/CSF Protein Urea Uric Acid Na, K, Cl Ca, pH Albumin Antistreptolysin O  -1-Antitrypsin Apolipoprotein A1 and B Ceruloplasmin Complement C3 and C4 C-reactive protein Cystatin C High Sensitive CRP HbA1c Haptoglobin IgA, G and M Lipoprotein (a) Microalbuminuria Myoglobin Orosomucoid Prealbumin Rheumatoid factors Transferrin Amphetamine Barbiturates Benzodiazepines Cannabinoids Cocaine Metabolite Opiates Cotinine Ethyl Alcohol Methadone Propoxyphene Carbamazepine Phenobarbital Phenytoin Theophylline Valproic Acid Lithium Enzymes Substrates DoA (DAT) Specific Proteins TDM Electrolytes

23 Konelab PRIME 60 and PRIME 30
Operational efficiency and accurate results!

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