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OUC Administration Building Reliable Plaza North FL AACEi May 21, 2009.

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1 OUC Administration Building Reliable Plaza North FL AACEi May 21, 2009

2 Background OUC parking garage demolished by FDOT due to the I4/408 Expressway Interchange expansion Settlement compensation between OUC & FDOT from the impact of this expansion Lost of parking garage Impact to operations, customers and employees Relocation of employees and departments to other OUC facilities and leased a building in downtown OUC needed to evaluate and select available real estate options and sites to accommodate OUCs space program requirements

3 Evaluated Options Refurbish existing Adm Bldg and build a new parking structure Build new bldg and parking garage at existing OUCs site (west of existing bldg) Build new bldg and parking garage on other OUCs property (Lake Highland site) Build new bldg on purchased property Purchase an existing building 3rd party development (partial ownership of a building/garage) Sell or lease existing building

4 Evaluated Options Hard construction costs Site work Building structures MEP TI Site acquisition (Owned or Purchased opportunity) Parking Parking with garage (detached from building, under building, surface) Soft costs Design/Permitting Misc. fees Temporary relocation LEED certified building Other owner costs IT Hook up Moving Owners Representative fees

5 Project Partners Select PBS&J as Owners Representative As the go to consultant Assist in the writing of the Architect Statement of Qualification (SOQ) Assist in the evaluation of all available options Assist in the execution of the selected option Select Real Estate Research Consultants to perform financial model

6 Project Partners (Contd) Baker Barrios Architects – Core & Shell Hunton Brady Architects– Interior TLC Engineering - MEP SKANSKA USA/JCB – GC GAI – Civil Engineers

7 Summary of Project Costs OptionProject Cost Refurbish Existing Bldg$31,059,440 New Building on Existing Site$32,819,000 New Building on Existing Site with Third Party Developer Approximately $29,000,000 OBT & 50 – McNamara Pontiac$30,172,000 500 E. Princeton$27,167,000 Lake Highland$29,515,000 Parramore$35,366,000 Developer Offer (Kuhn)$35,947,000

8 Construction Management at Risk SKANSKA USA/JCB Delivered pre-construction services such as schedule, budget and constructability reviews Centralize responsibility for construction under a single contract Subcontracted the work and guaranteed the cost and completion of project Contractor fee based as part of the building design Contractor provides a price with a maximum cap at the 90% design point At the completion of design, the contractor agrees to construct at the agreed price or OUC can go back out to bid

9 Challenges Boone Avenue Extension Parking Structure Efficiency Loss Two Additional Stair Tower Stops Four Additional Elevator Stops Additional Elevator Lobby Finish Additional Exterior Cladding Speed Ramp Access Program Growth 11,644SF Total Cost Impacts by City $1,376,183

10 Challenges (Contd)

11 Redesign of the 10 th floor - $100,000 Redirect storms collection pipe - $80,000

12 Project Budget January 07 March 07 Original Project Budget$32,819,000 $32,819,000 Budget Correction 891,703 891,703 Construction/Material Escalation 2,018,068 2,018,068 Boone Blvd Extension 1,376,183 1,376,183 Renewable Energy Systems 1,246,902 1,431,842 Building Program Increase 1,663,336 1,663,336 Unique Building Features 2,426,969 3,380,589 Core/Shell – Design Mod/Hard Bid Inc 1,500,000 TI – Design Mod/Hard Bid Reconcile Inc 630,810 Direct Costs by owner Inc 1,538,469 Design, Asbestos, Furniture, Insurance OUC/Design Contingency Inc 650,000 Subtotal$42,442,161 $47,900,000 Tax Credit / VE Items ($ 1,000,000) ($ 1,100,000) Target Project Budget*$41,442,161 $46,800,000 * Approx. $10,000,000 will remain from the FDOT Taking of the Garage

13 General Information 128,000 square feet – 1 st floor Customer Service, 1- 6 parking, 7-10 office Connected to OUCooling and use of OUConvenient lighting Public Building 15,000 Customers though the building per month 3 Drive through payment service lanes 345 Employee work spaces at move in 355 Garage parking spots 45 surface customer and visitor parking spots Approximately 10,000 square foot available for growth past 5 year plan

14 Why LEED Certification? Energy efficiency and water conservation have always been a priority and OUC is setting an example for all future developments by being the greenest building downtown *LEED Gold Certification is approximately 6% of building costs





19 Project Budget Base Building (Core & Shell) $20,995,163 Design & Permitting 2,519,649 Site selection / feasibility 400,000 Parking 7,200,000 Renewable energy & water / conservation 1,431,842 Unique building features 3,380,589 Interior improvements 6,400,610 Furniture & loose walls 2,672,147 Information Systems equipment 600,000 Asbestos removal & demolition 1,200,000 of existing building Total$46,800,000

20 Renewable Energy & Water / Conservation Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED) Solar Electric Panels Solar Hot Water Panels OUCooling High Performance Glass Cistern for Roof Water Collection Raised Floor Design High Efficiency HVAC System Recycled & Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emitting Materials Designed for a LEED Gold Rating

21 Solar Electric Panels 30 KW of photovoltaic panels 2,000 square feet

22 Solar Hot Water Reactive System designed to supply all building hot water needs.

23 OUCooling Connected to OUCooling Saves up front capital Great environmental performance. OUCooling operates 10% to 20% more efficient than a stand alone building chiller systems No maintenance or annual contract worries

24 High Performance Glass Clear Glass for Maximum Light Winter U value – 0.29 Shading Coefficient – 0.27 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – 0.23 Allowed for daylight harvesting LEED point

25 Cistern for Storm Water Collection 30,000 gallon cistern to collect storm water from the buildings roof System designed to meet 95% of irrigation needs (Landscape designed for low water needs) Circulating filtration system to look like a fountain

26 Raised Floor Design Tate Raised Floor 14 inches off of the floor Allowed for the floor to ceiling height to be reduced All electrical and HVAC is under the floor system Allows for cleaner air and more localized temperature control Allows for re-configuring work areas at a very low cost HVAC is Johnson Controls-York equipment installed by S.I. Goldman

27 High Efficiency HVAC All major HVAC components are equipped with variable speed drives Energy recovery is provided for Ventilation Air reducing impact on cooling load

28 Recycled & Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emitting Materials Utilized these materials where possible.

29 Education Center

30 Owner Needs and Goals OUC needed and wanted to build a building that will be an example to others Our goal was to build a Gold rated building that had carefully selected points for the right reasons We were also willing to make the right choices even if it did not achieve a LEED point


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