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IMS-MTP for Consumer Goods Industry MTP PROGRAM: SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING IMS Manufacturing Technology Platform meeting Barcelona 19 September 2011 Emanuele.

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1 IMS-MTP for Consumer Goods Industry MTP PROGRAM: SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING IMS Manufacturing Technology Platform meeting Barcelona 19 September 2011 Emanuele Carpanzano Rosanna Fornasiero

2 Why an IMS Manufacturing Technology Platform on Consumer goods Manufacturing ?

3 3 Global population trends 379 Millions people aged 80 or over are expected for 2050 Ageing Currently around 10 per cent of the total world's population live with a disability Disabled Overweight In 2008 1,5 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight New Workers 23 million persons in the EU27 have a work-related health problem Children Increased prevalence of allergy in westernised countries. Overweight can range between 21 and 36 %.

4 4 Global lifestyle trends For the first time in history, the majority of people live in urban areas. Urbanization Sustainability New consumer market for green product is worldwide increasing. High performances New products are expected to be more and more highly performing Products are custom-designed and marketed to ever-smaller segments of consumers, even to individual level. Individualization

5 5 Consumers Needs are Globally Growing

6 Which are the European strategies and actions to face such challenges?

7 FOOTWEAR P&P ETP SPORT ETP TEXTILE ETP Other Consumer goods sectors … Consumer Goods Strategic Research Agenda Technology - Processes Consumer goods - Products Co-operation among sectors

8 Prosumer.Net Initiative

9 Strategies: development of technology roadmaps Common socio- economic drivers & challenges Safety & sustainability in production and consumption Health, well-being & activity of an aging & individualising population Satisfying needs & desires of a growing global consumer class Common Strategic Research Themes SRT1 Multifunctional products for specific uses & applications SRT2 Intelligent manufacturing & the smart value chain SRT3 New design and product life- cycle concepts SRT4 Customisation, Personalisation & Consumer Empowerment European Consumer Goods Research Initiative Networking European Technology Platforms addressing Design-based Consumer Goods Industries and Related Research and Technology Fields

10 10 Actions: running European projects Towards a common IMS initiative

11 11 The CoReNet Project Methods, tools and technologies for sustainable small series industrial value creation of health fashionable goods like clothing, footwear and accessories for special categories

12 12 The FASHION-ABLE Project Product Development Services Co-design interface PDM -LCA (PLM) Process control and mngt. New CAD-CAM functions Automated pattern adaptation ( orthotics & extreme atypical shapes) Automated definition of 2D/3D areas requiring treatment New Flexible Manufacturing Operations and Equipment Final Product Small batch supply of high performing textiles and leathers Single product finishing in specific functional areas Medical advisors END USERS Performance optimization Functional requiremnts Morphometric data Style choices Real time visualization Finishing specs Material selection 3D design Development of new technologies for the flexible and greener production of customized healthy clothing, footwear and orthotics for consumers with highly individualised needs

13 13 The MY-WEAR Project Production of next generation health, safe and eco-friendly customized work-wear and sports-wear goods for specific target groups, such as elderly, disables, diabetics and obese people.

14 Which are the main features of the joint IMS initiative?

15 15 IMS initiative structure Obese Diabetics Elderly Disabled MARKET NICHES NEEDS BODY SHAPE DIVERSITY REDUCED MOBILITY SENSITYVITY DISORDER Childs … Consumers Needs Products Processes Networks

16 16 Core values driving IMS initiative HEALTH, SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY OF PRODUCTS: to ensure wellbeing and health to consumers PERSONALIZATION AND CUSTOMIZATION OF PRODUCTS: to satisfy consumers specific expectations and needs FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES: for high quality personalised consumers products manufacturing INTEGRATION ALONG THE SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN: to ensure coordination along networks and to manage and monitor supply chain according to also environmental respect

17 17 To create a framework for consumer goods design, production and distribution in sustainable networks The IMS-MTP activities will act at the following levels Product level (CAD-CAM, LCA, Materials) Process level (automation, machinery) Network level (SCM, ERP) IMS R&D activities of the MTP Customer integration level (web, ICT, PoS)

18 18 Dissemination P5. IMS Task IMS Tasks in the EU projects : Project CoReNet

19 19 IMS Task IMS Task in the EU projects : Project FASHION-ABLE IMS Tasks in the EU projects : Project FASHION-ABLE

20 20 IMS Task IMS Tasks in the EU projects : Project MY-WEAR

21 21 IMS activities Customer-interactive design The task will be based on the collaboration of European partners with Human Solution, Inc. (USA), a company with large experience in USA market for what concerns basic and applied technologies of human modelling, CAD technologies, ergonomics and industrial science, 3D image processing. In particular it will be possible to integrate their competences and developments in the project for the Development of 3D Scans of obese people in the US and the Integration of the Scans into partners process chain for designing clothing International reference models for collaborative consumer-driven supply networks The task will be based on established collaboration of some European partners with ITESM a.k.a Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico). Thanks to past collaborative experience with European scientific world through projects like ECOLEAD and COIN, the Institute can contribute in the domains of supply chain management, extended enterprises and dynamic virtual enterprises domains, especially in new manufacturing operational models (e.g. build-to-order supply chains). They can provide useful support for implementation of Reference model for Supply Chain Network as well as for the definition of Supply Chain Services according to their previous experience also in other sectors to transfer concepts useful for TCFI. International demonstration This task will further extend demonstration activities outside Europe thanks to IMS network. In particular some possible international demonstration will be especially based on existing distribution network of industrial companies in the European project since some partners have shops in Korea and in USA where it could be possible to test cooperative management of product delivery through joint visibility and replenishment of products throughout the supply chain. It will be possible to test with other Korean partners like DGen and Korean i-fashion some of the practices on collaborative design and supply chain management. IMS Tasks in the EU projects: illustrative examples

22 22 Complementary partners along the value chain Networks US Mex Kor CH EU Process Product Customer Integration Structuring the international research

23 23 MTP Activities Activity 2 - Workshops & Dissemination - International workshops are planned during the period of this initiative once a year. Furthermore, members of the initiative will organize sessions during known relevant conferences like for example CIRP, ICE, APMS and PRO-VE conferences and plan to write conjoint papers on special issues in scientific journals etc. Industrial visits will be programmed during the MTP-initiative. Activity 1 - Common R&D activities - Common R&D activities on Technologies and Paradigms for Customization and Production of Healthy and Sustainable Consumer centred Products will be identified and addressed among different IMS regions. Activity 3 - Targeted experts exchanges - This activity involves visits of experts to others places with concrete targets, for example: common work on a specific task of a project of the hosting organization, writing of a common paper, preparation of a new project, visit of production and sales facilities, etc. Activity 4: Promotion of New research initiatives - Identification and formulation of new research requirements and projects. The outcome will be a set of recommendations for future research at IMS level and the launch of new specific R&D initiatives. Activity 5: International R&D Roadmap for consumer goods industry - develop a full multi-annual roadmap for IMS research programs on Consumer Goods manufacturing, in strict relation ship with the running Prosumer.Net coordination action.


25 25 Partners Human Solutions, INC (USA) University of Michigan (USA) CoReNet, MyWear, Fashion-able & Prosumer.Net EU partners (Synesis, CNR-ITIA, DITF, INESC Porto, IBV, Assyst, Base Protection, …) Korean i-fashion center (Korea) DGen (Korea) ITESM a.k.a Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) Ergosoft (partner of CoReNet project) SUPSI (partner MyWear) Longhi (partner MyWear)

26 26 Contacts THANK YOU! Emanuele Carpanzano, Rosanna Fornasiero Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation National Research Council Via Bassini 15, 20133 Milano (Italy) Ph. +39 02 2369 9914 Fax. +39 02 2369 9941 E-mail:;

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