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Dan Gabriel Ghiţă IFIN-HH

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1 Dan Gabriel Ghiţă IFIN-HH
New Tandem Accelerators for Applied Research in IFIN-HH Status of the Installation of 3 MV Tandetron Dan Gabriel Ghiţă IFIN-HH

2 Investment project The infrastructure investment was done in the framework of the project 7PM/1/2008 / granted by National Authority for Scientific Research [1] Director of the project: Dr. Nicolae Victor Zamfir (General Director of IFIN-HH)

3 The 3 MV Tandetron Accelerator Dedicated to IBA
Installation began in the middle of 2012 Manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Europa B.V. - The Netherlands Beamline dedicated to IBA Beamline dedicated to implantation

4 The 3 MV Tandetron Accelerator Dedicated to IBA
Duoplasmatron ion source Model 358 with sodium charge exchange Negative sputter ion source Model 860A

5 The 3 MV Tandetron Accelerator Dedicated to IBA
“T” Shape – medium current plus – Tandetron accelerator with a maximum voltage on the terminal of 3 MV Titanium spiraled field accelerator tubes Gas stripper with stripper canal, stripper gas re-circulating pump and motor-generator set Carbon foil stripping system Medium-current Cockroft-Walton type HV power supply 

6 The 3 MV Tandetron Accelerator Dedicated to IBA
Ion beam analysis chamber Ion implantation chamber

7 Beamline and End-Station for Ion Implantation
Electrostatic X-Y beam sweep system Beam monitoring system with Un-cooled carousel Heatable target holder Coolable target holder

8 Beamline and end-station for Ion Beam Analysis
Electrostatic quadrupole lens for µ-beam applications Beam profile monitor (BPM) Multi-sample holder 4-axis sample manipulator with      . sample holder for multiple samples,     . three stepping motor controlled rotations     . one stepping motor controlled Y-translation Fixed detector holder with ion implanted charged particle detector CCD camera LN2 trap Manual movable RBS detector Multiple sample holder for ERDA measurements that Retractable HPGe Gamma-ray detector Retractable HPGe X-Ray detector placed inside the reaction chamber and having thin Be window

9 Preliminary results from the acceptance tests
A typical uncalibrated qualitative PIXE spectrum obtained at the interaction of 3 MeV proton beam with a thin solid target. The spectrometer resolution is 160 eV at 5.9 keV. May be clearly seen the X-Ray transitions of the target constituent elements: Mn K and K, Ni K and Cu K and K. From the peak intensity can be determined with great precision the concentrations of elements. RO-ICAC 2012

10 Preliminary results from the acceptance tests
RBS raw spectra measured in collision of 3 MeV 4He+ beam with a thin layer of Au on a Si substrate. As can be seen, the measured energy of a backscattered particle easily allows to determine the mass of the target atom. Also the projectiles scattered below the surface lose energy and consequently energy scale yields the depth profile of constituent elements of probe. RO-ICAC 2012

11 CONCLUSIONS The installation of the 3 MV Tandetron accelerator creates great opportunities for research using IBA techniques in various domains like medicine, archeology, geology, material science, pharmacology, environmental sciences, forensic investigations, nuclear physics and in many other domains. IWTA 2012

12 Acknowledgments Tandem engineers: Daniel Vasile Moşu, Iani Mitu, Gabriel Dumitru, Bogdan Savu, Iani Mitu, Cătălin Călinescu Tandem technical team: Dorin Moisa, Constantin Crăciun, Gheorghe Mihon, Gheorghe Ion, Cristian Florea, Cristian Păun, Ionuț Brînzan, Gigi Naghel, Mihai Badea, Stancu Cojocaru, Viorel Bătrâneanu, Cristian Popescu and Laurențiu Povariu IWTA 2012

13 THANK YOU! 1 MV Tandem website:
IWTA 2012

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