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Dan Gabriel Ghiţă IFIN-HH

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1 Dan Gabriel Ghiţă IFIN-HH
New Tandem Accelerators for Applied Research in IFIN-HH Status of the Installation of 1 MV Tandetron Dan Gabriel Ghiţă IFIN-HH IWTA 2012

2 Investment project The infrastructure investment was done in the framework of the project 7PM/1/2008 / granted by National Authority for Scientific Research [1] Director of the project: Dr. Nicolae Victor Zamfir (General Director of IFIN-HH) Initiators of the subprojects for the two accelerators: Dr. Agata Olariu and Dr. Silviu Olariu [2] [1] [2] Romanian Reports in Physics, Vol. 63, No. 4, P. 923–928, 2011 IWTA 2012

3 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
Installation began at the beginning of 2012 Manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Europa B.V. - The Netherlands 14C/ 13C or 12C 10Be/ 9Be 26Al/ 27Al 129I/ 127I IWTA 2012

4 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
SO110 Cs sputter ion source producing negative ions Spherical ionizer 50 Sample holder Tipical beam currents: ≈ 100 μA for C- ≈ 5 μA for BeO- ≈ 400 nA for Al- ≈ 8 μA for I- ION SOURCE IWTA 2012

5 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
90o dipole magnet with bouncer system 45o electrostatic deflector IWTA 2012

6 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
1 MV Cockroft Walton Tandetron Accelerator Maximum high voltage on the accelerating terminal: 1 milion Volts Charging system: Cockroft-Walton type without moving parts Accelerating tubes with spiraled field and titanium electrodes Gas stripping system inside the high voltage terminal IWTA 2012

7 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
90o analyzing magnet IWTA 2012

8 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
Stable isotopes measurement system IWTA 2012

9 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
Angle: 1200 Radius: 650 mm Gap between electrodes: 25 mm Maximum bias voltage: 60 kV Electrostatic analyzer IWTA 2012

10 The 1 MV Tandetron Accelerator dedicated to AMS
Bias: 300 V Gas: Isobutane Window: Si3N4, 50 nm Window size: 10 mm in diameter Length: ~430 mm Gas detector IWTA 2012

Isotope Rare isotope/stable isotope (av. of 4 samples) Average statistical error ( ‰) Relative standard deviation ( ‰) Background level 14C 1.3 × 10-12 2.4 3.7 1.7 × 10-15 10Be 1.5 × 10-12 12.3 6.6 2.6 × 10-14 26Al 7.4 × 10-11 7.6 12.5 3.7 × 10-15 129I 1.2 × 10-11 19.5 15.1 6.7 × 10-14 For these measurements were used standard and background samples. IWTA 2012

12 Chemistry laboratory High purity water system Analytical balances
Ovens Magnetic stirrers Professional furnaces Vacuum and pressure pumps Evaporators Microscopes Centrifuges Ultrasonic baths High pressure liquid chromatograph IWTA 2012

13 Graphitization system
AGE – 3 (Developed by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Fully automated graphitisation system that uses a molecular sieve trap instead a cryotrap to transfer theCO2 from sample combustion in an EA to the graphitisation reactors.* *L. Wacker, M. Nemec, J. Bourquin, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 268 (2010) 931–934 IWTA 2012

14 3 MV Tandetron for IBA IWTA 2012

15 CONCLUSIONS The installation of the 1 MV Tandetron accelerator, along with the chemistry laboratory and the graphitization system, creates great opportunities for research using AMS techniques in various domains like medicine, archeology, geology, material science, pharmacology, environmental sciences, forensic investigations, nuclear physics and in many other fields of research. IWTA 2012

16 Acknowledgments Chemists: Corina Anca Simion, Nicoleta Mihaela Florea
Tandem engineers: Daniel Vasile Moşu, Iani Mitu, Gabriel Dumitru, Bogdan Savu, Iani Mitu, Cătălin Călinescu Tandem technical team: Dorin Moisa, Constantin Crăciun, Gheorghe Mihon, Gheorghe Ion, Cristian Florea, Cristian Păun, Ionuț Brînzan, Gigi Naghel, Mihai Badea, Stancu Cojocaru, Viorel Bătrâneanu, Cristian Popescu and Laurențiu Povariu, Vasile Ceauselu AMS team: Cătălin Stan-Sion, Mihaela Enăchescu, Alexandru Petre, Simona Constantin, Corina Uroseviteanu IWTA 2012

17 THANK YOU! 1 MV Tandem website:
IWTA 2012

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