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Police Records Colin Waller Archivist (Highland Archive Service)

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1 Police Records Colin Waller Archivist (Highland Archive Service)



4 Highland Archive Centre, Inverness

5 Official documents eg local authority records The Highland Council Highland Region Council Counties, Burghs and Parishes etc. Privately deposited records Businesses, Societies, Estates, Individuals NHS Highland Police Scotland (Northern Constabulary) Charge and superintendence records Church Records, Customs and Excise Records Highland Archive Service Types of Records

6 Northern Constabulary records [HCA/R91] Records cover: County and burgh police forces,1832-2000 Main record series: Chief Constables annual reports, returns and letterbooks Police station daily occurrence books Some incident reports e.g. Aircraft Crashes Personnel records Access restrictions: Enquiries may need to be referred to the Police Scotland Freedom of Information Officer

7 Potential Users Family Historians Creative Writers Local and Social Historians

8 Case Study 1 Family Historians Donald and Margaret Sutherland, Wonthaggi, Australia

9 Inverness-shire Constabulary Personal Record and Defaulters Book, 1882-1911 [HCA/R91/D/9/3]

10 Foyers Station Daily Occurrence Book, P. C. Campbell and P. C. Sutherland 1908 - 1911 [HCA/R91/D/B/5/7/1]

11 Inverness-shire Constabulary, 1899-1901 [HCA/R91/D/9/3] P.C. William Sutherland

12 Case Study 2 Creative Writers and Local and Social Historians Gold theft in Kildonan The story of an unlucky thief (or a lucky policeman)

13 Ordnance Survey map 3 rd Edition, 1911 Sheet 109 - Auchintoul Sutherland Estate Gold Miners License, 1869 [HCA/D1359/1/2]

14 Kildonan Station Daily Occurrence Book - 4 September 1869 [HCA/R91/B/5/10/1] Crime scene: Baile an Òr

15 Helmsdale [HCA/R91/B/5/10/1]

16 From Helmsdale to Dornoch [HCA/R91/B/10/5/1]

17 Dornoch Station Daily Journal of Inspector G. Bridgeford [HCA/R91/B/5/5/2] Dornoch

18 Register of parties accused of crimes and offences, Dornoch, 1863-1873 [HCA/R91/B/2/a] Sutherland Constabulary Record Form A, 1867-1874 [HCA/R91/B/2/b]

19 Account Book Sutherland County Constabulary Cash Book [HCA/R91/B/7/5]

20 Thank You

21 Ian Murray Chief Executive High Life Highland 12-13 Ardross Street Inverness IV3 5NS Tel: 01463 663824

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