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Taking blast hole drilling to a new dimension

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1 Taking blast hole drilling to a new dimension
Secoroc COP 66 - Shorter. Lighter. Faster.

2 Customer comments on Secoroc COP 66
"The operators told me that they like it because it's not that heavy and it's short. It's easy to handle and more user friendly to service it. From the production side, the penetration rate is around 15% faster! The operators wonder when we are switching from COP 64 Gold to COP 66!" Venter: Peter Finter (owner) South Africa “That hammer you have there, ticks all the right boxes, huge plus, absolutely” Capital Drilling: Tony Woolfe (Group Asset Manager) “It is very easy to maintain. And the feedback we had from the guys and what is very important to me is the penetration rate. The penetration rate went up from 16 to 21 meters per hour, 20%! That is a lot for us.” Na-Sera: Pierre Lang CEO South Africa


4 Why a new concept? Our current assortment of Down-the-hole hammers have been market leaders for the last 30 years! WHY are we replacing an already successful range of hammers? As any other product, there is always room for improvements. According to feedback from our customers, we discovered a few things we could do better… what is new?

5 This is new...! Completely new platform concept
Shorter and lighter hammer Fewer parts inside hammer No exhaust tube Unique bit design Solid bit shank Before launch (February 2014), more than meters have been test drilled with phenomenal results!

6 COP 66 features What is new compared to COP 64 Gold?
30% shorter 963 mm compared to 1420 mm 30% lighter 72,5 kg compared to 109 kg Fewer parts

7 COP 66 features What is new compared to COP 64 Gold?
No exhaust tube New design with solid bit shank Flushing through splines


9 COP 66 A new dimension to PRODUCTIVITY Higher penetration rate
Operator friendly Improved longevity on hammer and bit Increased performance at high altitude drilling

10 COP 66 A new dimension to RELIABILITY New bit design No exhaust tube
Fewer parts Less breakdown

11 COP 66 A new dimension to SERVICEABILITY
Easier handling thanks to lighter and shorter hammer Easier bit change Possible to rebuild hammer with E-kit

12 COP 66 & SmartROC D65 – A perfect marriage
Perfectly matched to the SmartROC D65 rig Superior performance on any other drill rig Reduced air consumption vs. COP 64 Gold Works more efficient on high altitudes Sustained performance through hammer life cycle

13 High altitude influence
Altitude factor: 15% / 1000m 470l/sec at sea level gives 385l/sec at 1500m altitude Example COP 64 Gold will hold 21 bar Net penetration 0,63m/min COP 66 will hold 26 bar Net penetration 0,77m/min 22% higher penetration rate That’s “PEAK” PERFORMANCE!

14 TCO Concept (Total Cost of Operation)
The TCO-calculator is a tool that will help you to calculate the total cost per engine hour & per drill meters It can also calculate the capacity per year in tons and in drill meters What is aimed at with the tool is to have it on one page, user friendly and quick to fill in The results will only be as correct as your inputs Take the opportunity to compare COP 66 to your current solution! To download the TCO calculator, please visit:

15 COP 66 Bit assortment Front designs: Four different 165 mm
Head Gage Front Dia Face Shape 1. 165 convex Spherical 19 Semiballistic 2. 3. flat front 4. concave 16 5. 171 6. 7. 8. 203 Front designs: Four different 165 mm Three different 171 mm One 203 mm

16 COP 66 Hammer & Economy kit
Available thread connections: 3 ½”API Reg Pin Other configurations pending on demand

17 Supply Capacity COP 66 Availability for standard assortment: Minimum 95% Two production units for bits: Ft Loudon (U.S.A) and Fagersta (Sweden) Increased safety stock in our Distribution Centers As we don’t have a historical sales on COP 66 we will manage all the forecast and safety stock in PCs manually. Today we have to broad assortment of hammers and now we are coming with a new platform of assortment. In this way we choose the best hammers and standardize assortment which will increase production capacity.

18 COP 66 in summary
Shorter and lighter hammer with no exhaust tube A new dimension to Productivity, Reliability & Servicability Exceptional high altitude performance 2 production units for bits Matched perfectly to the SmartROC D65 rig Superior performance on any other drill rig Use the TCO calculator as tool to prove economic benefits

19 Committed to sustainable productivity.


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