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R8 SAC MD Webinar, September 2012 IEEE Membership and Membership Development in Student Branches Slide 1 Aleksandar Szabo 2012 IEEE MGA Membership Recruitment.

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1 R8 SAC MD Webinar, September 2012 IEEE Membership and Membership Development in Student Branches Slide 1 Aleksandar Szabo 2012 IEEE MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery (MRR) Committee Chair, IEEE Region 8 MD Subcommittee Member

2 Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee in IEEE R8 SAC MD Webinar, September 2012Slide 2

3 IEEE Membership Cycle Slide 3

4 Region 8 Membership from Month to Month since 2005 Slide 4

5 Where are we now with membership? Slide 5

6 Where are we now with Retention? Slide 6

7 What is? Applicant: New member who has not completed the join process – his/her dues have not been paid and processed. Recruiting: Seeking out new (non) members for membership in IEEE. Grace Period: January and February are considered the Grace Period for members who have not yet renewed for the present membership year. They are still considered active members until the end of February when the service disruption occurs. Pre-Arrears: Active members who have not yet renewed for the coming membership year by the end of February. Arrears: Member who has not renewed by the end of February for the membership year becomes deactivated. Recovery: Outreach to members in arrears to renew their membership. Reinstate: Bringing back past members who have had a break in their membership status (not paid dues for more than a year) to active membership. Retention: Retaining existing members by renewing their membership. Slide 7

8 What is? Associate Member: Associate Member grade is designed for technical and non- technical individuals who do not meet the qualifications for Member grade, but who wish to benefit from membership and partnership in IEEE, and for those who are progressing, through continuing education and work experience, towards qualifications for Member grade. Affiliate: Society Affiliate is a member of an IEEE Society. Society Affiliates are not IEEE members and are not entitled to any IEEE benefits or services that are reserved solely for IEEE members. All affiliate benefits and services come directly from the individual IEEE Society offering affiliation. For each society affiliated with, the applicant pays a separate annual affiliate fee plus that IEEE Society's annual membership dues. Graduate Student Member: A Graduate Student Member must carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE- designated fields. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student Member grade and/or the Graduate Student Member grade is limited to 8 years. IEEE GOLD/Young Professional: GOLD is the identification of a segment of IEEE Members who have advised IEEE they have graduated with their first professional degree. GOLD is not a member grade. The members record needs to have a full educational background and graduation dates in order for the identification of GOLD. Student Members cannot be GOLD, but Graduate Student Members can be GOLD as they have graduated with their first professional degree and are in advanced degree program. A member will belong to the GOLD segment for ten years after receiving their first degree. Slide 8

9 MD Alert Alias Receive monthly MD Webcasts announcements Receive link to most recent monthly Membership Development Reports Receive miscellaneous MD announcements MD-Alert-All Send and e-mail message to with a blank subject line In the body of the message, type in: Subscribe MD-ALERT-ALL or Send a message to Cathy Downer at Slide 9

10 Membership Development Portal – Slide 10 Web Cast Etiquette: Ask questions using the online chat feature. Technical help: Membership Reports MD Online Community SAMIEEE access Membership Development Manual Member benefits at a glance (One-page flyer) Recruitment programs and tools MD Kits – online order form Benefit Development Toolkit: Regions 7-10 Presentation templates IEEE membership statistics

11 Benefits of IEEE Membership Slide 11

12 On-Demand Supply Ordering Slide 12

13 IEEE Support Center Slide 13

14 The MRRC shall inspire and coordinate volunteer activities worldwide, with the objective of increasing and improving member recruitment, and arrears- recovery of IEEE membership. After being an ad-hoc committee for several years, the MGA elevated the MRRC to a MGA standing committee in November 2010. IEEE MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee (MRRC) Slide 14

15 IEEE MGA MRR Committee Composition VOTING MEMBERS Chair (Appointed by the MGA Board based upon recommendation of MGA N&A Committee) 10 Regional MD Coordinators (Appointed by Region Directors) Two representatives, appointed by the Vice President, Technical Activities CORRESPONDING MEMBERS All MD Chairs, Societies, Sections, and Chapters Babak Beheshti, Chair, MGA MELC Committee (Ex officio) William W Moses, Chair, IEEE TAB Conferences Committee (Ex officio) Jaison Abey Sabu, appointed by the MGA Student Activities Committee Augusto Herrera, appointed by the MGA GOLD Committee Patricia Sulzer, appointed by the IEEE Standards Association Kathleen McDevitt, appointed by IEEE Woman in Engineering STAFF SUPPORT IEEE MGA staff lead, Membership Development Slide 15

16 Slide 16 The voting members of the MRRC (2012) R10 –Hang-Bong Kang R9 – Norberto Lerendegui R8 – Dirk Van Hertem R7 – Lawrence Whitby R6 – Luis Carbajo R5 – Joe Redfield R4 – Mohamad Berri mberri R3 – Bill Williams R2 – Javvad Qasimi javvad R1 – Gim Soon Wan MGA 2012 Membership Recruitment & Recovery (MRR) Committee Chair TA Representative Antonio Luque TA Representative Robin Sarah Bradbeer Region 8 Membership Development Workshop, Leuven September 2012

17 Volunteers – Region, Section, Society MD Chairs Members – Participation in the MGM program, or otherwise Staff – Member & Geographic Activities (MGA) MD Staff Adrienne Hahn MGA Manager, Membership Marketing Communications Elyn Perez MGA Manager, Membership Sales Operations Cathy Downer MGA Membership Development Manager Laura Durrett MGA Project Manager-Volunteer Services/Student Activities Nick Lehotzky MGA Member Benefits Marketing Manager Online Products Slide 17 Worldwide & Integrated Team Effort Lisa Delventhal MGA Manager, Young Professional Program John Day MGA Director, Membership Development

18 Slide 18 MD Monthly Webcast Monthly MD Webcast Wednesday, 1:00 PM Eastern Runs about 60 minutes Volunteers & Members present on topics, along with IEEE Staff Standard format Open floor question and answer period Each session is recorded Aleksandar Szabo, Host of MD Webcast and MGA 2012 Chair of Member Recruitment & Recovery (MRR) Committee The Archive Guides: Grouped by month Listed by presentation topic, speaker, file posted in PDF Each file accessed by IEEE web account

19 What is the Student Branch Role in M embership Development ? The Student Branch should work on member recruitment, retention and recovery If you dont have an MD Officer the SB Chair is responsible for Membership Development in your SB To make it easier for the SB Chair and the SB ExCom, appoint an SB MD Officer Slide 19

20 What Should an MD Officer Do First? Be in contact with your Student Branch Chair and Secretary To get information and advice, get in contact with your predecessor – Past MD Officer and/or Past SB Chair Ask your SB Chair, who has access to SB membership data in SAMIEEE, to download the list of your members Get in contact and cooperate with your Section MD Officer Learn about the membership trends in your Student Branch Get in contact with your members and learn about the reasons why they joined, are they satisfied and why they stay or leave Establish contacts with the MD Staff and take part in the Monthly Webcast Slide 20

21 SB MD Officer Role and Job Take care about Section Membership Development by using every occasion to promote IEEE Recruit Retain Recover Be familiar with all MD resources and tools Know the membership in your SB Establish good relations and cooperate with other SB Officers, the Section MD Officer and other Section/Chapter Officers In larger Student Branches form an MD Team Slide 21

22 What is Expected from the SB MD Officer to do? Do your MD job in your Student Branch continuously Be enthusiastic and motivated to achieve good results Be in contact with your Section MD Officer Help the Section MD Officer Ask him for help when you need it Prepare and inform the Section and Region MD Coordinator about your SB MD strategy and plans Report your actions and the outcomes Slide 22

23 What Could/Should Be Done Have an IEEE SB Notice Board at the University Have presentations about IEEE Have promotional materials and give-aways Organize IEEE weeks at your University with many activities Have an MD Booth/Desk at your University for joining IEEE Organize Presentations with discussions Organize Workshops Organize Film evenings Organize Excursions Organize Visits of companies Promote IEEE Membership at conferences Inform Student members about Graduate student membership (GSM) Infor Student members and GSMs about professional membership Slide 23

24 IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence When fully operational, it will serve as the repository for all leadership training material within IEEE to ensure IEEE keeps pace with its evolving organization. Additionally, it will meet the needs of IEEE volunteer leadership by providing materials that will enable volunteers to accomplish their jobs efficiently and effectively; thus allowing them to spend more time ensuring that members are engaged in IEEE activities so that IEEE member satisfaction and relevance continue to grow. Slide 24

25 Membership Development Reports Global MD Report o Statistical pulse o Membership Trends o MD Calendar guidance o MD-related announcements, activities o Articles by volunteers - topic driven Regional MD Reports o In-depth view of MD activities within Region with Section data o Customizable by Region MD Chair Society MD Reports o Template developed & is available Slide 25

26 New joined members targeted E-mail sent from IEEE monthly to all Section Chairs and Section MD officers containing special hyperlink to SAMIEEE log-in page Upon log-in, SAMIEEE will automatically run report of new members from previous month Report contains contact information, as well as the reason(s) why they joined IEEE Report date-range can be modified to pick-up new joins from previous months in your dashboard Slide 26 New Member Alert

27 SAMIEEE Volunteer Access to Membership Statistics Need IEEE Web Account Registered Users with Designated Access (officer position determines data that is pulled) Membership statistics by Geographical – Region, Section, Affinity Group Membership statistics by individual Society Pre-defined queries to access reports easily (MD) Folder with related pre-defined queries for membership development data Geographic & Society Predefined Queries Questions? Contact: Helen Shiminsky at or Society Questions? Contact: Mary Curtis at SAMIEEE website: Region 8 Membership Development Workshop, Leuven, September 2012Slide 27

28 IEEE Web Resources Join IEEE membership: Renew IEEE membership: Welcome to IEEE for New Member: Benefits of IEEE membership: Member Grade Elevation: Senior Member Elevation: 2012 IEEE Membership & Society Membership Dues: 2012 Memberships & Subscriptions Catalogs: e-Membership: IEEE Society Memberships (list of IEEE Societies with links to each site): Societies/Communities: Membership & Services: Education & Careers: Slide 28

29 IEEE Web Resources - Continued IEEE Contact Center: IEEE Support Center Home: IEEE Master Brand and Logos: IEEE Brand Toolkit: Center for Leadership Excellence: Resources for Geographic Unit Officers: Resources for Volunteers: About IEEE: Student Competitions: MGA is transitioning the SCOOP newsletter to MGA News Web page MD Web Portal: MD Kit Order Form: SAMIEEE/Analytics Tool: Slide 29

30 Thank you Questions ? Slide 30R8 SAC MD Workshop, September 2012

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