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Colonel Mark Barnette Army Enterprise Infostructure U.S. Army CIO/G-6

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1 Colonel Mark Barnette Army Enterprise Infostructure U.S. Army CIO/G-6
Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement Colonel Mark Barnette Army Enterprise Infostructure U.S. Army CIO/G-6 Adelia Wardle PEO EIS Army Small Computer Program (ASCP) February 11, 2004

2 Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement (MS ELA)
Agenda Background and Benefits Implementation Status Policies Products and Process “Army Gold Master” (AGM) Software Microsoft Premier Support-1 (MPS-1) Proposed Home Use Program Working Issues 2

3 Background and Benefits

4 Background Consolidation of Army Microsoft licenses (not a mandate for exclusive use) Awarded 30 May 2003 to Softmart Government Services $78M annual agreement with one base year, five option years The agreement applies to Entire Army (active, Reserve, ARNG), government contractors, Corps of Engineers Army organizations contractually obligated under an existing contract will comply when contract expires, e.g. Medical Command Savings and avoidance to Army ~$100M Supports operational and security imperatives 4

5 Background Covers 541,538 potential licensees in three Army-defined categories: Category 1: Enhanced Desktop (Wins XP, Office XP, and Client Access Licenses (CALs), FrontPage, Upgrades to Win Operating System) Category 2: Enterprise Servers (System Management Server CAL, Exchange Server CAL, Sharepoint Portal Server CAL, and Terminal Services CAL) Category 3: Enterprise Applications (SQL, Exchange, and Windows OS) 5

6 Benefits to the Army Improves the command, control, cost and defense
Supports the Army - provides a consistent, predictable, secure, and cost efficient operating environment: Operational deployments anywhere, anytime (server download) Enables Windows NT 4.0 replacement Provides means to Active Directory migration Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Improves security environment Enabler for server consolidation Simplified license tracking Simplified budgetary planning Price protection for six years Improves the command, control, cost and defense of the Army’s Enterprise Infostructure network environment! 6

7 Implementation Status

8 Implementation Status
NETCOM Implementation Plan Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement policy Joint signatory CIO/G-6 and ASA(ALT) (pending release) Win95/98/Me operating system migration (G-3 directive) Ordering process: Army Small Computer Program Category 1, 2. 3: IMO initiates with differing levels of review (DOIM, Functional/MACOM CIO, or NETCOM) DOIM/RCIO/FCIO Review/Approve IMO Request NETCOM DOIM Issues Software ‘Gold Disk’

9 Policies

10 Policies CIO/G6 freezes all purchases of MS products for Army – 6 June 2003 DFARS, Part 208 Policy and Procedures for acquisition of commercial software and software maintenance Army CIO memo dated 2 Dec 02 Named ASCP as the Army’s “Go To” Office for Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA) purchases 10

11 Products and Process

12 Desktop Products (Category 1)
ELA cost for bundled desktop is $151.00 Recognition of: Funding not typically programmed in this area End of year nature of funding Implications to program baselines and accounting Upgrade to Operating System (OS) Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook) MS Publisher Visio Viewer Client Access License (Windows, Exchange, SMS, SPS, Terminal Services) 12

13 Functional Business Software (Category 2)
No Funding Required ($0) Project Pro Visio Pro Funding Required ($$) FrontPage MapPoint Data Analyzer All products include upgrades for six years 13

14 Enterprise Server Software (Category 3)
Exchange Server – MACOM funding withdrawn from $735/year SQL Server Enterprise Edition – no funding required SQL Server Standard – no funding required Windows Server Enterprise – no funding required Windows Server Standard – no funding required Funding Required ($$) SQL Server Developer Edition Windows Server Web License MSDN Enterprise Win3 Application Center BizTalk Server Enterprise BizTalk Server Developer License BizTalk Server Standard Commerce Server Developer Commerce Server Standard ISA Server License All products include upgrades for six years Commerce Server Enterprise Content Management Server Enterprise Host Integration Server ISA Server Enterprise Edition MOM Application Management Pack MOM Operations Manager Base License Services for Unix Sharepoint Portal Server Systems Management Server 14

15 Order Request Process 15

16 Microsoft Approval Flow

17 Licenses Issued Upon Validated Status By All Necessary Approvers
Approval Process Licenses Issued Upon Validated Status By All Necessary Approvers 17

18 Summary of Total Orders

19 “Army Gold Master” (AGM) Software

20 “Army Gold Master” (AGM) Software
Standard software load for desktops and servers Provided twice per year (projected) Status: 9 Jan 04 CONUS with 231 AGM CD-sets shipped 11 Jan 04 OCONUS with 89 AGM CD-sets shipped Desktop/Notebook Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Operating System Build 2600 Microsoft Office XP Professional Adobe Acrobat Reader v 6.0 FormFlow v Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition v 8.0.1 ActivCard Gold for Common Access Card (CAC) v 2.2 Microsoft VISIO Viewer 2002 v Internet Explorer Suite v 6.0 Enterprise Server Microsoft Windows 2000 Domain Controller Microsoft Windows 2000 Member Server Microsoft Windows 2003 Domain Controller Microsoft Windows 2003 Member Server 20


22 Microsoft Premier Support-1 (MPS-1)
Open to DoD and the Office of the President ID/IQ contract direct with MS Premier Support bundle includes: Technical Account Manager (TAM) Alliance Support Team (AST) Reactive incidents Named contacts Group web IDs 22

23 Microsoft Premier Support-1 (MPS-1)
Group service desk IDs 12-month subscription to TECHNET MSDN Universal subscriptions TAM on-site visits Some bundles include Proactive Credits Includes Premier and Alliance Support Add-on Services       23

24 Proposed Home Use Program
“Pre-decisional – Not Implemented”

25 Description of Home Use Program
Benefit made available on any Enterprise Agreement completed with Microsoft (industry or government) Telecommuting covered under Army ELA Provides ‘employee’ access and use to office software products: Microsoft Office Professional: Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint Microsoft Office FrontPage®, Microsoft Office InfoPath™ Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office OneNote™ Microsoft Office Project Standard Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Office Visio® Nominal fee to Microsoft for administration Working implementing plan at CIO/G-6 level “Pre-decisional – Not Implemented” 25

26 Home Use Program Restrictions/Prerequisites
All software included must have Software Assurance coverage Software is no longer eligible for HUP when this coverage expires or is terminated Number of Home Use Rights licenses is limited to the number of licenses purchased under the SA coverage To be eligible, the employee must be a current user of a licensed copy of the software at work The employee must posses a valid AKO account “Pre-decisional – Not Implemented” 26

27 Home Use Program Restrictions/Prerequisites
Each employee address and credit card is limited to one order of a product If the employee’s tenure with DA ends, their eligibility for the program ends immediately Employee can only install one version of the product at any point in time Technical support is limited to one support incident for setup and installation per product This program is for optional home use and is not the mechanism to gain software for authorized work at home “Pre-decisional – Not Implemented” 27

28 Home Use Program Critical Issues
Work versus personal use Limited to 494,767 licenses for MS Office under the ELA Eligibility tied to desktop use – shared desktops present a problem De-conflicting other policies, regulations, etc… to maximize benefit while mitigating risks, e.g., security, remote access , DOIM support, IA/anti-virus, etc… Must work through legal and ethic issues before implementing Army-wide “Pre-decisional – Not Implemented” 28

29 Challenges

30 Challenges Eliminating software leakage, i.e., ‘double-spending’
$2.7M spent on software covered under the agreement Structuring of Home Use Program Acquisition community, e.g., software blocking, weapons system funding, etc... Education and awareness 30

31 Leakage Reports 31

32 Questions or Comments? Colonel Mark Barnette/CIO-G Ms. Adelia (Dee) Wardle/APM ASCP

33 Back-up Slides

34 Microsoft ELA Ordering Process
Login to ASCP IT e-mart via AKO (e-commerce) or directly to ASCP IT e-mart then login via AKO mail account to Microsoft Enterprise License Request and complete ordering information Softmart (Army MS Vendor) processes form and approval Approvals are completed electronically by cross referencing user data with the Authorized Distribution List (ADL) comprised of DOIMs, RCIO’s, COINs and PEOs (for fieldings) NETCOM is final approval authority for category 3 ITEC4 approves products requiring customer funding Softmart provides License Certificate Number via to the requester 34

35 Base Requirements When Ordering Hardware
PCs or Laptops: Purchase the Operating System only Servers: Do not purchase any Microsoft Software (including the O/S) Hardware Vendors can perform software loads (some may charge a fee) Complete any existing obligations on previous enterprise agreements, prior to migrating to this MS vehicle 35

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