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The Peninsula Post February 2012 From the Presidents desk: Our club organized the Vocational Awards Nite on 02-Feb-12 to present Vocational Excellence.

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1 The Peninsula Post February 2012 From the Presidents desk: Our club organized the Vocational Awards Nite on 02-Feb-12 to present Vocational Excellence Awards to 9 personalities – each having achieved significant success and practicing high ethical standards in their chosen vocation. We thank PP Manoj Pandya and his team for presenting the grand show. We thank all members for adding to our strength in making this event a grand success. 23-Feb-12 is the birthday of Rotary International and is celebrated as the International Peace & World Understanding Day by all Rotary Clubs worldwide. Talks, seminars, panel discussions, meetings are organized to highlight the need for conflict resolution and Rotarys role in international peace and world understanding. Our club co-hosted the District Seminar on International Peace & World Understanding alongwith 18 other clubs. The essence of our club is to achieve Rotary objectives & goals. The motto of Rotary is Service above Self. Our club is geared up to host 3 inbound Vocational Training Team (GSE) team members from Austria/Serbia from 3 rd to 5 th March. Kudos to the members hosting them. Their experience would encourage more such international service activities in our club. Our President Elect Rtn Anil Jain and Secretary Elect Rtn Anup Taparia are geared up to attend the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) and SETS at ITC, Central on 04-Mar-12. They are getting charged up for providing us a great year in 2012-13. We wish them the very best and whole hearted support.

2 RIP Kalyan Banerjees message: My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary, In the first message I wrote for this magazine, last July, I quoted Mohandas K. Gandhi, who said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." And in the months since, I have had incredible opportunities to travel the Rotary world and see how Rotarians everywhere are bringing those words to life. Creating positive change means, at its simplest, using our knowledge and resources to solve a problem. But when we are talking about solving humanitarian problems in a real and lasting way, knowledge and ideas and resources are not enough to ensure results. We have to remember something else that is no less important: sustainability. A sustainable solution is one that will continue to work even after the Rotarians who proposed and facilitated it are gone. This means that even though the project might have come from Rotary originally, the community will take ownership of it. That, of course, means that when a part breaks on a water pump, there will be a process in place to repair it and to keep that pump functional – carried out by the community, and without further recourse to Rotary. The first step toward sustainability is understanding the need – for example, the cooking fuel problem common in much of the developing world. In many regions, solar ovens are a wonderful solution: They are inexpensive; they rely on a source of energy that is free, nonpolluting, and inexhaustible; and they are simple to use and maintain. But before we step into a community and attempt to solve its fuel problem with solar ovens, we have to fully understand its situation – and look beyond the problem we see. Perhaps the local foods need to be cooked at a temperature higher than the solar oven can provide. Perhaps the area is windy, and the solar ovens would blow away. Perhaps it's traditional in that area to begin cooking before dawn, which, of course, you cannot do with a solar oven. These are issues you simply might not have thought of, but that could soon lead to the solar ovens being used to patch roofs or keep animal feed dry instead of for cooking. If we are trying to bring about change, it's not enough to say, "My way is the better way." We have to be listening and watching, not just talking. We can only help others if we reach out with an open mind – and with the knowledge, the commitment, and the perseverance to deliver on what we promise. Kalyan Banerjee President, Rotary International Source : Rotary International News

3 Vocational Awards Nite: 02-Feb-12 Our club organized the Vocational Awards Nite at Malabar Hill Club. Awards for Vocational Excellence and High Ethical standards in their vocation were given to: – Ms. Pooja Gaitonde – Classical Singer – Ms. Aakanksha Vora – National Swimming Champion (Girls under 14) – Mr. Yuvraj Walmiki – Member, Indian Olympic Hockey Squad – Mr. Samraat Gill – Gazal Singer – Dr. Mona Shah – Eye Surgeon & Social Worker – Mr. Subhash Kabra – Kavi & Sanchalak – Mrs. Roopa Kudva – Head S.Asia-Standard & Poors, MD-CRISIL – IGP T.S.Bhal–GM, MS Police Hsg & Welfare, MD-Red Swastik Society – Dr. Indu Shahani – Sheriff of Mumbai & Principal: HR College

4 The vocational awards were presented by illustrious galaxy comprising: – DGN13-14 Rtn Lata Subraidu – Shri PP Srivastava, Member Settlement Commission, Income Tax, Mumbai – DS11-12 Rtn Ramon Abrol The fellowship nite was well attended It was covered by Crisil in their intra network, RC Bombay in their Bulletin. Dr. Indu Shahani Rtn R Chokhani taking on behalf of Mr. T S Bhal Mrs. Roopa Kudva

5 Vocational Nite Ms. Aakanksha VoraMr. Samraat GillDr. Mona Shah Mr. Yuvraj Walmiki (brother) Ms. Pooja Gaitonde Shri Subhash Kabra

6 Kya Yeh Sach Hai : 09-Feb-12: Our club screened the short 27 minute film on Rotary 4-Way Test. The film is produced by Rotary Club of Bombay and members of that club viz. Suresh Jagtiani, Shyamniwas Somani, Sitaram, Kalpana Munshi, etc have acted in the movie. The film raises the basic questions – Is it the TRUTH, Is it FAIR, Will it bring GOODWILL & BETTER FRIENDSHIP, Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned in real life situation.

7 Workshop on Emotional Intelligence: 18-Feb-12: Rtn. Jaiprakash Kabra, renowned management consultant presented workshop wherein he demonstrated how we can become intelligent about our emotions and be conscious of emotions while making important decisions. His talk was laced with humor and interesting anecdotes from his vast experience. He has interacted with over 250,000 participants across over 3400 programs. Joint workshop with RC Mumbai Queens Necklace, Bombay Sealand & Bombay Worli saw good participation from all participating clubs.

8 Community Service (Medical): Our club continued to support Dr. Mona Shah for examination and cataract eye surgery at Municipal Eye Hospital, Near Do Taki, Grant Road (E), Mumbai. Project initiated by Rtn Ketan Manek, Gopal Dave & Pankaj Vora.

9 "Community Service - Polio Plus" On 29 February 2012 HealthMinister Gulam Nabi Azad declared that United Nations has removed India from list of polio endemic countries. Great efforts of Rotary over 2 decades have resulted in this success. We have to have another 2 years "polio free". Members are requested to donate generously to the Rotary End polio initiative

10 Community Service (Non-Medical): Check Dam – Update : On 26-Feb-12 Avenue Chair Rtn Hemant Jagtap and Prez Jay Toshniwal, visited site for finalization of actual site and measurements for estimation for constructing the check dam. The bank account for receiving the District Grant has been opened.

11 ISKCON Mid-day Meal Project was launched on 02-Feb-12. Commitments have already been received for 625 children and the target set for 1000 children. We thank all members for their generous commitments and request remaining members to forward your commitments and cheques for this humanitarian project. Already collected Rs. 1.21 lakhs in Feb12. Remaining members are requested to send their cheques ASAP. Project initiated by Rtn. Manoj Pandya, Rtn. Ramesh Somani, Rtn. Vijay Biyani.

12 International Service: Our club gears up to host 3 inbound Vocational Training Team (GSE) candidates from Austria/Serbia from 3 rd to 5 th March 2012. Members desirous of hosting them at their offices/ factories or to show them around in and around South Mumbai may please co-ordinate with the members hosting them: PE Anil Jain hosts Ms. Melina Nikolic, a young 31 year Serbian President of Serbian Youth Centre. PP Nilesh Shah hosts Ms. Brigit Plank, a young 32 year Austrian Account Manager with BKS Bank AG. Dir(Club Admin) Anup Taparia hosts Ms. Elisabeth Salomon, a young 30 year Austrian Sales & Market Analyst with Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Sales Gmbh.

13 District News: DISCON 2012: 11-12 Feb-12 The Rotary International District 3140 Conference was held at Hotel Renaissance, Powai over 2 days. The panel discussions organized touched upon various topics of interest. Encouraging talks were delivered by Shri Kumarmangalam Birla, Prof. Mohammad Yunus (Grameen Bank, Bangaladesh), etc. The evening entertainment – Fashion show by Manish Malhotra and Dances by Terence Lewis were fantabulous. Our club was represented by PE Anil Jain and Prez Jay Toshniwal

14 3 rd TRF Seminar: 21-Feb-12 Our club co-hosted the 3 rd District TRF Seminar which was lead hosted by RC Bombay Airport hosted the at Club Millenium, Juhu. Current TRF Trust Chair PRIP Bill Boyd and TRF Trustee Ashok Mahajan graced the seminar. They praised DG Vijay Jalan for raising a record US$ 1 million by 31- Jan for TRF. Ashok Mahajan announced a scheme whereby any Rotarian donating just US$400 to Polio Fund would get matching US$600 points to make him Paul Harris Fellow (PHF). This scheme is valid upto 31-Mar- 12 only. So please hurry up. Prez Jay Toshniwal represented our club at the seminar.

15 District Seminar on International Peace & World Understanding: 23-Feb-12 Our club co-hosted the Panel Discussion on International Peace & World Understanding alongwith 18 other clubs at Jai Hind College Auditorium, A Road, Churchgate from 5:45pm to 7:30pm. The panelists included Consul Generals of China and South Africa, Shri Ketkar, noted journalist with DNA group, Shri Sumit Mullick, Principal Secretary-Protocol, Govt. of Maharashtra. PDG Gulam Vahanavaty moderated the discussion. DG Vijay Jalan was the Chief Guest. The seminar was attended by members of various clubs, district dignitaries & officers, rotractors & public.

16 March 2012 Events: 01 st March: Consumer Rights – Seminar on Legal Literacy. Adovcate Vivek Patki enlightens us on this important topic. 08 th March: Holi festival – No meeting 15 th March: Mind Power Unlimited. Renowned management consultant Shri Sunil Parekh guides us on how to improve utilization of our latent mind power, utilize full potential and improve IQ, EQ and SQ. 22 nd March: Sailing round the world. Commander Dilip Dhonde of Indian Navy shares his experiences in circumnavigating the globe. 29 th March: Pre-OCV & Club Assembly Meeting. Umang Hall, Samrat. 12th April: OCV – Please block your date.

17 Word Slipages Dias X Dais Momento X Memento Hand over souvenior X Present souvenior Without much ado X Clap after speech Rest in Peace X Rotary Ann Without wasting more time X Floral Tribute X

18 THANK YOUTHANK YOU This edition is designed and developed by Mridu Taparia, daughter of Rtn. Anup and Seema Taparia.

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