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World Community Service. We can not do great things on this earth. We can only do small things with great love." Mother Theresa.

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1 World Community Service

2 We can not do great things on this earth. We can only do small things with great love." Mother Theresa

3 About World Community Service… When Rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries join together to accomplish a humanitarian service project in one of the countries

4 World Community Service means… Addressing Major issues: – –Water and Sanitation – –Health and Hunger – –Education and Literacy – –Micro-credit/Revolving Loans Forming partnerships between Rotarians in two or more countries Making a difference

5 Why We Support World Community Service One of the ‘4 Avenues of Service’ Opportunity to meet needs Furthering international understanding, goodwill and peace

6 How World Community Service helps... Partnering to expand financial, material and human resources Developing ties with Rotarians abroad Providing an opportunity to learn about another country and its people Creating a favorable image of our country and Rotary Addressing global concerns Making a sustainable difference

7 Financially – –How much and for how long Time & Effort – –Time to visit & build relationship locally and international Combination of Time, Effort & $ ? How Can We Contribute ?

8 Need individual or committee abilities: – –Cooperation – –Communication – –Continuity – –Commitment Who will lead and implement?

9 Keys to a Successful WCS Project Project Champion(s) Frequent contact between the co-sponsors Prepare to nurture a 2-to-5 year Partnership with the RC in the Project (Host) country Do the paperwork Regular reporting – sponsors and club PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE

10 Focusing on enhancing quality of life. Encouraging participatory involvement, with local communities & individuals having input in design & implementation. Adapting to constantly changing conditions, uncertainty, and differences in local conditions & expectations. Ensuring project continues with local resources. Meeting current needs without compromising future generations WCS Fosters Sustainable Development by…

11 Our Partners in World Community Service Rotary clubs in a host project country District 5360 Clubs Other Districts / Clubs Other organizations – –The Community Initiatives Program (Son of the Wild Rose Foundation) – –The Rotary Foundation (TRF) – –Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development (CRCID) with CIDA funds

12 Typical Roles and Responsibilities: Frame the Strategic Plan (preparing) Find the Right Champion(s) Monitor, Record & Celebrate Achievements Regular (and frequent) Reporting to the Club Promote Club-wide Understanding of WCS Activities Local WCS Committee

13 District 5360 WCS Committee Committee of 15 Rotarians from across our District. Provide information, training, advice and assistance to Clubs embarking on WCS projects. Provide an interactive website on all WCS projects and a webmaster to assist Clubs. Carry out an annual Funding Seminar to orientate members on all aspects of International project implementation Visit Clubs to give presentations / information on WCS activities and updates

14 District 5360 WCS Update New changes to funding sources – –TRF (Currently NO Matching Grants, Volunteer Service Grants, 3-H Grants available due to financial strains of economic world-crisis) Increase in District Designated Funds to $5000 per project for Clubs in District 5360 – –Funds for Disbursement in 2009-2010 is $77695 with approx $31,000 still available Funding Seminar will take place in 2010. District is looking at co-hosting this seminar with the District Conference in Banff.

15 How to Find WCS Projects District Projects List on website (some have no sponsors) Rotary International ProjectLink Database Rotary Volunteers Youth Exchange students, TRF Ambassadorial Scholars, GSE, Friendship Exchange International Assembly & International Conventions International Projects Fairs And importantly **personal contacts! **

16 District 5360 WCS Database

17 Current Rotary Funding Options OrganizationAmount / DetailsFormulaDeadline District Designated Funds Funding up to $5000 per projectCan be fully matched with other grants July 1 st accept new applications Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development (CRCID) Administers CIDA funds for Rotary projects in developing countries No upper limit established, but larger projects preferred Requests that mach priorities received at any time.8:1 match on all funds incl Club cash, DDF, TRF Cycle for new initiatives should be into CRCID by Sept for project start in following April Community Initiatives Program (CIP) Son of Wild Rose Foundation Up to $25,000 matching, with one application per fiscal year. Takes 2-3 months for approvals 1:1 match of AB raised funds but will also match DDF, TRF Five deadlines (changes to program, details TBA)

18 Sample Funding Ratio Contributor Amount requested or donated Your Club3000.00 Host Club 100.00 DDF 5000.00 Sub Total8100.00 CIP +8000.00 (matching Club and DDF) Total Project $16100.00

19 Funds are often used for: Health care support & equipment Support and supplies for schools Water, filters, latrines Micro-credit Equipment for all types of institutions Agricultural and/or environmental

20 Funds cannot be used for:   The purchase of land or buildings   Construction or renovation   Salaries, stipends, or honorariums for individual(s) working for a cooperating organization or beneficiary

21 To break the cycle of poverty; To make real our commitment to world understanding and peace; by “Doing good in the World”, and For this the people say… Remember the Goal…


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