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Mrs. Sledge’s Class.

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1 Mrs. Sledge’s Class

2 Abraham Lincoln By: Ashleigh Clark

3 Childhood Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.
His mother died when he was 9 years old and, he got a step mother in 1819. Lincoln only got one year of school and, he loved to read.

4 Accomplishments He was the general in the civil war.
He kept the nation together during the civil war. He was the 16th president of the U.S.A.

5 Interesting Facts Lincoln was a skilled speaker. Abraham had 4 sons.
He joined the republican. He married Mary Todd He was heart broken after Willie died. Lincoln study Laws. Lincoln grew a bread.


7 Amelia Earhart By: Jordyn Oldham

8 Childhood Amelia wanted to be the first person to do new things.
She spent her Christmas with a vacation. She was born on July 24,1897 in Atchison Kansas.

9 Accomplishments She was the first women to fly a airplane.
She flew over the Atlantic Ocean solo and was successful . She flew over the Pacific Ocean solo too.

10 Interesting Facts Amelia’s nickname was “Lady Lindy”.
When she gave up her airplane career she worked part time at a poor children's home. She also worked part-time as a fashion designer . People have not found Amelia’s remains. Amelia also helped women vote. Amelia disappeared nobody has found her.


12 Anne Frank By: Ally Cameron

13 Childhood Anne Frank was born in Germany in the city of Frankfurt on June Anne Frank had 1 sister, 1 mother, and 1 Father. Her sister’s name was Margot, her mother’s name was Edith, and her father’s name was Otto. She had 1 cat named Moortje . She was black. She had to leave Moortje behind when she went to the secret Annex. When the World War 2 started every Jew was kicked out of their schools. In the secret Annex her father taught Margot and Anne.

14 Accomplishments During the World War 2 she kept a diary. Almost every day she wrote in it. At the end of the War it got published. She was Jewish and they were looking for Jewish diaries and books that they wrote during the war.

15 Interesting Facts Anne Frank died at age 15 in 1945.
Anne got a diary for her 13th birthday and she named it Kitty after an old friend. It was red and green plaid. Jewish had to wear yellow stars on everything they wore. The only shoes that fit her were her red shoes. Her diary was published in 1947. Anne Frank had a crush on Peter Van Pels. The Van Pels stayed in the Annex with the Franks. Otto Frank was the only person in the Annex to survive the war. There were 8 people in the Annex. Her middle name was Marie.


17 Annie Oakley By: Adriana Ramirez

18 Childhood Her family was horrid to her.
She never listened to her mother, and didn’t go to school. Her family treated her horribly and when she was 9 she was sent to an orphanage. She was born August 13,1860 in Drake Country Ohio.

19 Accomplishments She was one of the first women sharpshooters.
She helped change women's rights with handling guns.

20 Facts She married Frank Butler. The couple started with Butler assisting Oakley. Not even her railroad accident stopped her from shooting even though she was practically paralyzed. She shot apples off her dog George’s head. Her real name is Phoebe Ann Moses. She could shoot upside down. She was a determined and exiting young performer who dazzled many.


22 Babe Ruth By: Esther McFarlin

23 Childhood He was born on February 6, 1895 in Pig Town, Massachusetts.
His family was poor and did not have much money. His dad owned a bar in Boston. His mom had to take care of the whole family. His education was not very good because he did not go to school until his dad took him to St. Mary's school for boys when he was ten.

24 Accomplishments Babe Ruth broke the record with his bat every year.
He was traded from team to team every year. The Red Sox traded him to the Yankees because they could not afford to pay him any more. He stayed on that team forever. He hit the first home run in the Yankees stadium because the stadium was brand new!

25 Interesting Facts He and his sister were the only ones to survive to adulthood. The town he lived in was called Pig Town because pigs would always come though. People would climb poles and tree trunks to see Babe play. He had 8 brothers and sisters He put cabbage under his hat to keep cool during games. He stole apples when he was young while other kids were at school.


27 Ronald Reagan By Caroline

28 Childhood Ronald was Born on Feb 6 1911 in Tampico Illinois
He had a mother named Nelle a father named Jack and a brother named Neil He went to Eureka collage he graduated in 1928

29 Accomplishments Ronald Reagan was the oldest President.
He was the 40th president He made a right to tear down the Berlin wall and let the people have there freedom

30 Interesting Facts One day he made a speech at a hotel. Then a guy came up and started shooting people Reagan got shot he went straight to the Hospital. Luckily Ronald Reagan made it. Ronald’s favorite snack was jelly beans when he started eating them that meant that the person that was in his office had been there to long He died of Alzheimer's in 2004 at the age of 93 Ronald was a life guard he save 27 lives. When Ronald was a boy his nick name was Dutch Ronald got marred to Jane Wyman then had a divorce.


32 Dr. Seuss By: Isaac Bunner

33 Childhood Theodor was born on March 2,1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts Family life was hard for him because American people treated Germans badly He had formal education he went to Oxford and Dartmouth

34 Accomplishments He wrote some of the best children’s books and made reading fun for early readers

35 Interesting facts He made 2 movies for the army
As a kid he loved going to zoos He 1st made adds for the Flit bug co. His 1st book was Mulberry Street He once illegally shared gin He died in 1991 September 24th


37 Elvis Aaron Presley By: Emma Beth

38 Childhood Elvis was born jan. 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.
His family was Gladys [ mom], Vernon [dad], and stillborn Jesse garon [brother]. He had a pretty good education, but he didn't go to collage.

39 Accomplishments Got the title “The King.’’ Became a star at age 21.
Was Private Elvis Presley when his mom died. Was a 7th degree black belt.

40 Interesting facts Rhythm & Blues helped him get started.
He loved peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Elvis was born in the middle of the Great Depression. As a boy, Elvis was shy and made fun of. His friends were: Buzzy, Farley, and Paul. In 8th grade he moved to Memphis.


42 Ferdinand Magellan By: Jack Johnson

43 Childhood Magellan was born 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal.
His family died when he was 18. He had a lot of education because he was a page for the Queen.

44 Accomplishments He was famous for sailing around the globe.
He was a soldier that was only wounded when he held off the Natives. He sailed around the Globe in 3 years.

45 Interesting Facts He was disliked because he never dressed right, never listened, and was very lonely . His journey failed because, Magellan died trying to hold off the Natives long enough for his crew to get away. His crew betrayed him and tried to kill him.


47 Franklin Roosevelt By: André Moriel

48 Childhood Franklin Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York in January 30, 1882. He was born into a rich family. He was smart . He went to Groton School a school in Massachusetts.

49 Accomplishments He was elected governor of New York.
Franklin Roosevelt led the U.S. through the Great Depression. He was elected president for the United States 4 times, his fourth term is when he died in Georgia.

50 Interesting Facts Franklin Roosevelt’s short name is FDR {his children came up with it.} He had a disease called polio and he couldn’t walk since he was 39. He married his own cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt had 6 children, and one of them died when he was 10 months old. He died in April 12, 1945 in Georgia. His cousin was Theodore Roosevelt he was a hero in the USA too!!!


52 John F. Kennedy By: Sam T.

53 Childhood John F. Kennedy was born on May 29,1917 in Brookline
John had a big family of 11 people including the parents John moved from Princeton to Hardvard

54 Accomplishments In 1944, he got awards for saving 11 lives
He had the record for youngest president

55 Interesting facts John never spoke in public with crutches
He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas He was often very sick He ran for congress, Senate, & president His family was very rich All of his family helped him campaign


57 Johnny Appleseed By: Sam Chappin

58 Childhood He was born on Sept. 26 ,1774
He had 11 brothers and sisters. He went to a school in Longmeadow.

59 Accomplishments He warned pioneer families that a war was starting. He also planted yummy apples for pioneers.

60 Interesting facts Once, he killed a rattle snake and felt terrible.
2.He let a bear sleep in a log while he slept outside. 3.Legend says a snake could not bite through his skin. 4.His mom died when he was 2. 5.He died at the age 70. 6. There was a magazine that made him known. worldwide.


62 King Tut By: Riley Clothier

63 Childhood King Tut was born on 1343 B.C. He was born in Egypt.
His Dad was a pharaoh. King Tut did not go to school, but he was very smart.

64 Accomplishments He was the ruler of Egypt and he had the best preserved tomb. He changed his dads religion and rules. He was the 12 ruler of Egypt.

65 Interesting Facts Most important thing in after life is their body.
He began ruling at the age of 10. He had a club foot. He had a crook to walk with. His daughters were stillborn. He was mummified.


67 Louis Armstrong By: Will Palmer

68 childhood Louis Armstrong was born on 1901 in New Orleans.
His family life was not very good but when he won a bet he’d give all of the money to his mom. He went to a regular school untill 5th grade then he was sent to reform school. He learned his first instruments there.

69 Important facts He died in New Orleans on 1971.
His nickname was satchmo. He was also known as the king of jazz. He was in the rock and roll hall of fame in 1990. In 2001 the city of New Orleans renamed their airport The Louis Armstrong National Airport. He was born in New Orleans in 1901.

70 Accomplishments He played the cornet\trumpet very well.
He was an actor and a writer. He toured around the world as a musician and a writer.


72 Paul Revere By: Branson Hull

73 Childhood Paul Revere was born in Boston.
He was born on January 1,1735. His father worked for gold and sliver.

74 Accomplishments Paul is known for The Midnight Ride.
His nickname is the rider at midnight. He had a poem named Paul Reveres Ride by Henry Wadsworth

75 Interesting Facts Paul had 8 children with each wife.
He had 16 children in all. He got out of school at the age of 13. He died in 1818. He had 2 wife's. Paul had 3 famous words.


77 Queen Elizabeth I By: Abby Campbell

78 childhood Elizabeth was born in a Kingdom in Greenwich ,England
She was born with three sisters Elizabeth was home schooled. By the time she was three she new 6 different languages.

79 Accomplishments She got thrown in jail by her own cousin. Mary [cousin] thought that Elizabeth was going to become queen and she did . So Elizabeth became Queen of England. If Elizabeth did not become queen in history people would have been treaded selfishly by Mary.

80 Interesting Facts Elizabeth’s dad did not like her because she was a girl. Elizabeth had a bad illness called smallpox and 1 out of 10 people survived and Elizabeth survived . Elizabeth loves plays they also were her teachers. She died of a sickness it was not small pox. She never got married once. She was thrown in jail for being the next queen.


82 Sacagawea By: Emma Jo Shamburger

83 Childhood Sacagawea was born 1788, 1787, or 1786 in Idaho. The exact date of birth is unknown. She worked and had very little time for play. They did not have schools. So, Sacagawea learned from her work.

84 Accomplishments Sacagawea was the only woman to join the Lewis and Clark Expedition what's more she saved most of their supplies yet still treated unfairly. If Sacagawea did not go on the expedition the west would not be discovered. Her face was put on the dollar coin.

85 Interesting Facts Sacaga means bird and wea means woman.
She was born into a Shoshone tribe. At the age of 10 or 11 she was captured by a Minnetaree tribe. Had a daughter right before she died. When Sacagawea died she gave both of her children to Clark. Happened to pass by her homeland during the expedition.


87 Thomas Edison By: Landon Carney

88 Childhood Born in Milan, Ohio on February 11
His family called him Al and thought he had problems. Because he gave worms in water to his neighbor . He had bad education he did not listen and got kick out of school .

89 accomplishments He made the 1st working light bulb, on 1879 and many more. Receives a metal from us congress.

90 Interesting facts He sat on a chicken egg to see if it would hatch!
He gave mashed up worms in water to his neighbor to see if she would fly! He was did not listen as well as the others. He grew smarter as he got older. Most people thought he had problems! He was not the 1st one that tried to make the light bulb !


92 Thomas Jefferson By: Kaylee Earls

93 Childhood Thomas Jefferson was born at Albemarle County Virginia April 13,1743. Jefferson was sent to study with Reverend William Douglas. His dad was Peter Jefferson.

94 Accomplishments He served in the House of Burgesses.
He was a governor in 1779 in Virginia. Thomas replaced Ben Franklin as U.S. minister to France and moved to Paris.

95 Interesting Facts He wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
Jefferson became the Secretary of State in 1790. He was the 3rd President of the United States. Jefferson enrolled at the College of William and Mary. Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton. Jefferson sells his book collection to the government in 1815.


97 William Shakespeare By: Jack R.

98 Childhood William Shakespeare was born in1564 we don’t know the exact date because they didn’t keep records in the 1500.He was born at Stratford-Upon Avon. He started his life making gloves with his father. He started attending King’s New School at age five. He got up at five to go to school and wait for school to start.

99 Accomplishments Made Queen Elizabeth love his plays so much he had to build the Globe Theater out of town so they could keep doing and making plays because their was a law that you can’t have plays in Stratford-Upon Avon. He helped a great play crew and they made lots of plays together like a man named Essex try to kill the Queen of England and she loved.

100 Interesting Facts He was supposed to have died on his birthday
He owned theaters and trade them and sold them A man who still remains a mystery A poet, director, play writer, actor, and a writer Twenty five times in his plays he talked about Cain and Abel Was said to be greatest play writer of all time


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