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ONE WORLD Founded in 1900 in Paris, France Statues: § 2 Aims and Objectives (1) The CTIF is an international technical organization for the exchange.

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3 Founded in 1900 in Paris, France Statues: § 2 Aims and Objectives (1) The CTIF is an international technical organization for the exchange of experience in the field of fire protection, disaster relief and rescue. International Association of Fire and Rescue Services

4 46 Ordinary Members

5 Associate Members Albert Ziegler Germany Brandverhütungsstelle für Oberösterreich Austria Bulfire Bulgaria GIMAEX France Crash Rescue Equipment Service U.S.A. Dräger Safety Schweiz AG Switzerland E.S.E.P.A. Greece Empl Fahrzeugwerk Austria EUROFEU Europe Fire Brigade Dow Benelux B.V. Netherlands Feuerwehrfachjounal KBU Germany FRANSEL France

6 Associate Members Lukas Hydraulik Germany Hanrath Schuh GmbH Germany Lignprotect Switzerland Industrieelektronik PÖLZ Austria Club Pozharnoe Delo Russia Interspiro Sweden Iveco-Magirus Germany KIDDE Fire Trainers Germany Krilak Association Russia Landesfeuerwehr- schule Hamburg Germany LION SYSTÈMES France LMS France World Water Treatment France

7 Associate Members International Aviation Fire Protection Association United Kingdom ifa Interkantonales Feuerwehr- Ausbildungszentrum Switzerland PBI Performance Products Germany RAM Europe Greece Rechners Löschsysteme Austria Rosenbauer International AG Austria Schutz & Rettung Zürich Switzerland Seganosa Spain

8 Associate Members SO-RE Greece Swissphone Switzerland VdS Schaden- verhütung GmbH Germany VectorCommand Ltd. United Kingdom Vetter Germany Vfdb Germany W.S. Darley & Co U.S.A Women for Safety Russia

9 CTIF in Short CTIF is the international fire and rescue competence and information network, representing 5 million fire-fighters and 650.000 youth fire-fighters who protect a population of 1 billion people every day.

10 Mission CTIF is the international competence centre and global organisation for fire and rescue services CTIF organises the most important international competitions for fire-fighters CTIF organises International Congresses CTIF offers attractive symposiums and lectures CTIF has a qualified answer to every question - or knows where answers can be obtained.

11 Commissions Rescue and Fire-Fighting at Airports Europe Fire Brigades Health Services Fire Prevention Forest Fires Hazardous Materials History and Museums International Fire Brigades Competitions Youth Leaders Leading experts working on:

12 Performance Representation at international level International dictionary International competitions Youth fire brigades International conferences Technical studies International fire statistics Overview about activities

13 Performance European Union (EU) EU Fire-Safety-Network Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations (FEU) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) And other Federations/ Non-governmental Organizations International Atomic Energy Agency UNO Cooperation at International Level

14 Performance multilingual dictionary definitions dedicated to the fire fighting world 4 languages: German, English, French and Russian International Dictionary

15 Performance International Competitions every 2 years: competition for youth fire-fighters every 4 years: competition for fire-fighters Fire Olympics

16 Performance International Youth Competitions

17 Performance 650.000 youth fire-fighters Symposia for youth leaders Competitions for youth fire-fighters Youth fire brigades

18 Performance Attractive conferences and excellent expert speakers Themes: Tunnel safety (Conference 2003+2004, Switzerland) Reorganisation of Fire and Rescue Services in CTIF-member countries (Conference 2005, Russia) International Conferences

19 Performance New!: Fire Fighter Safety Directory Community Safety Programmes First Response Manual for Radioactive Emergencies Fire Services in Europe Technical Recommendations (Guidelines for international exhibitions, fire safety in hotels, hospitals, etc.) Studies conducted by CTIF National Committees CTIF Technical Studies

20 Performance 80 countries Representing ¾ of the population of the earth Data of the 90 largest cities Written in English, German and Russian International Fire Statistics

21 CTIF Bodies Delegates Assembly Executive Committee

22 President Walter Egger Switzerland General secretary Christophe Mignot France Treasurer Laurent Wehrli Switzerland

23 Executive Committee Dennis Davis United Kingdom Anton Brandauer Austria Aleksander Chuprijan Russia Team of Vice-Presidents Tore Eriksson Sweden Representative of Associate Members Julian Wagner, Austria Luther Fincher U.S.A. Ralf Ackermann Germany

24 Organigramm Executive Committee and Commissions President EGGER General Secretary MIGNOT Volunteers Treasurer WEHRLI Vice- president ACKERMAN N Europe International Press & Public Relations Vice- president BRANDAUER Competitions Youth Leaders Vice- president CHUPRIJAN Health Services Statistics Center Vice- president DAVIS Forest Fires Workshops & Symposia Vice- president ERIKSSON Hazardous Materials Vice- president FINCHER Fire Prevention Rep. of Assoc. Members WAGNER Airport DanubeHistory Balkan

25 ONE WORLD Thank You!

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