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OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Organisation and Content Overview.

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1 OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Organisation and Content Overview

2 Fast facts Established1961 Headquarters:Paris OECD Centres:Berlin, Mexico City, Tokyo, Washington Members:34 Secretary-General:Angel Gurría Secretariat staff:2 500 Publications250 new titles/year Annual budget:350 € million (5 € million for Publishing) Nearly 300 expert committees and working groups

3 Current Members Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom United States

4 Key Partners Brazil China India Indonesia South Africa Russia

5 More than just numbers Setting global standards, for example: OECD Anti-bribery Convention OECD Model Tax Convention OECD Guidelines for: Corporate Governance Multi-national Enterprises Consumer protection

6 CleanerStronger Fairer Competition Trade Education Employment Healthcare Migration Finance Tax evasion Corruption Fiscal policy Energy Innovation Climate change More than just the economy Development assistance Pensions Entrepreneurship Agriculture Governance

7 OECD: A Knowledge Organisation?

8 More than just “rich countries”

9 From 65% 80% of world GDP OECD34 OECD40

10 A very big community New OECD members: Cile, Estonia, Israele e Slovenia Accession country : Russia “Enhanced Engagement” with Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, e South Africa 34 OECD member countries 1 Accession countries Enhanced Engagement partners

11 OECD PUBLISHING Teams and processes

12 OECD General Secretariat –Executive directorate –Public Affairs and Communications Drectorate Departments –Directorate for Education –Economics Directorate –Development Co-operation Directorate –Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social affairs –Trade and Agriculture directorate –Environment Directorate, etc, etc Special bodies –Development centre –International Energy Agency, etc, etc OECD Structure

13 13 What does OECD publish? Wide range of products: Outlooks and projections Analytical reports Statistical reports Policy reviews Conference proceedings Legal texts Reference books Statistical databases Journals A magazine, the OECD Observer

14 Your resource to the world economy


16 Launch July 2010 Content back to 1998 Data back to 1960 17 Thematic Collections 8,890 E-books and 32,630 Chapters 3,450 Journal Issues 4,020 Working Papers 2,240 Key Tables 290 Datasets 5 billion Data Points OECD iLibrary facts & figures

17 OECD iLibrary who is for? Universities and research organisations Businesses Government and parliaments Non-governmental organisations Think tanks Libraries Worldwide ……anyone interested in today economic and social issues

18 THANKS Any Questions?

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