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European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations Presentation September 2009.

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1 European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations Presentation September 2009

2 The identity of EFCA EFCA represents the engineering consultancy industry in Europe (countries of the E.U. or EFTA or candidate countries); MAs from other European countries are Observer Members EFCA represents: professional associations from 28 European countries which represent ~10,000 companies with an annual turnover > 100 billion ~1 million employees in engineering consultancy industry EFCA internal: Annual budget: ~640.000 Secretariat: 3 permanent staff + 1 part-time employee

3 Albania Austria Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Luxembourg The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Albania Greece Turkey Bulgaria Romania Hungary Austria Switzerland Italy Spain Portugal Ireland Iceland U.K. Norway Sweden Finland Belgium France Netherlands Denmark Germany Poland Czech Rep. Slovenia Associations from 28 European countries Russia Luxembourg Slovakia

4 Goals Strategy Mission EFCA is the sole and representative federation promoting the European engineering consulting industry to the European institutions EFCA aspires to positively influence EU legislation that impacts on engineering consultancy EFCA promotes fair competition and transparent procurement rules EFCA is a business platform/network for member associations and European firms support the EU institutions as an expert knowledge broker assist member associations in achieving common European goals communicate the views of engineering consultants externally to the European institutions & lending agencies and internally to the national member associations establish alliances/partnerships with other interest groupings What EFCA stands for

5 For the national associations Input to the development of policies on European professional issues Information about E.U. Policy and legislative developments National interests reinforced at pan-European level through EFCA Committees, papers and guidance on EU legislation Exchanges of best practice and experience For the professionals Enhancement of the profile of the profession An European-wide business network Access to latest information on EU issues affecting business Added Value for Members

6 Plan 2008-2011: Principal Elements 1.Enhance the image of consulting engineering in Europe 2.Improve business conditions for European firms 3.Enhance business development of European firms 4.Pursue expansion of EFCA membership in Europe 5.Enhance cooperation with European MAs 6.Improve working relationship with FIDIC

7 Enhance the image of consulting engineering in Europe 1.Highlight the role of the consulting engineer to European societies 2.Highlight value of engineering design & innovation to society & client base 3.Showcase engineering works (consider excellence awards) 4.Support MAs for enhancing the image of the sector in their countries

8 Improve business conditions, 1/2 1.Analyse and address trends of the business environment, e.g.: growing investments of emerging economies distortions of competition 2.Develop policy proposals for internal market and external aid (AIDCO and DG Development), e.g. for: Improvement of public procurement in Europe & EU funded projects for fair, transparent & effective procurement (incl. PPP projects) Improvement of liability & insurance conditions Enhancement of the internal market Promotion of business integrity in Europe and EU funded projects

9 Improve business conditions, 2/2 1.Promote exchange of experience and improvement of business conditions relating to public & private clients 2.Pursue dialogue with E.C. on improvement of business conditions Cultivate relations with key persons in the E.C. Enhance visibility in Brussels & member states/countries (incl. web site, Voice of EFCA, publicity in major events) Strengthen ties with other European federations/organisations 3.Pursue dialogue with representative institutions of clients of the Private sector, e.g. contractors 4.Arrange seminars in MA countries on public procurement, consulting contract conditions and liability issues

10 Enhance business development 1.Enhance support of MAs for business development of their firms: Promote exchange of experience on business practices Pursue benchmarking & evaluation of trends of European firms (after evaluation of interest) 2.Support MAs of CEEC in developing the local consulting market 3.Promote networking among European firms 4.Promote European industry to European Clients/Markets & beyond where necessary 5.Inform Young Professionals on European structures

11 Enhance cooperation with MAs 1.Improve communication with MAs: Improve communication content from EFCA to MAs Emphasise importance of being involved (!) Promote MA information of member firms (!) Strengthen ties with MAs for policy formulation (reverse-pump) Compile info on situation in member states Promote accurate reporting of MA membership to EFCA 2.Support MAs in their lobby for transposition of E.U. legislation with lobbying, documentation, seminars etc. 3.Support MAs in cultivation of ties with architectural firms and process design engineering firms (where applicable) 4.Support MAs in their provision of services: Update review of best practices Enhance exchange of information/experience in Committees

12 Improve working relationship with FIDIC 1.Facilitate the formulation of broadly acceptable representational model(s) of European industry 2.Pursue GAM decision(s) & implementation of new cooperation structure with FIDIC 3.Short-term: address pending problems with FIDIC

13 EFCAs Committees and Task Forces European Public Market (EPM) Committee European External Aid (EEA) Committee European Liability & Insurance Committee (EL&I) European Consulting Future (ECF) Committee Task Force on Health & Safety (H&S) on construction sites Task Force on Standardisation of Terminology

14 (downloadable): Recent output (downloadable): press release on acceleration & increased flexibility for public works guidelines for transposition of Directive 2004/18 guidelines for award of PPPs guideline for safety in construction (with ACE) policy papers on competitive dialogue, PPPs & project team feedback to the EC on internal market and external aid interventions for liability issues in the Services Directive 2006/123 interventions on EC guidance on health & safety on construction sites joint publication with SYNTEC Ingénierie (France) of White Paper Engineering Consultancy and Innovation comparative assessment of European stimulus packages

15 In the pipe-line printing of guidelines for public procurement in Europe, award of PPPs and safety on construction sites (with ACE) policy on the acceleration and increased flexibility of public works policy paper on limitation of liability policy paper on distribution of liability among joint venture members code of conduct for engineering consultancy in Europe policy paper on need to focus on quality rather than price for procurement of consulting services policy paper on contract conditions for consulting contracts guidance to firms for participation in European external aid projects seminars on public procurement in CEEC countries annual meetings with CEOs of large firms

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