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15 – 26 October 2010 Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha in Jakarta.

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1 15 – 26 October 2010 Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha in Jakarta

2 Nutan Swamiji being welcomed at the Jakarta airport. Welcome at the place of stay. Whatever takes us from constriction to expansion is saadhana. Nutan Swamiji

3 The first discourse was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Cultural Centre (JNICC) on 17 th October. This session was titled Science & Spiritual Quest. The session was held in their library. Brahmavidyaa is a rational universal science based on experimental discoveries about our own identity. Nutan Swamiji

4 Nutan Swamiji at the Mangala Vinayak Temple (affiliated to Chinmaya Mission). This very enlightening and inspiring 5-day discourse series was on Bhagavadgeeta – A Revolutionary Message for Transforming Life from 18 th to 22 nd October (in the evening). Aspiration, and not desire, should be the natural motivation for work. Nutan Swamiji

5 Understanding Life was the topic for 4-day series of classes on Kathopanishad, held at the residence of Smt. Mala & Sri N Sridhar, where Nutan Swamiji was hosted. To know what survives when the body falls, we have to know our true Identity here and now. Nutan Swamiji

6 Nutan Swamiji conducted a half-day workshop (at the Grand Hyatt, Jakarta) for 30 Senior Corporate Executives (mostly Indian expats). The session, held on Oct. 23, was titled Discovering Inner Resources. Many expressed that the exposure gave them new insights into how they can look at things more comprehensively. (Contd…..) Being successful means to be successful with our own mind Nutan Swamiji

7 …..This session gave the participants a new perspective on Leadership, Success, Excellence and Happiness. Nutan Swamiji, with numerous anecdotes and examples, illustrated how they can transform their mind and vision so that they would be able to provide the best solution in any situation. (Contd….) Discipline is the way to freedom. Nutan Swamiji

8 The participants were senior executives from HSBC, ICICI, ICI, IBM, World Bank, etc. The programme consisted of : talk by Nutan Swamiji, group discussion, and Q-A session. Some of the participants attended all the subsequent sessions of Swamiji in Jakarta. Real joy lies in inner expansion and evolution. Nutan Swamiji

9 For the Indians in Indonesia, Nutan Swamijis discourse on the Essence of Hinduism was very revealing & inspiring. This session was held at the Sadhu Vaswani Centre on the 24 th of October. (Contd…..) Hinduism is a culture and civilization based on some great discoveries about our inner personality. Nutan Swamiji

10 Because of the constant back problem, Nutan Swamiji would often stand up during the various sessions. Nutan Swamijis proposed visit to a Balinese Temple had to be cancelled to avoid further travel. The one purpose of all the plural practices in Hinduism is to make man realize his one Immortal identity. Nutan Swamiji

11 Nutan Swamiji with the core team Spirituality : A Journey from our constricted I to the Universal I. Nutan Swamiji

12 The flier used to announce Nutan Swamijis programmes in Jakarta. True spirituality makes us master of the world, by making us master of our own mind and intelligence. Nutan Swamiji

13 Narayanashrama Tapovanam Venginissery, PO Paralam, Trichur Dt., 680575, Kerala, India Phone: 0487-2278363, 2278302 Website: Email:

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