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JLUS Orientation Meeting August 27, 2008 South Georgia Regional Development Center th.

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1 JLUS Orientation Meeting August 27, 2008 South Georgia Regional Development Center th

2 AGENDA 1. Introduction 2. Welcome from Moody Air Force Base 3. Benefits of JLUS for the Communities and MAFB 4. Process and Schedule for JLUS 5. Closing Comments 6. Lunch 7. Adjournment

3 Policy Committee The Policy Committee includes the chief elected officials of the local governments in the JLUS study area. The Policy Committee is responsible for the overall direction of the JLUS, preparation and approval of the study design, approval of draft and final written reports, approval of policy recommendations, and monitoring implementation of the adopted policies. Technical Committee The Technical Committee includes representatives from city and county management and planning staffs, Moody Air Force Base planners, and the RDC. The Technical Committee is responsible for identifying and studying technical issues related to developing policy recommendations to the Policy Committee.

4 Parker Greene, Chair Executive Director, Moody Support Com. Rod Casey Lowndes County Commission Chair John Fretti Mayor of Valdosta Wayne Bullard Mayor of Hahira Carl Camon Mayor of Ray City Travis Harper Mayor of Nashville Robert Griner Berrien County Commission Chair Jody Hamm Lanier County Commission Chair Bill Darsey Mayor of Lakeland John Leonard Executive Director, SGRDC John Leigh Department of Defense Col. Kenneth E. Todorov Commander Col Steven K. Lambert 23rd MSG/CC Lt. Col Greg A. Williams 23 CES/CC John Eunice III 23 CES/CD William S. Bryan 23 CES/CEC Policy Committee

5 Brad Folsom, Chair Attorney At Law Moore Clarke Duvall & Rogers Marty LeFiles SGRDC Asst. Executive Director Sherry Davidson SGRDC Community and Economic Director Julia Shewchuk SGRDC Planning Director Zakkiyyah Osuigwe SGRDC Comprehensive Planner Amanda Peacock SGRDC Jr. Planner Jason Davenport Lowndes County Planner Anne-Marie Wolff Planning and Zoning Administrator, City of Valdosta Larry Hanson City Manager, City of Valdosta Joe Pritchard County Manager, Lowndes County Jonathan Sumner City Manager, City of Hahira Mike Martin Director, Valdosta/Lowndes Inspections Patti Clark Executive Director, Valdosta/Lowndes Airport Auth. Elaine Shiver County Administrator, Berrien County Amanda Thacker Code Enforcement, Berrien County Mandy Luke City Administrator, Nashville Henry Yawn Zoning Administrator, Nashville Albert Studstill County Administrator, Lanier County Diane Westberry Zoning Administrator, Lakeland Robert L. Jefferson 23 CES/CECP Perry Tillman 23 OSS/OSKR Thomas VanNortwick 347 OSS/OSKR Technical Committee

6 JLUS Study Area

7 SCOPE OF WORK I. Project Initiation II. Data Collection III. Inventory of Information and Data Mapping IV. Analysis of Current Land Use and Air Facility Conflicts V. Analysis of Future Development Potential and Assessment of Future Land Conflicts VI. Development of Land Use Compatibility Recommendations VII. Prepare Final Report VIII. Implementation

8 Examples of Study Results Future Map to Allow/Disallow Telecommunication Towers Land Use Incentives/Restrictions including Transfer of Development Rights Modification of Noise Abatement Standards and Regulations


10 Regional Public Meetings September 18, 2008 - Lowndes County - 5:30 PM January 22, 2009 - Berrien County - 5:30 PM March 19, 2009 -Lanier County - 5:30 PM

11 Mark Your Calendar Technical Committee Meeting - September 18, 2008 – 10:30 AM - RDC Policy Committee Meeting – November 20, 2008 – 5:30 PM - RDC

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