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13 th AAATE Conference Budapest, Hungary 10 – 13 September 2015.

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1 13 th AAATE Conference Budapest, Hungary 10 – 13 September 2015

2 Why Budapest? Budapest, a metropolis in the heart of Europe Conditions available for organisation of a world congress (hotel, room capacity) Schengen, easy entry Easy access – by plane - Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport flights from 64 destinations, Sólyom Hungarian Airways – by train from >30 cities of Europe (EuroCity, EuroNight)

3 Hungarian Parliament St Stephens Basilica Buda Castle Dohány Street Synagogue Margaret Island Andrássy Avenue Heroes Square Danube Promenade Citadel City Park – Széchenyi Bath Budapest highlights

4 Why in 10-13 September? AAATE conference usually organised early autumn The weather in Hungary in September is usually sunny and warm. Temperatures are usually in the range between 20 and 25 °C during the day AAATE 2015

5 Great Elders from the Information Technology to Special Education in Hungary

6 Slogen of the conference: Attracting new areas and building bridges Engineers, researchers and users with disabilities Attracting new areas of this discipline o experts working on the field of special teaching and therapy training Attracting new generations: o doctoral Consortium, o young researchers, o a section for BSc – BA and MSc – MA students Attract participants from the surrounding countries, from the East side of the former iron curtain Working together and developing a shared and not divided world, a more user friendly, usable IT world

7 Scientific program Sessions 1.Technology for Motor Limitations 2.Information Support to Mobility 3.Technology and aspects of Visual Limitations 4.Aspects of Hearing Limitations 5.Ambient Assisted Living 6.Aging Aspects 7.Stroke Aspects 8.Technology for Sensory and Cognitive Limitations 9.Aspects of Alternative and Augmentative Communication 10.Healthcare and Rehabilitations 11.Users and Technology 12.Design for All 13.Education and Training 14.Entertainment in Rehabilitation 15.Economic Aspects and Standardisation 16.HCI and User Needs 17.Accessible Environments 18.Assistive Robotics 19.Computer Access 20.Smart Devices

8 Scientific program Day 1 08.00Registration 09.00Opening of the conference and keynote lecture (plenary) 350 persons 10.30Coffee break 11.00Session 1 (5 breakout rooms) 12.30Lunch break 13.30Session 2 (5 breakout rooms) 15.00Tea break 15.30Session 3 (5 breakout rooms) 17.00Closing day 1 17.30Welcome Cocktail 18.00Additional Events SIGs, Board meeting etc. Day 2 08.30Registration 09.00Plenary session with invited speakers 350 persons 10.30Coffee break 11.00Session 4 (5 breakout rooms) 12.30Lunch break 13.30Session 5 (5 breakout rooms) 15.00Tea break 15.30Session 6 (5 breakout rooms) 17.00Closing day 2 17.00Additional events: AAATE Assembly etc. 20.00Social Event and Banquet Day 3 08.30Registration 09.00Plenary session with invited speakers 350 persons 10.30Coffee break 11.00Session 7 (5 breakout rooms) 12.30Lunch break 13.30Closing of conference 14 00Additional events (upon request) The conference programme will be made available to delegates through a programme book and daily programme notifications will be made available on the conference floor Provisonal Programme – 10-13 September 2015

9 Organizers The organisation of the AAATE 2015 is planned to be done by the members of three Institutes: University of Pannonia John von Neumann Computer Society, Supporting Organiser: – BLISS Foundation

10 University of Pannonia The University of Pannonia is the major focal point of research and education in Pannonia, the western part of Hungary. The Faculty of Information Technology is one of the five faculties of the University. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems is one of the four Departments of the Faculty. Virtual Environment and Imaging Technologies Research Laboratory

11 Virtual Environment and Imaging Technologies Research Laboratory Colorymetry and lighting technologies Multimedia and virtual reality applications for the education of children with special education needs and for rehabilitation of adult persons The Laboratory has more than 15 years experience in teaching User intarface design Since 2005 UP is the Hungarian National Contact Centre for EDeAN, in 2009 secretairat manager of EDeAN 5 conferences organised in the last 12 years

12 About John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) is an NGO devoted to a knowledge based information society, the leading domestic professional organisation of the science and application of information technology. As a professional forum independent of any institutions, the Society plays a crucial social role in: the domestic promotion of computer literacy, achieving digital equality; protection and promotion of the professional-cultural heritage and the values of the profession; promotion of computer culture and the newest professional and scientific information, and talent development.

13 The Society as an independent professional forum is engaged to assist in: Disseminating practical applications and results of IT, helping to solve current problems Conserving and increasing the prestige, the standards and the ethics of the profession Informing computer specialists about the development of theory, about useful practical results and experiences made by users Pronouncing the views and representing the professional interests of the computer community Spreading the culture of computing, providing regular further education for computer professionals A wide-ranging participation in the international professional exchange of experience and information to IT professionals

14 The past of the future Exhibition on ICT History Further information:

15 Organizers Organising Committee The Organising Committee is responsible for the overall arrangements of the conference Dr. Cecília Sik Lányi, associate professor (chair) Dr. Rozália Pigler-Lakner, dean Dr. Ágnes Werner-Stark, head of department Dr. Ferenc Szabó, assistant professor Péter Csuti, engineer of information technologies Dolli Drozdik, proejct assistant Scientific Advisory Board AAATE board members will act as the scientific advisory board of the conference

16 Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) Diamond Congress Ltd. o Since 1994 in the Hungarian meeting industry o Well trained, multi-lingual team o Steadily growing PCO Diamond Professional Congress System o Online registration handling (payments, invoices) o Online abstract handling (submission, review process) Services o Venue selection o Printing / mailing o Exhibition managements o Registration arrangement o Financial management o Hotel services o Social programs o Transportation o On-site services

17 Selection of References for Diamond Congress Ltd. 2001: World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (380 participants) 2005: 36t h International Symposium on Essential Oils (167 participants) 2010: FISITA World Automotive Congress (790 participants); 20 th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association (1491 participants) 2009: ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress (1250 participants); 11 th Scientific Assembly of IAGA (794 participants) 2011: 36 th International Symposium on HPLC (1330 participants); 8 th European Biophysics Congress (830 participants) 2012: 3 rd International Regulatory Workshop on A to Z on Bioequivalence Bioanalysis, Dissolution and Biosimilarity 2012 (273 participants) 2013: 32 nd Congress of the International Society of Limnology (480 person) 2013: 44 th International Symposium of Essential Oils, Budapest (in progress) For further references (more than 250 meetings) please visit:

18 Congress Venue Budapest Congress Center with Novotel Hotel City – 17 climatized meeting rooms – Capacity from 10 to 2000 people – Excellent technical equipment and trained staff – Poster area – Exhibition space ~ 4 000 m 2 – WiFi

19 Budapest Congress Center – Floor plan 1 Pátria: 2000 2a+2b Bartók 300, 3 Lehár: 120, 7a+7b Liszt 120 persons

20 Accessibility The congress centre is fully accessible with wheel chairs The congress centre is easy to use for visually impaired people (braille signs in the elevators, personal assistance by hostesses in each conference floor) In the connecting Novotel Hotel City**** accessible rooms are available Interpreting to sign language

21 Accomodations offered by the congress Venue Hotel – Novotel Budapest City 4**** – Single room 89 +VAT and city tax – Double room100 +VAT and city tax – Guaranteed room prices by the venue hotel for 2015!

22 Accomodation in Budapest CategoryHotelsRoomsBeds 5*****102 7605 277 4****295 15610 272 3***725 63711 994 2**124701 226 1*5187497 pensions, hostels661 3543 273

23 Provisional congress fees Early full registration fee for members 490 EUR Early full registration fee for nonmembers 560 EUR Early speakers' registration fee for members 490 EUR Early student registration fee for members 350 EUR Early student registration fee for non-members 400 EUR

24 Social Program Concert in the St. Stephens Basilica included in the registration fee (sponsored by the Hungarian Convention Bureau)

25 Congress Dinner Evening excursion to the Puszta Hungarian folklore performance and horse show in authentic surrounding Dinner will be served at an original Csárda Puszta Ötös coach and five, obstacle driving of coach and four, several field events of horse-herds: laying, seating of horses, cracking a whip, competition of horse-herds etc. After the show a typical Hungarian dinner will be served.

26 City tours: city of history From Roman times… …to the fall of communism Aquincum, Roman settlement Memorial Park of Communist Statues Monument of the Revolution in 1956 Buda Castle

27 City of cultural world heritage Heroes Square Danube panorama Fishermens Bastion

28 Cultural centre National Opera Palace of Arts Synagogue of Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

29 City of baths and spas

30 See you in Budapest 13th AAATE Conference, 10-13 September 2015

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