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BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Bonnie Garrigan Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport DBE Consultant DBE Program Requirements.

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1 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Bonnie Garrigan Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport DBE Consultant DBE Program Requirements

2 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport What is a DBE firm? Any type of firm can qualify as a DBE firm, from contractors and consultants to suppliers and service providers.

3 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Who Qualifies as a DBE? DBE certification is based on: – Size: Small Business Administration small business standardsless than $22.41 million gross receipts over last 3 years – Presumed to be disadvantaged: women, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Subcontinental Asia Americans – Ownership and control by person(s) with net worth less than $750,000 – If not presumed disadvantagedcase by case determination of social and economic conditions

4 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Louisiana Unified Certification Program (LAUCP) The Airport uses the LAUCP to determine if a firm is a qualifying DBE. – Good for DBE Firms Enables DBEs to be certified once and then be eligible to work as a DBE anywhere in Louisiana – Good for Prime Firms Comprehensive database makes it easy to find DBE firms for projects. Visit for searchable list of certified DBE

5 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport DBE Program in Action The Airport sets an annual DBE goal for DBE participation on federally funded projects that are anticipated in the upcoming year. Throughout the year, the Airport works toward meeting this goal through individual project goals.

6 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Goal Setting Methodology BASE GOAL: Proportion of ready, willing and able DBE firms available in BRMAs market area as compared to total number of firms in the market area. (LAUCP and census websites) ADJUSTMENT: Adjust this proportion based on historical performance on past projects and the bidders list.

7 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Bidder/Proposer DBE Requirements Make Good Faith Efforts to obtain DBE participation by either: – Meeting or exceeding the goal set for the project, OR – Documenting adequate Good Faith Efforts

8 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport What are Good Faith Efforts? Unbundle project tasks Advertise potential subcontracting opportunities Contact local trade organizations to post opportunities Make efforts to assist DBE firms with bonding, lines of credit or insurance as required by project Include supporting documentation of HARD EVIDENCE of the above mentioned efforts or other efforts to obtain DBE participation including: o Postal correspondence o E-mail o Fax o Telephone log o Printed advertisements

9 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport New Public Bid Laws DBE forms are due by the apparent low bidder within 24 hours of the bid due date. – All other bidders shall be prepared to submit the following forms upon request and shall have 24 hours from the date of request to submit.

10 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Bid/Proposal Review Process To be considered responsive, a submittal must include completely and correctly filled out Schedules A and B and/or a completed Schedule C. – Proposal meets or exceeds the DBE Goal Schedule A and B must be submitted. All participating firms must be listed on Schedule A and all participating firms must complete a Schedule B. – Proposal does not meet the DBE Goal Schedule C shall be included to document good faith efforts. Prime will carry the burden of convincing the Airport that it is appropriate to award the contract based on your good faith efforts.

11 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Schedule A Contract Participation and DBE Commitment List all participating firms and the work to be performed and the level of participation – Dollar value for bid – Participation percentage for RFP/RFQ Completed and signed by prime firm Includes all participating firms including the prime and indicates which firms are DBE certified

12 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Schedule B Required Participation Questionnaire Provides firm information as required by FAA Completed by each participating firm Items that are not applicable should read N/A Prime firms participating as a Joint Venture should complete separate forms and indicate JV.

13 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Schedule C Certification of DBE Unavailability The Prime should make sincere and aggressive efforts to meet the DBE contract goal, if the prime is unable to meet the contract goal, then the prime must document adequate good faith efforts to meet the goal. Supporting documentation MUST be included Explanation of adequate efforts on company letterhead encouraged.

14 BATON ROUGE Metropolitan Airport Questions? Bonnie Garrigan or Audrey Pulitzer TMG Consulting 365 Canal Street, Suite 1170 New Orleans, La 70130 504-569-9239 ex 29 (Bonnie) or 30 (Audrey)

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