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Interpersonal Skills1 Colleagues and Customers Interpersonal Skills & Personal Presentation.

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1 Interpersonal Skills1 Colleagues and Customers Interpersonal Skills & Personal Presentation

2 Interpersonal Skills2 TYPES OF CUSTOMERS Internal customers – workmates/colleagues External customers and clients Members of other hospitality and tourism industry sectors Individuals and groups such as consultants/committees Government organisations Local residents Visitors Media

3 Interpersonal Skills3 Communications Personal presentation and grooming Attitude Customer Focus Social Interaction Behaviour/Manners Self Concept Teamwork

4 Interpersonal Skills4 Standards of personal presentation Factors to consider include: Enterprise/establishment requirements and standards Work location/job function OHS Issues Customer expectations of standards

5 Interpersonal Skills5 PERSONAL PRESENTATION Clothing Clean, pressed and in good repair Shoes Should be clean, in good repair and suitable for your work Hair and Grooming Clean Hands and nails Minimum Jewelry Correct posture/deportment Follow any appropriate OHS issues

6 Interpersonal Skills6 HEALTH AND HYGIENE Good Skin Care Personal Freshness/hygiene – pleasant body odour Good oral hygiene - looking after your teeth Attention to hair care and styling Nail and hand care

7 Interpersonal Skills7 Etiquette and Manners The principles of good manners is they should demonstrate appropriate behaviour – What do you think is good manners? Rules of etiquette are accepted as the benchmark – follow to the letter of the law Demonstrate your good manners by not only saying the right thing – but doing and meaning them Points to remember include: Forms of address and conversation Making introductions Getting names right PERSONAL CONDUCT Punctuality Apoligising Giving praise Pointing Grooming in public Swearing Personal questions

8 Interpersonal Skills8 SELF CONCEPT Is how a person feels about themselves AND what they think about themselves!!!!! How do you see yourself? One positive comment about your appearance One positive comment about your personality One skill you have

9 Interpersonal Skills9 SELF CONCEPT We can have either a POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE Self Concept about ourselves Perceptions can include: Who you are What you stand for Where you live What you do What you value What you believe

10 Interpersonal Skills10 What are the benefits of a positive self concept? You are more confident, have greater motivation and find you are able to communicate with other people more effectively


12 Interpersonal Skills12 HOW YOU CAN DEVELOP A POSITIVE SELF CONCEPT? Identify your strengths and build on them Identify your weaknesses and look for ways to overcome them Complete appropriate training to develop your skills Set goals and achieve them

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