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Teen Living Unit 3.01 Factors that Affect Family.

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1 Teen Living Unit 3.01 Factors that Affect Family

2 Factors Affecting Families A. Family, friends, and peers B. Self-concept C. Stress D. Dating 1. Healthy 2. Unhealthy E. Sexual abstinence

3 Family, Friends, Peers List television programs that focus on friendships. Discuss how these friendships are similar to and different from real-life friendships. Describe the most important quality of a friend. Pair and share.

4 Write a letter to an imaginary, potential new friend. Explain your philosophy of friendship and why you would make a good friend

5 What do you think of when you hear the word dating? Do you have positive feelings, or negative feelings? Do you think about the dates you have had? Think about your first date, or a dream date that you might have. What are you looking for in a date? (Smart, attractive, tall, short, quiet, talkative, skills, etc.)

6 Dating A prearranged planned activity between a male and a female. Traditionally arranged by the male. Only a date when one asks the other to share an activity.

7 Purpose of Dating 1.Socialization: To develop appropriate social skills To practive getting along with others in different settings 2. Recreation: To have fun and enjoy the companionship of others To try new and different activities 3. Mate Selection: To see others in many different settings To compare the personality and characteristics of many people

8 Positive and Negative Characteristics of Dating Positive: Being concerned with your dates comfort. Being able to carry on a conversation. Being able to ask questions. Stay attentive to your date. Show respect for the other person. Be yourself: be genuine. Negative: Speaking freely of past relationships. Being oblivious to the partners need. Being unfamiliar with rules of etiquette. Pointing out faults. Dominating the topic. Pretending to know everything

9 Qualities you wanted in a date Your appearance: If you want to create a good impression and be a good date you need to look your best. People like their dates to look nice, not only for their own visual pleasure, but also because they prefer to be seen with attractive people.

10 Your posture: If you slump your shoulders, bow your head, and keep your eyes on the floor, you give the impression of wanting to go unnoticed. if you life your chin, square your shoulders, and walk with pride, others will see that you are full of vitality. Posture can communicate your self- confidence.

11 Good Grooming: Clean hair that is properly cut and shaped will enhance your total appearance. Good grooming habits help you show that you care about yourself and about other peoples opinions of you.

12 Clothing Selection and Care: There is a saying that clothing makes the person. This is because people often judge you according to the clothes you wear. Different clothes create different images. Proper care of clothing is also important. Hang or fold garments carefully.

13 Respond: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

14 physical appearance is not everything. In the long run, physical attractiveness in not important in developing or sustaining a good relationship. It may get you a date, but it will not get you a long-term happy relationship.

15 Read 1 st date story. Write a response to the story.

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