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Review and Q&A Sheila Volante Project Server 2007.

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1 Review and Q&A Sheila Volante Project Server 2007

2 Summary Bullet Points Efforts on 11/14/08-11/15/08 Corrections and Security Setting Changes Overview of Workshops Refresh of System Status Usage of Project Web Access Help

3 Efforts on 11/14/08-11/15/08 Proposed Decision 1. Recreate Master Templates 2. Remove unwanted Custom Fields 3. Remove any unwanted Cube Settings 4. Remove any Event Handling 5. Create Separate Groups with Group Resources 6. Remove unwanted Project Files 7. Import All Project Files to Local Location 8. Export Information to Excel 2003 or CSV File 9. Remove All Projects From Local Cache and Drafts Files 10. Re-Import Project Information to New Project Files 11. Reassign Users to Access Project Files 12. Re-Train all Manageable Users for Project Files

4 Efforts on 11/14/08-11/15/08 1. Copied All Projects in the (:S) shared drive under MS Projects 2. All projects were in their own files 3. Evaluate Project Status 4. Evaluated Project Server Settings, Columns and Error Reporting 5. Made Changes to the Security Settings for Users 6. Created How to Guide Templates on Regaining Non-Issue Related Problems with Project Professional 2007

5 Queue Error Reporting Reporting week of 11//3/08-11/7/08 Resource: PWA Queue Status Report

6 Queue Error Reporting Reporting week of 11/17/08-11/21/08 Resource: PWA Queue Status Report

7 Preventive Practices Double check if a file is checked out Make sure all changes are final before publishing Patiently wait until status bar is completed. Double clicking publishing will cause problems

8 FYI Please enter in the proper information in the required fields when saving the project. This is very important for reporting and structure of projects Brief Description Master Schedule ( If Applicable) NSA Requirement Owning Group Owning Manager PLC Type Project Status Release

9 Change in Security Settings There will be approx. 15 people using client Program Managers will only access Master files There will be assigned Project Managers instead of Resource Managers Project Managers will have the access to the OLAP Reporting Manage Queue will be a access to all project and program managers Timesheet managers will be project managers or Resource Managers

10 Solution Workshops E-mailed workshops Two days per week workshops On-line workshops* (TBD)

11 Workshop Review

12 Why Delay of Original Workshops Major deadlines due Vacation scheduled for employees Conflict of time adjustment for schedule

13 Usage of Project Web Access Help Tracks current help wants Informative for other help questions for other users Ticket Numbers will be distributed for tracking purposes Documentation Purposes

14 Master File Many hands in the cookie Jar! Who ate all the cookies! Master Files should only be used for read only. The master files are typically used for viewing of other progress. If there are updates that will need to be made in one of the subproject, please simply close out of the master project and make the changes in the subproject. If there is a change in the master file, please change ONLY information in the master file. The master file is assigned to the Program Managers at this point.

15 Thank You

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