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Switzerland. Powered by regions.

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2 Switzerland. Powered by regions.

3 APES Media Plan 2012. Media activities suggested by Switzerland Tourism for APES Members.

4 Introduction. –The media trips proposed by Switzerland Tourism are open to APES members (and spouse) according to available space. –Participants are individually responsible for their own travel/accident insurance. –Cancelation within 48 hours before departure is subject to payment of the full fee. –The participation to a media activity suggested by ST obliges the APES member to publication of an article or similar in the media he/she is representing. A copy or the link has to be sent to Switzerland Tourism within 90 days. 4 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

5 Conditions. –Day trips include journey by public transportation, guided visit, entrance fees and lunch. Participation fees are CHF 50.- (+VAT) for members and CHF 95.- (+VAT) for spouse. –Others journeys usually include train ticket, one or more nights, guided visits, entrance fees and meals. Participation fees are CHF 100 (+VAT) per trip for members and CHF 220.- ( +VAT) for spouse. –Please note that SwissPasses and Swiss Transfer Tickets are no longer available for APES members/spouses with residence in Switzerland. SBB/CFF day passes are available instead. 5 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

6 Registration. –APES members/spouses interested to participate to a trip, event or exhibition muss register on-line at –Registrations by mail or by telephone are not accepted. –Participation fees are invoiced by ST after the journey. Prompt payment is requested within 30 days. 6 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

7 Top Events of Switerland. 7 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

8 Top Events of Switzerland. –Ski World Cup, Wengen (January)Ski World Cup, Wengen (January) –White Turf St. Moritz, St. Moritz (February)White Turf St. Moritz, St. Moritz (February) –Lucerne Festival at Easter, Luzern (April)Lucerne Festival at Easter, Luzern (April) –Art Basel, Basel (June)Art Basel, Basel (June) –Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux (July)Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux (July) –Festival del Film, Locarno (August)Festival del Film, Locarno (August) –Weltklasse, Zürich (August)Weltklasse, Zürich (August) –Omega European Masters, Crans-Montana (September)Omega European Masters, Crans-Montana (September) URL: Top Events of Switzerland Media accreditation directly with Organization Committee of the event. Day trip to event by public transportation covered by Switzerland Tourism. No overnights. 8 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

9 Suggested events for APES. 9 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

10 Summary: Themes suggested by ST. DatePlaceThemeKind of Trip April 16ZurichSechseläuteIndiv – day trip April 20 th – October 31 st St. Gallen1400 Years of Gallus - Jubilee Individual – 1 overnight May 13 th BaselWater/The Blue wonder Individual – day trip June 16 th Stanserhorn – Lake Lucerne Cabrio CableCarGroup 6 pax – day trip July 5 th – 6 th Rigi KaltbadMineral Garden – Wellness Center Group 10 pax – 1 overnight August 27 th – 31 st LucerneST Annual Media Event: Water Selection by ST – 4 pax – 4 ovn. Sept 29 th -30 th or later in October SolothurnCulture & Mobility APES Weekend Group 30 pax – 2 overnights

11 Event 1: Sechseläute –Traditional Spring Festival of Zürich –Monday, April 16 th, 2012 –Day trip by train to Zurich on individual base –Access to Media Tribune to follow the Parade – en/sechselaeuten-in-zurich- zh.html en/sechselaeuten-in-zurich- zh.html

12 Event 2: Gallus Jubilee. –From April to October 2012 the region and the Canton of St.Gallen will celebrate the anniversary of Gallus' arrival 1400 years ago. –Individual trip anytime during Anniversary celebrations –Journey includes visit of sights, event of the day, one overnight and dinner –

13 Event 3: The Blue Wonder. –In May 2012, Ernst Bromeis will be swimming the length of the Rhine from the source in Graubünden to the river mouth. –Sunday, May 13th, 2012 – Crossing at Basel –Day trip by train to Basel on individual base, accreditation with Switzerland Tourism – en/summervacations/das- blaue-wunder.html en/summervacations/das- blaue-wunder.html

14 Event 4: Stanserhorn – CabriO ®. –The Stanserhorn offers a view of ten lakes, 100 km of the Alpine mountain range and three countries. –In May 2012 inauguration of the CabriO® CableCar – World Premiere –Saturday, June 16 th, 2012 –Journey includes train to Lucerne, ride on CableCar, interviews and lunch –

15 Event 5: Giardino Minerale. –Destination: Rigi Kaltbad, Lake Lucerne Region –Journey with 1 overnight in new Acqua-Spa-Resorts on Mt. Rigi, max 10 persons –Include conference, spa experience and dinner –Thu/Fri July 5 th and 6 th, 2012 –http://www.aqua-spa-

16 Event 6: ST International Media Event 2012. –Water, the essence of life, is the unifying element in Switzerland – as you will discover in the lakeside city of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne Region. –August 27 th -29 th, 2012 + post- convention tours –Includes press-conference, exploration of diversity of water in Switzerland and experience Lake Lucerne Region. –

17 Event 7: Annual APES Weekend 2012. –Destination: Solothurn/Soleure –Journey by train with two overnights in baroque city of Solothurn. Open to 30 persons. –Include sightseeing, conference on Switzerland Mobility, outdoor experiences and local gastronomy –Weekend, Sept 29 th -30 th, 2012 – en/solothurn.html en/solothurn.html

18 Event 8: Switzerland – Land of Water 2012. –Water, the essence of life, is the unifying element in Switzerland. Media are invited to report on Water as much as possible. –Choose your own individual experience and destination, anytime any day. –You choose – we organize. Anytime, day trip only. – en/destinations/waterland- switzerland.html en/destinations/waterland- switzerland.html

19 Exhibitions - Switzerland 2012. 19 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

20 Suggested exhibitions in Switzerland 2012. DatePlaceThemeKind of Trip Feb 10 th -Apr 29 th Zurich, KunsthausWinter TalesDay Trip – Ind. Feb 1 st -Aug 12 th Basel, KunstmuseumRenoirDay Trip – Ind. May 13 th -Sept 2 nd Basel, Fondation Beyeler Jeff KoonsDay Trip - Individual Jun 17 th -23 rd Grindelwald, Interna- tional Landart Festival Landart Festival Journey 1ovn - Individual Sep 9 th,2012 - Feb 17 th, 2013 Basel, Kunstmuseum Arte PoveraDay Trip - Individual Sep 28 th, 2012 – Jan 20 th, 2013 Zurich, Kunsthaus Paul GauginDay Trip – Individual Jun 22 nd -Oct 21 st Lausanne, Fondation de lHermitage Asger JornDay Trip - Individual

21 Art 1: Kunsthaus Zürich – Winter Tales. –Winter in art from the Renaissance to Impressionism –February 10 th – April 29 th, 2012 –Day trip – en/events/event-8215476.html en/events/event-8215476.html

22 Art 2: Kunstmuseum Basel: Renoir. –Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was a member of the group of French painters who laid the foundations of Impressionism. –February 1 st – August 12 th, 2012 –Day trip – en/events/event-8080237.html en/events/event-8080237.html

23 Art 3: Fondation Beyeler: Jeff Koons. –Jeff Koons (born in 1955) is one of todays well-known contemporary artists. He has repeatedly been the cause of furore with both praise and critique. –May 13 th – Sept 2 nd, 2012 –Day trip – Basel Fondation Beyeler – en/events/event-8080229.html en/events/event-8080229.html

24 Art 4: Intern. Landart Festival, Grindelwald. –Nothing else but natural and locally available materials are used to create ephemeral art works set in a wildly romantic landscape. After one week of creative activities, the different sculptures are evaluated. –June 17 th -23 rd, 2012 –Journey with one overnight – en/events/event-2527468.html en/events/event-2527468.html

25 Art 5: Kunstmuseum Basel: Arte povera. –The Great Awakening. In the 1960s, a new movement emerges in Italian art. Many of the artists associated with it went on to become famous. Their works are distinguished by the use of simple means and poor materials. –Sept 9 th, 2012 – Feb 17 th, 2013 –Day trip – en/events/event-8080242.html en/events/event-8080242.html

26 Art 6: Kunsthaus Zurich: Paul Gauguin. –Paul Gauguin (1848 â?? 1903) is universally celebrated as one of the founding fathers of modern painting. What is far less known, however, is that he left a relatively small but diverse and innovative repertoire of graphic works, most of them woodcuts. –Sept 28 th – Jan 20 th, 2013 –Day trip – en/events/event-8215475.html en/events/event-8215475.html

27 Art 7: Fondation de lHermitage, Lausanne. –The Fondation de l'Hermitage is presenting a major painter of modern art Asger Jorn (1914 - 1973). He is one of the greatest Danish painters of the 20th century. –June 22 nd – October 21 st, 2012 –Day trip –http://www.fondation- &L=1http://www.fondation- &L=1

28 Registration. 28 I Titel/ Name/ Datum

29 29 I Titel/ Name/ Datum Persons of contact. Federico Sommaruga Director Emerging Markets & Special Projects Tel: +41 44 288 1252 Véronique Kanel Responsable de presse et communication dentreprise Tel: +41 44 288 1363


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