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Welcome to VietnamJUMP 2009 oin to nderstand, emorize and ave the way! J U M P.

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1 Welcome to VietnamJUMP 2009 oin to nderstand, emorize and ave the way! J U M P

2 AGENDA 1. Introduction 2. Look back VietnamJUMP 07-08 3. VietnamJUMP 08-09 4. Our Program 5. Application Process 6. Q&A session


4 The Vietnamese Students Sub-committee (VSS) under IRC (International Relations Council) of NUSSU is the representative of the Vietnamese Community (VNC) in the National University of Singapore. Founded in 2001 with about 100 members. Up to date, there are nearly 700 Vietnamese students, both undergraduates and post-graduates.

5 VIETNAMJUMPVIETNAMJUMP One of most highlighted activities


7 And… VietnamJUMP 2009 ???


9 HOW ???

10 Build and decorate two classrooms & Interact with children Build and decorate two classrooms & Interact with children

11 PROGRAM Pre-expedition (in Singapore) - Fund-raising activities One coin – one brick - Bonding team activities

12 One Coin One Brick


14 H OW ABOUT THIS ? Note: the size of the model is 375 x 650 x 270 mm ONLY!

15 T HE OBJECTIVES OF Primary objective: a fund-raising activity The model of 5000 coins Auctioned to raise more fund ONE COIN ONE BRICK Secondary objective: to break a national record!!

16 W HAT IS MORE, How it feels to be a builder of something meaningful, life-changing A chance of team-bonding for VietnamJUMP participants

17 O UR PROGRAM : V ENUE AND T IMING 23 – 25/02/2009: Science Foyer and Central Library Walkway 26/02/2009: LT6 walkway and LT 16 walkway 27 – 28/02/2009: PGP Main Foyer

18 PROGRAM 2 weeks : from 10 th May to 24 th May In Tam Giang Commune, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

19 TimeMorningAfternoonEvening MonWelcome sessionVisiting the villagePicnicking at Hon Dua TueWorking Working, playing football with the children Night session WedWorking Night session ThuWorking Camp with grade 6 students in the local Roof party singing under the stars FriWorking Packing for Hoi An trip Sat Excursion (Hoi An ancient town) Excursion (Hoi An town) Excursion SunExcursion (Cu lao Cham)Excursion Back to Tam Giang Commune

20 TimeMorningAfternoonEvening Mon Working Visiting Centre for the blind Watching sunset on the beach Tue Working Working, playing with children Free and easy Wed Cycling trip – explore the countryside Working Traditional costumes and games show and folk dances Thu Working Prepare for early International Children day Fri Working Working. International Children day party for the children Roof play (treasure hunt etc) Sat Barbecue at Ho Giang Thom Packing upFarewell Sun Departure to Singapore

21 TRIP DETAILS: * Accommodation: - Live in the kindergarten where we serve

22 * Meals: Vietnamese special dishes

23 * Travel at weekends Da Nang city Hoi An ancient town Cham Island

24 What will you get from VietnamJUMP 2009?

25 Happiness through helping children in needs

26 Expand your network

27 Experience real life in small town and make friends with very friendly locals

28 Know more about VIETNAM through our activities Cooking + Enjoying Vietnamese food

29 Chance to wear our TRADITIONAL CLOTHES

30 Chance to experience motorbike feeling

31 IF you are interested in our trip Feel FREE to apply Be READY to spend your summer holiday meaningfully in VIETNAM

32 How to join VietnamJUMP 2009? Step 1: Find out about VietnamJUMP 2009. Step 2: Apply online via our website: Online application is open until 12pm – Saturday, March 14 th 2009

33 How to join VietnamJUMP 2009? Step 3: Attend a short interview. Available slots: 3 days (March 16-17-18 th ) 12 – 4 pm ; 6.30 - 8.30 pm Dress: smart casual Step 4: Informed of the result. On March 19th

34 SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS 15 people will be selected. Participants will have briefing sessions and guidebook to prepare themselves better for the trip! Note: Participants will have to make their own Visa arrangements if required.

35 FEES : When and how much? Total: 600 SGD/person. (tentatively) Deposit: 300SGD - One week after the interview result is released (for flight ticket). Remaining: 300SGD - 2 weeks before the trip begins. Inclusive of: Air ticket (2 ways), travel expense Accommodation and meals Cultural activities… Exclusive of: personal expenses (shopping…)


37 Q&A session

38 Contact If you have any other enquiries, please call / text : Lan (Project Director) at 8269 2077 Ngoc (Vice Director) at 8433 3844 Or email to

39 Welcome to Vietnam!

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