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Tents4Tickets Building Campus Relationships through Collaboration and Innovation Summerly Brown Brittany Clark Dr. April Heiselt Mississippi State University.

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1 Tents4Tickets Building Campus Relationships through Collaboration and Innovation Summerly Brown Brittany Clark Dr. April Heiselt Mississippi State University 2012 SACSA Conference Memphis, TN

2 Introductions Summerly Brown Graduate Student at Mississippi State University Brittany Clark Graduate Student at Mississippi State University Dr. April Heiselt Associate Professor and Student Affairs Program Coordinator

3 Tell Us a Bit About Yourself… Name Where you from? What do you do? What are you hoping to learn about from our presentation today?

4 Where is Mississippi State University?

5 Mississippi State University Enrollment: 20,000+ students Location: Starkville, MS Population: 51% Male 49% Female as of Fall 2011 MSU retention rate is 83.1% as of Fall 2011 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Member Davis Wade Stadium: Average 11,000 student tickets (capacity approximately 57,000)

6 It all started with Football… Foundations of Tradition, History and Values On November 6, 1869 two college football teams met for the first recorded game in US history (Rudolph, 1990). Student Affairs divisions recognize athletics as an activity that can provide students with opportunities for campus engagement and social development. In 2009, the Southeastern Conference recorded its 27th straight year as the nation's leader in the largest total and average football attendance categories (NCAA Accumulated Attendance Report, 2009).

7 Tents4Tickets: Origins In 2010-2011, then MSU Student Association President, Rhett Hobart, came up with the idea of Tents4Tickets. Athletics had been having issues with traffic and students missing class to pick up football tickets. The Student Association partnered with MSU Athletics to create a weekend event which would essentially serve as a pre-season tailgate.

8 Tents4Tickets – Event Timeline Overnight tailgating event Began at 5:00 p.m., Friday, August 26, 2011 with students required to check in multiple times throughout the night to keep his/her place in line. The Student Association planned for 500 students to attend, over 5,000 students showed up. Student tickets went on sale at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, August 27th, 2011. Two lines were formed: Wristband line (for those who tailgated) Non-wristband line (for those who did not tailgate)

9 MSU Collaboration I credit the Student Association and the study body for kinda getting that going. Ive been on college campuses where the student body wasnt as engaged. Most college campuses youre on arent nearly as engaged as ours is, and it just makes a huge difference, not only the spirit, but the attitudes and the ability for the Athletic Department to be successful. – Scott Stricklin, Athletic Director

10 How does collaboration with Athletics and Student Affairs work on your campus?

11 Tents4Tickets Collaboration Its a good balance. We have worked well with our student body and our Student Association in particular…but I think we recognize, Scott [Stricklin] and our Athletic Department staff, recognize that the student body is vital to what we do and whether its a concert after the spring game or Bulldog Bash…its important for us to have a good relationship with the students. –Joe Galbraith, Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations

12 Tents4Tickets: Stakeholders Involved Students Student Association Athletic Department Dean of Students Office Campus Police Accounts Receivable staff Event Operations Group Campus Activities Board Music Makers Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Dining Services Office of Student Affairs Academic Affairs

13 Do you think collaboration is necessary between various Student Affairs divisions? Between Student Affairs and Athletic Affairs? Between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs?

14 Collaborative Essentials CommunicationRelationships

15 Collaboration on MSU Campus Essential to the core values of MSU Have A Purpose Make A Plan Involve The Key Players Communication and Resources Execute Plan and Fulfill Purpose Evaluate, Assess and Make Changes

16 Collaborative Differences Athletics and the Student Association believe that the event was moved to Saturday to assist with traffic problems and to make sure that students attend class. Dean of Students Office and the Center for Student Activities did not believe that Academic Affairs played a role in this decision. What does this say?

17 How do you deal with collaborative differences on your campus?

18 Tents4Tickets: BENEFITS 8,586 student tickets sold in 6 hoursa new record! Sold at an average of 24 tickets per minute No students missed class Able to tailgate with first two games being away $4,000 donated to the United Way through a sell-out of True Maroon t-shirts Attendance record set at MSU Volleyball game with over 3,000 in attendance

19 Tents4Tickets: CHALLENGES Extended wait times in line Miscommunication about what students were required to do to get their tickets Ticket lines were much longer than in previous years Students felt pressured to camp-out due to uncertainty surrounding ticket allotment

20 Lessons Learned from the Data Include the right players in the conversation Communication is key Know who you can rely on Determine who pays for everything – UP FRONT! Know your campus Atmosphere Student Body Departments – Academics and otherwise

21 Limitations Interviews were conducted well after the event occurred Difficult for participants to remember the details of the event planning Additional follow-up interviews could be held with participants

22 Discussion What opportunities do you currently have on your campus where you could collaborate with other campus entities? Consider potential benefits and challenges. Jot down some ideas and well share as a group.

23 Questions

24 Contact Information Summerly Brown Brittany Clark Dr. April Heiselt Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology Mississippi State University (662) 325-7919

25 References ation.jpg ation.jpg NCAA Accumulated Attendance Report. (2009, December 20). From Rudolph, F. (1990). The American college and university. Athens, GA: The University of Georgia Press.

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