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Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards

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1 Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards
System Administrator Arkansas Department of Education

2 Agenda Introduction Project Background/Dashboard Features
Roles & Responsibilities User Access & Security Dashboard Support Identifying and Resolving Data Anomalies Disabling the Dashboards Student Photos Questions

3 What are the Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards?

4 The Ed-Fi Solution Developed by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Open source, aligned to CEDS Utilizes ADE’s existing systems Provides relevant, timely information enabling educators to impact student learning through data-driven decision-making Currently utilized in Texas, Delaware, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The Ed-Fi Solution, Developed by MSDF, was selected: Aligns to Common Educational Data Standards (CEDS) It fits well within our existing IT environment, Integrates with existing infrastructures Provides consistent and comparable performance data across schools, districts and programs Provides teachers with ongoing, actionable insights at the student and classroom level Enables proactive responses to academic problems as they arise Converges and organizes information from a broad range of data sources Designed to accommodate future innovations




8 Why Should Our District Use the Dashboards?
Student Demographic Information Transcript Grades & Credits Student Growth Percentile Attendance Discipline State & Local Assessments Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards

9 Where Does the Information Come From?

10 Dashboard Demonstration Video

11 Roles & Responsibilities

12 District System Administrator
Assign users to correct Active Directory/Ed-Fi roles Point of Contact for District Support Escalate Support Issues to ADE Managing District/Building ‘Goals’ Sending District Announcements Uploading Student Photos

13 Comparing System Administrator and Data Steward Roles
Dashboard support is a shared responsibility, with Ed-Fi Administrators and Data Stewards playing key roles at the district level District Role User Access Set Up User Support System Administration System Administrator (District) Ensure Active Directory roles for users are aligned with defined Ed-Fi roles to ensure appropriate access to dashboards Verify user access prior to training and launch Address user access issues through Active Directory role assignment Escalate support issues to ADE ADE point person for dashboard administration Send system-wide messages Data Steward (District and/or Campus) Assist with security role assignment Point person for questions by district and campus personnel on dashboard data Support timely, accurate data submission into eSchool Diagnose and address data quality issues Work to resolve data issues in eSchoolPlus Identify support issues that require escalating to Ed-Fi Administrator Send system-wide messages in dashboards, via Ed-fi System Administrator Communicate new data to users These roles have a lot of overlap and may need additional clarification between the two.

14 Dashboard User Access & Security

15 Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards Security
Access to the dashboards is controlled through a claims-based authentication process that is FERPA-compliant Authenticating a user is based on a set of claims about the user’s identity contained in a trusted token A basic set of roles or ‘claims’ relates to varying levels of access Access will differ based on where a user is assigned (campus vs. district) and any specific student assignments (class sections, rosters)

16 Establishing User Access: Roles
ADE has defined five roles in Active Directory to ensure appropriate access to the dashboards by district- and school-level users: District Administrator School Administrator Teacher* Counselor/Leader* Staff* Each district also has an identified System Administrator role System Administrators will need to assign all dashboard users to the correct Active Directory (AD) group based on the user’s role in the district or school and required/appropriate level of access Access to the dashboards will be determined based on: The user’s active assigned Active Directory group/Ed-Fi role AND Education organization - district and/or school(s)- and student assignments within eSchool Plus Roles can be assigned to employees at the district or school level * These roles may be assigned either at the district or school level.

17 Claimset Allows Access to:
Roles to be Assigned in AD AD Role Claimset Allows Access to: District Administrator Aggregated student performance metrics at the district level (district information and academic dashboard) Drilldowns to campus lists School academic and operational dashboards for all schools in the district, with classroom views and student lists, teacher lists and metrics (operational dashboard) Student dashboards with individual performance metrics for all students in the district (student information, academic dashboard and transcript) Access to Goal Planning page to manage and publish campus goals (% of students achieving dashboard thresholds) School Administrator (Principal/AP) Aggregated student performance metrics at the school level for the assigned school (school information and academic dashboard) Student list drill down displays all students in assigned school Tabular view of student metrics for all students in each class within assigned school (classroom dashboard) as well as by grade and demographic group Student dashboards with individual performance metrics for all students in the assigned school (student information, academic dashboard and transcript) Teacher lists and teacher performance metrics for all teachers in the assigned school (school operational dashboard) No access to Goal Planning page to manage and publish campus goals State level users – there is also a state-level administrator role that will have same rights as district administrator for all districts Teacher performance metrics include - % of teachers certified to teach in their given subject - % of teachers by experience level or degree level

18 Ed-Fi Roles to be Assigned in AD: Shared Roles
AD Role Claimset Allows Access to: Ed-Fi Counselor/ Leader Aggregated student performance metrics at the assigned education organization level for the assigned education org –district or school information and academic dashboards Student list drill down displays all students within assigned school or district Tabular view of student metrics for all students in each class within assigned school or district (classroom dashboards) Student dashboards with individual performance metrics for all students in the assigned school or district (student information, academic dashboard and transcript) No access to teacher performance metrics (operational dashboards) Ed-Fi Teacher Aggregated student performance metrics at the assigned education organization level –district or school information and academic dashboards Student list drilldown filters to ONLY include assigned students Tabular view of student metrics for all students in teacher’s class(es) within assigned school or district (classroom dashboard) Student dashboards with individual performance metrics for all students in the teacher’s class(es) (student information, academic dashboard and transcript) No access to teacher performance metrics (operational dashboard) The leader role at the state level allows access to all districts/schools/students in the state, but not teacher performance metrics

19 Claimset Allows Access to:
Roles to be Assigned in AD: Shared Roles AD Role Claimset Allows Access to: Staff Aggregated student performance metrics to all district and school academic dashboards at the assigned education organization level–district or school Additional drill downs to aggregated performance by grade level and historically; at the district level, ability to view list of campuses meeting goals No access to student dashboards or student lists for district’s/school’s students, except those directly assigned No operational dashboards/teacher metrics The state level staff role will allow state-level users to aggregated metrics for all dsitricts and schools in the state

20 User Access Verification
Users will login to the dashboards using their eSchoolPlus Teacher Access Center (TAC) username and password. User access must be verified before training to ensure success In addition to encouraging users to check logins before training, System Administrators can impersonate users to test logins District team can also send an asking users to test their own login in advance of training Experience suggests that dashboard training will be more effective if users have access to their own students’ data during training

21 Impersonating Users to Test User Access
Type the user name or staff ID in the search bar. Click the arrow button Click the ‘Staff’ button Search for the person on the list.* Click ‘Login As’ button to impersonate their dashboard access Once logged in as another person, you must log out and log back in to impersonate another user *If person is not listed in search results, they are not in the dashboard database. See User Access Document for handling these cases. 5 Update screenshot

22 Troubleshooting User Access
Symptom Possible Causes Solution Can’t access website Wrong URL Internet connectivity problems Dashboard application failure Check if it is a user issue by trying to access the dashboard application. Can’t log in User error New user does not yet have access LDAP authentication failure Dashboard application problem Use impersonation feature to test the user access. If unable to access the user in the dashboard and user should have access, escalate problem with user information. Can’t see all campuses to which s/he is assigned User view is defaulted to their first campus assignment User must use drop-down menu to change campuses Walk the user through how to navigate between the campuses to which they are assigned. Can’t see all necessary screens/students User does not have proper role User roles have changed User access only tied to class section Gather information re: screens/students the user cannot see and check against the user’s current AD role. Reassign the desired dashboard claim setting through the Active Directory Ed-Fi role. Also, need to indicate when an issue would be evalated to ADE.

23 District System Administrator
Form located on the ADE Data Center under ‘Security Resources’. Instructions for adding users to Active Directory Groups is also available.

24 Dashboard Support

25 Dashboard Support Overview
Tiered Support Issues Support Plan Tiered support system Level 1: District System Administrators, Data Stewards Level 2: ADE State support team Level 3: Double Line Partners (DLP) Support linked through the dashboards to District Administrator from dashboard support button; determines follow-up within district and if escalation to ADE is required ADE support will be managed through Sharepoint ticketing system ADE will escalate system errors to DLP Training content and support information available online Campus trainers have ability to help with potential user errors Level 2 (ADE): Missing or incorrect data Build support (data not refreshed) Level 1 (District): User access troubleshooting User questions and requests Verification of source data Level 3 (DLP): System errors New features and metrics

26 Level 1 Dashboard Support
User submits ticket through support button (on each dashboard page) Ticket sent to district support account Ed-Fi System Administrator (or designee with access to mailbox) routes ticket to appropriate staff for follow-up Ed-Fi System Administrator escalates unresolved issues to ADE (Level 2 support) Smackover Teacher

27 Identifying and Resolving Data Anomalies

28 Identifying Data Anomalies
Data anomalies may include any of the following: Metrics with missing data Data that do not look right based on user expectations Source data issues Incomplete transcript issues Course or section issues Dashboard feature/issues Users should be encouraged throughout training and pilot to provide as much detail as possible when identifying data anomalies Metric name, specific issue or question Steps already taken to resolve issue or question See separate Dashboard Data FAQ for Known Data and System Issues

29 Dashboard Support: Typical Workflow
Identify Issues Level 1: District Level 2: State Level 3: DLP Users submit tickets through support feature District researches question in eSchool Plus State support team checks build status and source tables in SIS DLP investigates error and makes mapping update District teams QA the data on the dashboards If data is correct in eSchoolPlus, but wrong on dashboards – escalate to Level 2 Everything is up to date but dashboard data is wrong; escalate to Level 3 DLP may ask ADE for updated data with changes based on research If data is wrong in eSchoolPlus, correct data and resolve the issue Data requires updating in SIS; load new data for next build QA Changes user that the issue is resolved district that issue is resolved ADE that issue is resolved

30 Examples of Data Issues in the Dashboards
These are examples of data issues that may be seen in the dashboards. Data should match what is in eSchoolPlus as of the night before. Student Student incorrectly is tagged as participating in program (e.g., SPED) Student is missing courses from transcript page Student is missing assessment data Student performance does not match expected results Campus/District Percentages of program participation do not seem accurate Students are excluded from a metric calculation Assessments missing from the dashboards System Data has not been refreshed recently System is down Features are not working correctly (search, sort, add/remove columns, create watchlist)

31 Example 1: Missing/Unexpected Student Data
Student Data: The dashboards are missing data for a student or results are not as expected Level 1: Data steward researches issue Are other students having the same issue? This can checked by clicking next student in list Where applicable (e.g., student contact info, grades, etc.), check to see if data is in eSchoolPlus and is accurate for a sample of students Level 2: Seek help from ADE in resolving issue If many students having same issue and data is available/accurate in source, escalate ticket with all information above If source cannot be verified and/or is seen for many students, escalate to ADE: Confirm what data should be visible in the dashboards Check assessment results for a particular student Level 3: If data present/correct in state source, escalate to DLP for investigation

32 Example 2: Data Not Refreshed
Issue: The refresh date of the data is not current, or user has reported that information is not updated as expected. Level 1: Report issue: If the date of refresh is more than 2 days ago, this is an indication that the build is failing. District Ed-Fi System Administrator should escalate to Level 2. Level 2: Check build status: Level 2 state support team can check status of the build on Team City through DLP. Level 3: Fix broken builds: DLP will investigate and fix build support issues until transitioned to ADE.

33 Example 3: Functionality Not Working
Dashboard Functionality: A user reports that he/she cannot search, create a Watch List, access More Menus, export data, etc. Level 1: Some following functionality may be related to a user’s level of access and is actually working as designed. Search – search capabilities vary by role and level of access – possible search options include schools, students and teachers and may not be applicable to user’s role If a student cannot be found in assigned school, a user may be using an invalid state ID to search for a student Create a Watch List – if a user other than the teacher has access to view a teacher’s classroom (e.g., a principal or counselor), the user cannot create a Watch List for that classroom. The option will not appear. Level 2/3: Escalate other errors to DLP Drill downs– if details will not load, escalate to DLP Export – if information is not complete in an export, escalate to DLP Metric setting or other system administrator features – if not working after next build, escalate to DLP

34 Dashboard Administration

35 Disabling the Dashboards for Your District
The dashboards can be disabled by the Ed-Fi System Administrator in each district This may be necessary in the following situations: FERPA violation or security concern System has fatal error that requires shut down to fix Disable system through the system administrator account on the district administration page

36 Sending System-Wide Messages to Users
This tool gives the System Administrator (or data stewards via the System Administrator) the ability to post messages to users to appear as a ribbon on top of screen Enter message in text box and Save Message will appear in approximately 10 minutes at top of all users’ view

37 Metric Settings: HS Student Grades Metrics
Failing grades and grades below C metrics are calculated in the dashboards based on a metric setting that needs to align with each district’s grading scale The metric settings in the dashboard define the lower range of C and passing grades to calculate the metrics The System Administrator must ensure that the system defaults (70 for “C” and “60” for passing) match the district’s grading policy in order for these metrics to be accurate If the defaults do not match district policy, the Ed-Fi System Administrator must update them in the dashboards

38 Metric Settings: Grades Below C
The system administrator may change the threshold that constitutes a grade “Below C” to power Grades Below C metrics per district The default is 70; this will need to be changed if different from your district policy Administrator may enter a new metric threshold, save, and then test on student grades pages

39 Metric Settings: Failing Grades
The system administrator may change the threshold that constitutes the lower bound of a passing grade to power the Failing Grades metric The default value is 60; this may not be district policy Administrator may enter a new metric threshold, save, and then test on student grades pages

40 Student Photos

41 Photo Management The Photo Management page will prompt the user to select a school in the district and select a file to upload.

42 Uploading Student Photos
After the student photos have been imported, the status of the student photos and any errors will be displayed.

43 System Administrator Checklist
Ensure the district MOU has been signed and returned to ADE Return the Ed-Fi Active Directory form Ensure users are assigned to correct Active Directory roles Verify user access Set-up support address for the dashboards

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