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Who is MISS DIG? Michigans Utility Notification Call-Center Since 1970.

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2 Who is MISS DIG?

3 Michigans Utility Notification Call-Center Since 1970.

4 Advertising/Mass Media Industry Trade Shows Training for Online Programs Presentations Damage Prevention Associations Damage Prevention

5 The Original Ticketmaster

6 Joint Meet Tickets They inform the utility member of the callers wish to meet at a pre selected location and at a certain time in order to discuss the details of the job.

7 Joint Meet Tickets These ticket types are typically sent when the excavator indicates that their locate instructions are too detailed or complicated to simply place on a traditional MISS DIG ticket. It is important to note, though, that some basic locating instructions must be present on the MEET ticket in order to provide locators with a documented set of instructions prior to the meeting itself.

8 Project Tickets Unlike most MISS DIG tickets, which expire after 21 days, certain tickets can have a life of 180 days.

9 Project Tickets Ticket lengths are not addressed in the MISS DIG Law, PA 53 and any legal or damage claims brought by any stakeholder should be based on on- site facts and their application to the law, not MISS DIGs ticket offerings. Once the ticket is placed, excavation should commence within 14 days of dig start date. This is the case regardless of the tickets life or good until date.

10 Project Tickets Locating marks are never guaranteed to last any longer than once a locator places the marks. It is the responsibility of the excavator to maintain the marks, or make the necessary effort to verify that the marking was complete through the use of the Positive Response System, or place another call to MISS DIG to request additional staking. Having a project ticket in place does not reduce an excavators responsibility to call in for additional marks when necessary.

11 Get With The Program Remote Ticket Entry & Design/Survey Ticket Entry

12 Get With The Program Positive Response


14 Get With The Program Remote Member Access

15 Get With The Program D.I.R.T.

16 Get With The Program

17 Membership Has its Privileges MISS DIGs membership, numbering around 1000, is comprised of public utility companies, pipelines, municipalities, and a variety of underground facility owners.

18 Leaving Your Mark While some members, and most municipalities, locate and mark their own underground infrastructure, third-party contractors locate a large percentage of utility lines in Michigan.


20 New MISS DIG Law

21 + Elimination of brown in utility color code +

22 At The Click of a Mouse (248) 370-6424

23 Thank You

24 ?

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