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House Bill 458 Ohios Updated Damage Prevention Law ORC 3781.25 – 32 & 153.64.

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1 House Bill 458 Ohios Updated Damage Prevention Law ORC 3781.25 – 32 & 153.64

2 Background… Ohio Underground Damage Prevention Coalition (OUDPC) formed in February 2011. House Bill 458 and Senate Bill 354 were introduced and evolved to read exactly the same. HB458 was chosen by the Congressional Leadership as the Bill to send to the Governor. HB458 passed by House and Senate in December 2012 HB458 was signed into law by Governor Kasich on December 20, 2012

3 What Changed? Design Tickets Pre-marking in White Universal Marking Standards Positive Response True One-Call / Limited Basis Participants (LBP) Trenchless Technologies Excavator Training Large Projects

4 Design Tickets Section 3781.27 If requested by the designer, the facility owner is required to physically mark their underground facilities or provide paper or digital drawings of their underground facilities, with locatable references.

5 Pre-Marking In White Section 3781.29 The excavator is required to pre-mark the approximate location of their excavation in white. There are four exemptions to this clause.

6 Universal Marking Standards Section 3781.29 Underground facilities are to be marked in accordance with the Ohio Universal Marking Standards. Information on the marking standards is available at

7 Positive Response Section 3781.26 All facility owners who are members of a protection service are required to participate in the positive response system provided by the protection service.

8 Limited Basis Participants (LBPs) Section 3781.271 Beginning July 1, 2013, each protection service shall notify limited basis participant members.

9 Trenchless Technologies Section 3781.30 Excavators using trenchless excavation methods are required to pothole marked facilities under certain circumstances.

10 Excavator Training Section 3781.261 Excavators are required to obtain training in the protection of underground utility facilities.

11 Large Projects Section 3781.28 In the case of large projects that will progress over a period of time, excavators are to provide projected timelines to facility owners. Once a mutually agreed upon marking schedule is determined, the original marking and notification requirements no longer apply.

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