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Indiana Corporate Development Webinar Series 2: Ticket to Work Update Training 9.

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1 Indiana Corporate Development Webinar Series 2: Ticket to Work Update Training 9

2 TTW: The New Regulations Became effective July 21, 2008 Allow both VR and Employment Networks (ENs) to receive reimbursement Recognize that many beneficiaries start with Part-time work Milestone payments more attainable

3 What does this mean for VR? VR will continue to serve ticket holders VR no longer required to assign tickets or submit the 1365 form to Maximus Partnership Plus VR and ENs work in partnership to help consumers obtain and maintain gainful employment; VR receives SSA cost reimbursement AND ENs receive ticket payments. Prior to new regs only one entity could receive payment.

4 What else does this mean for VR? IPE changes: statement about assignment of the Ticket to VR has been deleted IT will submit a monthly file to Maximus of SSI/SSDI recipients with active VR case For VR consumers, Tickets are not assigned but considered in use while active with VR VRC and consumer will complete Verification of EN Selection form prior to case closure; cc EN and John Wallace

5 EN Selection Form Complete prior to case closure; CC: EN and John Wallace Must be completed for ALL beneficiaries, regardless of employment wages Form is only Intent to select EN Beneficiary and EN must develop a plan and contact Maximus to assign ticket If consumer does not want to select EN, indicate on form In most cases EN should be RBF provider, but not always (ex. College students) for list of

6 Talking about TTW with Consumers By working with VR, their Ticket is considered in use --NOT assigned While Ticket is in use consumer has CDR (Continuing Disability Review) protection Must be making progress toward vocational goal to maintain CDR protection and will be asked by SSA to show progress

7 Importance of Benefits Counseling All beneficiaries should be referred for BIN (or WIPA as appropriate) TTW and other SSA work incentives are designed to help beneficiaries become gainfully employment CRPs and Mental Health Centers are encouraged to become ENs. They should also be talking to beneficiaries about TTW

8 Partnership Possibilities If CRPs are collecting pay stubs for their EN payments, they should supply these to VR which will speed up the Milestone 5 process (could pay consumer for submitting pay stub) May be times that the EN can split the Ticket reimbursement with an employer May be times when an En can split the Ticket reimbursement with the consumer

9 Other Partnership Opportunities Explore having CRPs who are ENs, provide VR with pay verification for consumers. This would help VR get cost reimbursement and allow CRPs to get Milestone 5 incentive payment more quickly Continue to explore outreach opportunities for Ticket holders Partnering with employers, customers, other agencies

10 CESSI CESSI: If you would like assistance in completing the EN RFP, CESSI has several resources. Account Managers are available to provide consultation and individualized technical assistance as you complete the EN RFP. There are specialists for One-Stops, Mental Health, Higher Education, Employers, Partnership Plus and Service Providers. Discover your appropriate contact CESSI also offers bi-weekly EN Application Walk-Through Teleconferences every other Wednesday at 2:00pm EST. These free teleconferences will guide you through the entire application, section by section, page by page. Call 1-877-743-8237 (V/TTY) or e- mail to get the call-in information

11 Maximus MAXIMUS offers a wide array of training and support services to help you get started, develop and implement your business model, and operate your Ticket to Work Program. Contact MAXIMUS at 1- 866-968-7842 (V) or 1-866-833-2967 (TTY). Ticket Training Tuesdays are interactive training modules designed to assist ENs and State VR agencies with the fundamentals of working within the Ticket to Work Program. These calls offer a great opportunity to train new and existing staff and to network with fellow ENs to share tips and promising practices. These toll-free conference calls occur every Tuesday at 1:00 pm EST. They last 60 to 90 minutes and are open to anyone. There is no need to pre- register. The call number and participate code are the same for each call. Simply dial 1-800-480-6924. The participant code is Ticket to Work.

12 Additional Tools Employment Network (EN) Revenue Estimator: This tool allows you to estimate up to three years of revenue from the Ticket Program. Visit the CESSI web site at Individualized Work Plan (IWP) Template: This template includes all of the elements that must be included in an IWP to meet the requirements of the Ticket to Work Program. Visit the MAXIMUS web site at 18-Month Prior Earnings Tool: This tool can be used as you work with a beneficiary to assess his/her prior work history during the 18 months just prior to Ticket assignment. Visit the MAXIMUS web site at Employment Network Handbook for Employers: This handbook explains how employers can become ENs and the advantages of doing so. It also provides information on other incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Visit CESSIs web site at

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