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History Paper Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences.

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1 History Paper Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

2 Thesis Statement This is the backbone of your paper. It appears in the introductory paragraph. It includes 1.) the topic 2.) the time or era 3.) your claim

3 1.) the topic, 2.) the time or era, and 3.) your claim Example: F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896- 1940) is an important American author who chronicled the roaring 20s.

4 You try! In your notes… Use your outline handout to write a thesis statement in your notes for Rosa Parks (1913- 2005). 2 minutes Dont forget to include: 1.) the topic, 2.) the time or era, and 3.) your claim Example was: F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) is an important American author who chronicled the roaring 20s.

5 Pair Share Check your thesis statement for Rosa Parks with a partner. I will randomly select a few students to share. You may share yours or your partners. You cannot pass on your turn. The Hat

6 Possible thesis statement: Rosa Parks (1913-2005) is an important American figure because her bravery inspired generations to stand up for civil rights.

7 Topic Sentences These are sentences that start each body paragraph. They let the reader know, without giving away too much info., what the paragraph will be about. YOUR PAPER DOES NOT HAVE A PARAGRAPH REQUIREMENT (4-6 pages, about 1,500 words).

8 That means that some of you will have more paragraphs, needing a topic sentence for each, than others will have. Some writers will need more body paragraphs (and topic sentences) to thoroughly cover their topics; some will need fewer (no fewer than three, however, since there are three required parts).

9 Outline for people and authors There are KEY words and phrases given to you in the outline. These words, or close synonyms, need to appear in your topic sentences. They give the paper (and the writer) direction and organization.outline Part II of the outline is the background. It includes lifestyle and personal experiences, training, and mentors. The KEY word that needs to be included in the topic sentence is BACKGROUND.

10 Recipe for a topic sentence… 1.) your topic (event or person) 2.) your key word(s) 3.) Write a complete sentence without giving too much detail. Example for F. Scott Fitzgerald, part II Background: Fitzgerald had an interesting background and childhood.

11 Get your whiteboard ready… The rest of this paragraph would be about his background and childhood (information found through research). Should the information about his lifestyle (partying with Zelda) go in the same paragraph as his childhood? Probably not. The two subjects dont go well together. So I would start a new paragraph with a new topic sentence for the Lifestyle and Personal Experiences section. What key words should be included in this new paragraphs topic sentence? (See part II, letter b.) Write them on your whiteboard. 1 minute

12 Thats right, lifestyle and personal experiences I could probably fit the next two sections (letters C and D) on training and mentors into the same paragraph; those seem to fit together well. So, my topic sentence for the paragraph about training and mentors should include both key words.

13 How do you know when to start a new paragraph? When… 1.) its a new PART in the body paragraphs (II, III, IV are the parts for the body paragraphs) 2.) the paragraphs are long (more than eight sentences or eight lines when typed.

14 When can I combine sub-sections into a single paragraph? When… a paragraph is short (fewer than four sentences), combine with the previous paragraph. (Or, if your papers coming up short of the length requirement, do more research to keep that paragraph and its info. independent of other sections in your paper.) 3.) the key words and the information make sense together

15 Which words should be included in EVERYONES topic sentences? Circle the key words and phrases on the outline that will be included in topic sentences. (1 min) Check your answers with a partner. Be prepared to share your answer with the class. Sample essay circle the thesis, underline the topic sentences. Sample essay

16 A final thought… Note: thesis statements and topic sentences dont get a citation because they are YOUR original thoughts and words. Your likely response: Ummmm….duh Mrs. Kilby. Okay, just checking

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