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Great Park Soup A Recipe for Success

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1 Great Park Soup A Recipe for Success
Add a few photos across the top banner? Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use 48th Annual Conference – Green Bay, Wisconsin Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association

2 Presenters: David Burch, PLA- Manager of Design/Enterprise Operations
Pam Linn, PLA, ASLA- Senior Landscape Architect Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use Provide bios of speakers at end of presentation.

3 Outline: Introduction Overview of Benefits of Great Soup Parks
Key Ingredients for Success Roles and Responsibilities Case Studies Conclusions Resources Questions and Answers

4 Introduction Overview and Background Key Ingredients
Roles and Responsibilities Partnerships Results and Success Stories

5 Key Ingredients [MP + S/G/P+ BP+ LMP ] + [GR +DS+ SI] +TP+ EEP= G.P.
The long version of the formula is: Master Plan + Strategic Plan /Goals/Principles + Business/marketing Plan +Land Management Plan + Great Resources+ Design Standards + Sustainable Initiatives + Targeted Programs +Energetic and Enthusiastic People= Great Park

6 Roles and Responsibilities
Leaders and Elected Officials Citizens Associations and Groups Technical Team Support Team

7 Case Studies Health and Human Services Center Fox River Park
Administration Center-Courthouse Courtyard Wauk-Brook Bike-Ped Trail Other Examples

8 Conclusions Follow consistent approach and recipe.
Communicate recipe to all stakeholders. Diverse team adds spice to process and end results. Consider broad issues along with the details that make a difference. Know when the soup is done. Evaluate recipe and results; share the information.

9 References and Resources
Dave’s Pam’s

10 Q&A Thank-you.

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