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YMCA Proposal Writing Successful Strategies for Financial Development.

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1 YMCA Proposal Writing Successful Strategies for Financial Development

2 Standard Proposal Format 1) Executive Summary 2) Background 3) Goal and Objectives 4) Project Description 5) Management Plan 6) Monitoring and Evaluation 7) Budget ► Some Donors First Request Concept Papers ► Proposal Formats Vary ► Many Proposals Have Page Limits

3 Executive Summary ► 1 Page Overview ► State Goal and Objectives ► Describe YMCA Experience ► Explain Program Concept ► State Budget Request & YMCA Contribution

4 Background ► Describe situation of target location ► State critical youth development problems addressed by the YMCA ► Explain role of YMCA in the community ► Propose program solutions

5 Proposal Guidelines Goals Goal: Describe broad, long-term impact. Example: “To improve youth access to vital YMCA educational, health and recreation al services in Leon.”

6 Proposal Guidelines Objectives Develop “SMART” Objectives ► Specific ► Measurable ► Achievable ► Relevant ► Time Framed Example: “ To build a child care center at the Leon YMCA that provides pre-school education and after-school education and recreation programs to 5,000 youth annually by May 2008.”

7 Project Description ► Describe YMCA program interventions in detail ► Explain how project will integrate other YMCA programs ► Review YMCA program delivery methodology (such as peer education) ► Explain how program interventions will make an impact

8 Management Plan Capacity ► Explains YMCA Structure and History ► Describes YMCA Impact on Youth ► Provides Statistics On YMCA Beneficiaries ► Identifies Key YMCA Leaders and Experience ► Clarifies Roles and Responsibilities of Program Staff and Volunteers ► Describes Collaboration with Local Partners

9 Monitoring and Evaluation ► Explain How YMCA Will Measure Impact Through Indicators or Logical Framework ► Explain YMCA Staff Monitoring ► Propose Report Writing Time Frame ► Describe YMCA Plan and Time Frame to Evaluate Program

10 Typical Budget Items ► Salaries ► Equipment ► Administration ► Travel ► Training ► Infrastructure ► Evaluation ► Indirect Costs

11 Market YMCA Strengths ► Ability to influence parents, schools, religious organizations and local government. ► Global YMCA learning opportunities ► Promotes Youth Leadership ► Grassroots and national advocacy potential ► Ability to mobilize matching resources

12 Market YMCA Strengths ► Large youth and geographic outreach ► YMCA is comprised of leaders from civil society ► Existing infrastructure and programs in place ► Links to other YMCA youth programs

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