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Climbing In Robinson Park Synergy between Climbers and City of Sandstone.

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1 Climbing In Robinson Park Synergy between Climbers and City of Sandstone

2 Summary Who are we What is Climbing Effects of Climbing Events Contacts and Organizations

3 Who we are 6.5 million climbers nation wide Large range of demographics – Climbers are Business owners, Students, Engineers, Builders, Etc. Me

4 Climbing Why we climb – The challenge Types of Climbing – Rock, Ice, Mixed Styles of Climbing – Bouldering, Top rope, Leading, Soloing

5 Rock Climbing Rock climbers use special shoes and other equipment to safely ascend vertical rock walls. The climber does not use any of the gear or rope to help the ascent

6 Ice Climbing Ice climbers use ice axes and crampons to ascend vertical columns of Ice.

7 Mixed Climbing Mixed climbing is a combination of Ice and rock climbing. Some times Ice climbers have to ascend rock with their ice tools to get to Ice formations

8 Styles of climbing Bouldering Top Roping Leading Soloing

9 Bouldering Bouldering is ascending small rock formations close to the ground. Usually the climbing is very technically challenging.

10 Top Rope Climbing When top rope climbing the protection rope is secured above the climber and a belayer pulls in slack rope as the climber climbs.

11 Lead Climbing When Lead Climbing, the climber clips the rope to fixed protection or traditional protection as they climb. The belayer will let out rope and hold it if the climber falls

12 Types of Protection Traditional non-fixed – Cams, Nuts, Tri- Cams Fixed – Glue in Bolts, Mechanical bolts.

13 Developing Climbing Put in routes ~ potential for about 30 Clean up base of rock Better trails Legitimate users to help keep out the rif- raf.

14 What we have done 3 clean-up events last summer Biggest was this fall ~ 30 people helping Dave B. and City clean up Mini rescue clinic for the Fire Department Started Fund raiser for rescue gear for the fire department Climbing Demonstration at Quarry Days

15 What we will do Support local businesses Influence the local youth. Continue to help keep the park clean Work with other users like paddlers to make the park more multi-use

16 Events Ouray Ice festival - Lander Rock - Sandstones own Ice Climbing Festival -

17 Contacts Minnesota Climbers Association Shawn Tracey – (612) 205-5739 Access Fund Kaija Webster - (218) 726-6257 Ice Climbing Festival Tony Vavricka – (612) 275-2062 Me – Jeff Engel (651) 257-0714

18 Sites of interest

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