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Forcible Entry By Randy Hart.

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1 Forcible Entry By Randy Hart

2 Objectives Meet IFSTA objectives Safety equipment
Reasons for forcible entry Factors in forcible entry Forcible entry techniques Field identification/hands-on techniques

3 Safety Equipment P.P.E. Helmet Gloves Eye protection Bunker gear
Brush jackets

4 Reasons for Entry Rescue Fire Extinguishment Water related problems
Ingress/access Egress/extricate

5 Factors in Forcible Entry
Occupancies Residential Educational Commercial/industrial Institutional

6 Forcible Entry Techniques
Kicking in a door Breaking glass Flathead axe and haligan tool K-tool, through the lock Rescue saw Bolt cutters

7 Kicking in a Door

8 Breaking Glass P.P.E. Including eye protection
Stand with wind to your back Strike top with hands above impact point Clean the remaining glass out of the frame

9 Identification Spot potential entry problems Difficult problems
Types of construction Occupancy concerns Consider the need for additional equipment

10 Security Bars

11 Security Bars

12 Security Bars

13 Sectional Roll-up Door (Garage Door)

14 Rolling Steel

15 Aluminum Glass Door

16 Panic Hardware Doors (Wood, Aluminum)

17 Outside Metal Door (Outward Swing)

18 Scissor/accordion gate

19 Hinged Gates

20 Sliding Gate (Motor Driven, Hydraulic or Electric)

21 Summary Safety Knowledge of tools
Knowledge of entry points and entry mechanics

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