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Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Products and Services BTEC National Travel and Tourism.

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1 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Products and Services BTEC National Travel and Tourism

2 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Products and Services Travel and Tourism products and services are targeted at customers in industry and the public Lets look at these two separately: Industry and Consumers

3 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Industry: Private Sector Business travel agents make travel and accommodation arrangements for commercial customers Industry groups provide services to member organisations Conference venues offer facilities and services to business organisations

4 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Industry:Public Sector Regional tourism organisations provide marketing services for travel and tourism businesses Development agencies work with travel and tourism businesses to transform the regions

5 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Industry:Public-Private Sector Often the distinction between the two sectors is blurred Some bodies are created from public and private sector organisations to offer services to industry Destination Management Organisations provide marketing help for their members

6 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Consumers Tourist Information Centres promote local travel and tourism products and services to the public Tour operators such as MyTravel and Thomson (TUI) create, arrange and run tours and travel programmes for consumers These are offered to consumers through travel agents, or directly through the Internet, over the phone or through TV

7 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Consumers Retail travel agents such as Lunn Poly offer a link between tour operators and consumers They provide general or niche products and services Niche providers include agents such as Saga (catering for the over-50s) and Trailfinders (long-haul packages)

8 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Consumers Consultants Deloitte estimate that the last six years has seen a 20% fall in the number of people booking packages through travel agents The Internet is a rapidly growing channel for travel and tourism firms to use to reach consumers Trade associations often give information to consumers about products and services

9 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Arts and Heritage Museums, galleries, concert halls and theatres run events to appeal to travel and tourism consumers Growing importance in recent years due to: –Lottery funding to improve and regenerate –Place Marketing of major UK towns and cities, such as Leeds, Liverpool and Cardiff –More short break holidays being taken

10 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Summary Customers in industry and from the general public demand products and services from travel and tourism organisations These organisations may be from the public sector or the private sector Often the two sectors combine to provide services

11 Copyright 2004 – Biz/ed Summary Now go to the Activity to find out more about these organisations and the products and services they offer

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