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Spiritual Healing with Louise Kellaway

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1 Spiritual Healing with Louise Kellaway

2 1 Summary The following slides provide an overview of the process of Spiritual Healing with Louise Kellaway from initial contact through to ongoing treatment and final consultation. Initial contact Arrival at Clinic Introduction Consultation Treatment Post Treatment Follow Up Treatment

3 2 Initial Contact By Phone01424 753124 By Via Contact Me Link on Website Agree Appointment Date and Time Discuss Nature of Treatment Discuss general information such as Suitable Clothing, Directions and Parking. Male visitors will be kindly requested to have a female companion. If you need to cancel your appointment please give as much notice as possible.

4 3 Arrival at Clinic The small clinic, waiting area and toilet have their own entrance and are part of a private house. There is ample room for parking on the drive or road outside. Please be punctual and make your self comfortable in the waiting area before your appointment. Have your signed Consultation Form and Disclaimer ready or leave ample time to fill them in after you arrive.

5 4 Consultation Louise will welcome you and familiarise you with the facilities. Feel free to ask questions about the Consultation process, Forms or Disclaimer. On your first visit you will have a consultation where notes will be taken; at the end of this please feel free to ask questions about the treatment strategy that is to be applied. The Consultation will last approximately 15 minutes.

6 5 Treatment Louise will make you and your companion (if accompanied/necessary) comfortable in her relaxed treatment area. There is soft lighting, background music and candles. You may use a chair or the treatment couch as you wish. Louise will place her hands either on or above appropriate areas of your body. Any feelings are discussed and absolute silence is not necessary. By prior agreement you may be filmed for Louises records. The process will take approximately 45 minutes.

7 6 Post Treatment You will have an end of session discussion. Follow up appointments can be made. Washroom facilities are also available. The waiting area is small so at the end of your appointment please make your way out of the clinic to allow privacy for the next client.

8 7 Follow Up Treatment Louise recommends weekly or fortnightly visits if possible, appointments can be 30mins to an hour long. Follow-on sessions will involve a short discussion, 5 minutes, on changes since last treatment, new developments and progress. Your notes will be updated accordingly. Your treatment will then take up the remainder of the allotted time. Post treatment discussion etc will follow. Please be assured that Louises priority will be your personal wellbeing and comfort at all times.

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