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SEVOCITY WELCOMES 1. AGENDA Introductions Key Responsibilities Review of Key Information Major Project Steps – Review 2.

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2 AGENDA Introductions Key Responsibilities Review of Key Information Major Project Steps – Review 2

3 7 Steps to a Successful Implementation Please refer to the task document that accompanied your invitation 1)Determining Go Live Method 2)Workbook and Paperwork 3)Preparation of Patient Records Options 4)Customization 5)Training 6)Go Live 7)Post Go Live Review and Support This process is designed to help you complete all tasks necessary for a successful and prompt Sevocity implementation. 3

4 Step 1 - Choosing Your Go Live Method – Options to Consider: Big Bang – Document 100% of patients using Sevocity as of your go live date Faster to 100% Should reduce patient load initially 4

5 Step 1 - cont. Gradual by Patient or Visit Type – Document only some patients (such as only New or only Well) in the beginning and work up to 100% of patients slowly Slow Ramp Up – Document x patients a Day and ramp-up to all patients by x date. Slower to 100% use Requires Goals, Dates and Management to These Goals May be easier on providers and other staff Easy to get stuck, not move forward or give up 5

6 Step 2 – Getting Ready for Go Live Web link for downloading documents: HARDWARE PREPARATION The right equipment (PCs, Scanner, etc.) Purchase all equipment, begin installation prior to setting training dates. Refer to This link includes a link to our Dell premier page – special pricing on commercial grade Dell equipment Load the Sevocity Download icon, Sfax drivers according to directions. Form for Sfax download Form for Sevocity download 6

7 Step 2. cont. PAPERWORK COMPLETION Complete your workbook, return with all requested clinic forms to Sevocity within 1 week Send a copy of your logo in.jpg format Copy of your super bill Referral forms you use, if your own documents Lab routing sheets Complete and Return 2 Excel Spread sheets Referrals listing Users Web link for downloading documents: 7

8 Step 2. cont. PAPERWORK COMPLETION ePrescribing Set-up (separate email in the next week) Provider license copy Provider signature sheets Provider agent forms Surescripts documentation SET WEEKLY MEETING SCHEDULE: Agenda’s to complete Workbook and documentation Administration and security Set Workflow and Planning meeting 8

9 Step 3 – Preparation of patient records Meet among staff members and carefully consider those documents you want incorporated into the patient records: Scanning options/suggestions: Scanning all patient records into the EHR Chart Sections only – Can be done prior to the visit based upon the appointment schedule or provider can flag during initial EHR visit Labs Visit notes Reports 9

10 Step 3 cont. Transferring records from another EHR system (if applicable) Convert medical records in the previous program into PDF format Import that record into the Sevocity Chart Interface must be connected with the PMS system to allow patients to cross and populate into Sevocity 10

11 11 Step 2. cont. INTERFACING OPTIONS: Interfaces required by practice: 1. Practice Management System 2. Lab 3. HIE/HL7 4. State Immunization Contact vendors with whom you would like to interface. Provide a copy of the Interface Request Form to each Vendor. (Refer to your contract interfacing request and guidelines)

12 Step 4- Customization Sessions with key provider(s) Customization session number 1: After trainer completes customization of your database the trainer will work with provider to understand those areas completed. Your providers won’t really know what they want until the start using it – so we complete initial customizations and then have a second session after go-live: Customization session number 2: Approximately 10 days post live with Sevocity your trainer will set a time and date to work again with the provider to further customize, make changes as identified after using the EHR for a number of days. 12

13 Step 5- Training Sessions Session 1: (1 hour) Historical Encounters Entering historical data, meds, allergy and past history Scanning and importing Fax training Can be combined with front office (optional) Session 2: (1.5 hours) Front office staff Demographics Telephone calls Medical records letters 13

14 Step 5 cont. Session 3 (2 hours) Clinical Staff Patient chart, vitals, flow sheets, past history Completing orders Rooming the patient Additional option 1 combined Nurse and Provider training Session 4 (2 hours) Provider Documentation and charting Orders Referrals ePrescribing E&M Coding Templating 14

15 Step 6 – Go Live Go Live Date You Made it!!! Post GLD Review and Customization help Weekly contact with client by Project team to get progress update Support hand off, contact and support options 15

16 Step 7 – Beyond Go Live Completion of interfacing Lab training Hospital Radiology 16

17 NEXT STEPS: Setup weekly conference calls Client to Download documents from link provided (workbooks and documents) Email a welcome letter containing all Project Lead information. Rcopia documentation for Dr’s First registration (separate email) Workbook and forms are returned within 1 weeks Administrative setup and security at 2 weeks Workflow and Planning meeting at 3 rd week Training schedule one week before go live date Live date with goal of the live date as stated on contract 17

18 Thank you for choosing Sevocity for your EHR experience, Together we are a team 18

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