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HIV AIDS in African American women

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1 HIV AIDS in African American women
BY: Farukh Kohistani and Iva Hoxha

2 What is HIV AIDS? Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
A virus that damages or destroys the body’s immune system T cells (CD4 lymphocyte). Acquired Immunedeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) The most advanced stage of HIV infection.

3 Visual:

4 What is a health disparity?
A health condition or disease that is greater for one group than the general population. Groups such as: Racial/ethnic groups Gender Age Social economics Residents of rural areas

5 Primordial: HIV/ AIDS began around the early 1980s.
There are two strains: HIV 1 and HIV 2. HIV 1/AIDS: May have originated from chimpanzees. HIV 2: Believed to have jumped into us from an African monkey. (Sooty Mangabey)

6 Statistics: 33% of diagnosis of HIV in Massachusetts ( ) were African-Americans.(1) African-Americans in Massachusetts impacted by HIV/AIDS at 10 times the level of White Americans.(2) African American women are 38X’s more likely than white women to contract the disease.(3) 1 in 4 of all Massachusetts cases are women >1/2 are African American women.(4)

7 Statistics continued…
5 6 Mortality Rate is higher

8 Transmission of HIV AIDS
Unprotected sex. Sharing of needles or syringes. Already have a sexually transmitted disease. Not spread through: Sharing Saliva Airborne

9 Evidence: 7

10 Why is it a disparity? How did it develop?
Poverty: Lower-quality health care. Lack of trust in medical system: Cultural differences. Lack of awareness: Significance of screening. STIs: African American women. Imprisonment of African American men: Confinement leads to sexual intercourse with multiple partners. 8

11 Symptoms: Worst flu-like illness
9 Worst flu-like illness Fever, chills Headaches Tiredness Swollen lymph node Sores in the mouth Lesions, rashes Unexplained fatigue, rapid weight loss. Profuse night sweats.

12 Treatments: Drugs used to halt illness for many years: NNRTI NRTI PIs
Antiretrovirals Anti-HIV or Anti-AIDS drugs. NNRTI NRTI PIs Entry of fusion inhibitors. Integrase inhibitors 10

13 Summary: This disparity is developed because of the lack of awareness, poverty, the lack of trust in the medical field, STIs, and the imprisonment of African American men. It attacks the body’s immune system. It has severe symptoms. There is no cure but, there are drugs to stop any weakening of the immune system. Organizations/ local areas.

14 More than advice:

15 Bibliography: (1,2)Stone, V. (2004, June 14). Testimony on African Americans and HIV AIDS . Retrieved July 14, 2011, from (3/4)Wright, D. (2011, May 31). In Massachusetts, HIV/AIDS Kills Black Women the Most [HIV African American women]. Retrieved July 14, 2011, from BET website: 05/31/in-massachusetts-hiv-aids-kills-black-women-the-most.html (5) Massachusetts HIV/AIDS Data Fact Sheet; Women at Risk of HIV Infection [HIV AIDS]. (2008, June). Retrieved from Massachusetts Department of Public Health HIV/AIDS website: (6/7) Massachusetts STD, HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Report:200 [HIV AIDS]. (2009). Retrieved July 13, 2011, from Bureau of Infectious Disease Prevention, Response and Services website: (7)Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Infection [HIV AIDS]. (2007, September 17). Retrieved July 17, 2011, from editorial commentary website: 312/924/2EBBC695-9D51-42E8-BA6E-1004B84C85B2.pdf

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