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Lori Volz Executive Director of Finance & Operations On-Site Clinic Q&A.

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1 Lori Volz Executive Director of Finance & Operations On-Site Clinic Q&A

2 Scope of Services

3 Q&A: Question 1 How will the On-Site Clinic save the district money? Medical Cost Savings for the District and the Employee Productivity Improved Access to Care Coordinate Care for Chronic Condition Patients Address Occupational Health Creates a Sense of Goodwill Creates a Culture of Health

4 Q&A: Question 2 How are health insurance premium rates determined each year? Claims Experience Number of high claims over $50,000 Ongoing high claims

5 Q&A: Question 3 How does the On-Site Clinic prevent catastrophic claims which drive health insurance increases? Removes of the cost barrier and provides convenient care Patients are more likely to use the clinic which will result in early intervention and prevention of high risk health conditions such as: Heart Attack Stroke

6 Q&A: Question 4 What is the cost break-even point for the operations of the On-Site Clinic? Averaging 7 office visits per day will bring the clinic to break-even NJPA Coop will be paying for all lab costs and pharmacy costs for the Albert Lea Area School District if the district selects HealthPartners as the provider for our On-Site Clinic. This is a value of approximately $40,000 annually. If we reach a daily average of 12 office visits, we would achieve an estimated savings of $180,000 annually.

7 Q&A: Question 5 What is the estimated participation level? Year 1 – Anticipate to break-even Year 2 – Generate a savings

8 Q&A: Question 6 What about a mobile lab or multiple locations? According to consultants, this would be very expensive Scheduling would be very difficult Access to all the necessary equipment would be a challenge for the provider Tele-Health options are being explored

9 Q&A: Question 7 What is the statutory bid requirement? Statute does not require the district to bid this out due to the fact that it is a professional service If the district were to go with HealthPartners, NJPA would contribute an estimated $40,000 annually to support the HealthPartners On-Site Clinic concept.

10 Q&A: Question 8 What is the timeline for implementation? Implementation typically takes 5-7 months from the point of build out of the clinic space and hiring the health care provider (Physicians Assistant)

11 Any other questions?

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