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Health Care: Health Care: It’s All about You

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1 Health Care: Health Care: It’s All about You
MEBS Presents: E3 University

2 Cost of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: A focal point for 20+ Years
Rising Costs MI employer-sponsored family health insurance premiums rose from $6,817 to $12,151--an increase 78.2% Workers’ share of annual premiums rose by 170.6% ($948 to $2,564) Variety of Cost Control Strategies Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) & Other Managed Care Approaches Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) Precertification of Services & Care Management Higher co pays and Deductibles

3 No Matter Your View of the Health Care Reform Debate
Single Payer Individual Mandate No Reform Market Competition Expand Medicaid

4 …What’s Important About Health Care Is You
Number one goal is keeping you and your family members healthy! E3

5 What isE3(Engagement, Empowerment, Enhancement)
Wellness and Chronic Disease Management Programs: Aim to improve members and dependents health and reduce the risk of disease Early identification of disease or risk of disease Appropriate treatment of chronic disease Focus on modifying Behaviors Environment and culture

6 E3Program Components Screening Online Resources
Health risk assessment Health screening (biometric) Event Programs and Resources Health fairs Immunizations/flu shots Health challenge Healthy lifestyle classes Discount to fitness center Online Resources Health portal/website Online healthy lifestyle program Personal health records Other Programs/Resources “Nurse line”- other phone support Personal health “coaches” - lifestyle management support Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

7 Know Your Health Status - Action Steps
Complete the On-line Health Risk Appraisal Understand potential health risks and how to reduce risk Share the results with your physician Develop an action plan based on your health status Be Sure to Receive Nationally Recognized Preventative Services Annual Physical Mammography, prostate screenings, etc. Review the recommendations at

8 Physician Quality: What to Consider
Look for Physicians who: Are Board certified in the specialty they practice Never had their license restricted or revoked Are free of state or federal disciplinary actions Meet nationally recognized standards for quality of care and patient outcomes Explore credible sources of information: Health Grades: National Committee on Quality Assurance: American Medical Association:

9 It Could Improve Your Care, It Could Save Your Life
Ask Questions It Could Improve Your Care, It Could Save Your Life E3

10 Optimizing Your Physician Office Visit: Action Steps
The 3 Questions Patients Should ask at each visit: What is my main problem? What do I need to do? Why is it important for me to do this? Questions are from the Ask Me 3 Program Developed by American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, American Public Health Association, and many others Goal is to improve patient-doctor communication

11 The E3 Commitment Providing tools and education to help you reach your health goals because… E3

12 Top 3 Action Steps To Do Right Now
Health Risk Assessment Physical/Preventative Screenings and Rx Review Explore MEBS E3 tools at

13 Health Care: It’s All About You E3

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