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Wake County Human Services

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1 Wake County Human Services
Wake County Human Services is the consolidation of programs and services formerly carried out by several separate departments and offices: Social Services, Public Health, Mental Health, Job Training, Child Support, Housing, and Transportation.

2 Behavioral Health Housing Employment Consumer Public Health Social Services Child Welfare

3 Behavioral Health Geriatric Mental Health Forensic Svcs. Adult Mental
Outpt. Substance Abuse Child Mental Health Detox School Mental Health Inpat. Substance Abuse Pharmacy

4 Support Housing Housing Affordable Housing Shelters For Homeless Comm. Development 10-year Plan

5 Employment Employer Network Support Employment JobLink Workforce
Investigation Act Work for Kids Pro-Familia Work First

6 Child Welfare CPS Foster Care Intake Assessment CPS Therapy In-Home
Services Therapy Foster Care Foster Care Licensing Family to Adoption

7 Social Services Temporary Assistance Human & Family Development
Food Assistance WIC Food Transportation Child Support Enforcement Child Care Subsidy Emergency Energy Support Adult &Disabled Medicaid Family & Children’s Medicaid Human & Family Development Senior Services Family Economic Develpm. Family Support Child Care Subsidy Youth Development Adult Guardianship Adult Protect Servs. Ready to Learn Parent Education Success

8 Public Health Health Access Community Health Outreach Women’s Clinic
Prenatal Clinic Nutrition Lab Pharmacy Dental Clinic Communicable Disease Clinic SDT/HIV Clinic Child Health Clinics Community Health Outreach Health Promotion CSC Maternal Health Outreach Prenatal Substance abuse School Nurses WIC Nutrition Migrant Health Communicable Disease tracking HIV/AIDS outreach Dental Health outreach Disaster Prepared

9 WCHS Locations & Services
Human Services Central Raleigh Campus Swinburne Social Services Child Welfare Employment Temporary Assistance Sunnybrook Public Health Mental Health Falstaff Mental Health (LME)

10 WCHS Locations & Services
Some services are available in Spanish for those Latinos who are LEP (Low English Proficiency). Some Latinos speak English well enough to benefit from services provided in English. Except for Federal mandated programs which are restricted by income to permanent legal residents and US citizens and require a social security number, services are available to any one. WCHS have bilingual Spanish staff and Interpreters. Some progress have been made in the last 5 years, and there is a long way to go, yet , to have WCHS at full capacity for bilingual staff.

11 WCHS Locations & Services
Regional Centers Southern Regional Center At Judd Parkway, Fuquay-Varina, NC Public Health, Mental Health, Child Welfare, Social Services, Employment. Eastern Regional Center at Dogwood Dr. Zebulon, NC Northern Regional Center At Holding Ave. Wake Forest, NC

12 WCHS Locations & Services
Large Specialized Centers Community Services Center LME at Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh Chapanoke Child Care Subsidy at Chapanoke Rd, Raleigh South Wilmington Homeless Shelter, Employment, Services At Wilmington St. Raleigh

13 WCHS Locations & Services
Small Integrated Centers Western Wake II At Cornerstone Dr, Cary Child Welfare, Family Development, Social Services.

14 WCHS Locations & Services
Small Specialized Centers Cornerstone at Snow Ave, Raleigh Homeless Services, Mental Health, Employment Working For Kids & Pro Familia at Kidd Rd. Raleigh Employment Wake House at Raleigh Emergency Child Protection Under One Roof at Sunnybrook Rd, Raleigh AIDS Case Management. Western Wake I at High House Rd, Cary Adult Mental Health.

15 WCHS Locations & Services
Small Specialized Centers A.A. Thompson Center at Hargett St, Raleigh Adult Mental Health, Social Services & Veteran’s Services Crosby Garfield Center at Lenoir St. Raleigh Family Development Parkview at Raleigh LME quality management Addiction Treatment Center at Falstaff Rd, Raleigh Mental Health

16 WCHS Locations & Services
Small Specialized Centers (Partners) Agricultural Services at Carya Dr. Raleigh Environmental Services Youth Development 4-H program (NC State University Cooperative Extension) EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) at Sunnybrook Rd, Raleigh (NC State University Cooperative Extension) They educate parents about cooking healthfully, eating/preparing healthful dinners /snacks

17 WCHS Partnerships Faith Community.
Strengthening the Black Family Program. NC State University Cooperative Extension. ALPES (Alianza Latina Pro-Educación en Salud)

18 ALPES ALPES (Alianza Latina Pro-Educacion en Salud) is an alliance made up of many Latino community leaders and WCHS employees who share an interest in promoting and improving the health and quality of life of Latinos in Wake County. ALPES has been meeting every 2nd Monday of the month for nearly 10 years and played a significant role in bringing the gang problem to the county's purview. ALPES has served to educate the Latino community on a variety of issues including, HIV/AIDS, DWI, legal and health issues surrounding prostitution, and pertinent information for new immigrants to name a few. The membership of ALPES is composed of faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, academic institutions, hospitals, health organizations, local government entities, and community representatives (individuals interested in developing the ALPES goals and mission).

19 ALPES’ goals   To improve the health status and quality of life of Latinos in Wake County To provide effective cultural and linguistic technical assistance, capacity building, advice, and support to community representatives and agencies To promote networking opportunities among community partners, nonprofit organizations, and agencies for sharing information, resources, and potential funding opportunities To provide advice for the development of community-based goals that can be used throughout Wake County to address health and quality-of-life disparities among the Latino community To provide a forum for the development of lay-community leaders, through active participation in ALPES meetings and initiatives

20 ALPES ALPES meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 10 Sunnybrook Rd. Raleigh, NC 3rd floor Room 344. For more information you can contact: Petra Hager, President of ALPES (919) Carla Piedrahita, Secretary of ALPES (919)

21 Thank you / Gracias Wake County Human Services Petra Hager, BS

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