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2 INFANT CARE The health services given to a baby during the first year of life. It is a function of the MCH centers ( in PHCC, and in some hospitals) It is done through the “well baby clinics” = the clinics that are concerned with health care for all children under the age of 5 y.(started 1404 ) DR/KHALID ALHARBY

3 Well baby clinic Frequency of visits: (15)
seven visits in first year (including visits at time of vaccination) Two visits each year from 2-5 years Wt.,and Ht. For each p.r.n visit Every infant has a health card kept in the PHCC containing the following information : Name of parents Date of birth DR/KHALID ALHARBY

4 Cont… 3) Place of delivery Attendance at labor
Type of delivery (NSVD, forceps, C.S,…) Health condition at birth (weight, length, and any congenital anomalies) Social data of the family PMH, PSH Immunizations Measurements of wt., length, ? H.C and comparison with the normal DR/KHALID ALHARBY

5 لما رأيت القوم أقبل جمعهم يتناصرون كررت غير مذمم
لما رأيت القوم أقبل جمعهم يتناصرون كررت غير مذمم يدعون مارادونا والدفاع كأنه جدران سد في طريق مهاجم DR/KHALID ALHARBY

6 Equipments of WBC Newborn baby weighing scales
Weighing scales for older children Height scale fixed on the wall Measuring tape Infantometer Stethoscope and sphygmomanometer with small cuff (pediatric) Torch DR/KHALID ALHARBY

7 Equipments Examination table (couch) ENT and eye diagnostic sets
Some attractive toys for babies Well baby register records and growth charts Posters denoting child growth and development at different ages should be provided Health education materials and facilities should be readily available DR/KHALID ALHARBY

8 Process General examination : appearance, clothing
Examine vision: ask the parents and observe the child ( measure visual acuity at school entry and colour testing at 9-13 years) Examine hearing: examine hearing abilities for those under 5y. Test child’s attention to noise\voice at 8-12 months of age Take parent’s notes on hearing Arrange for audiometry for children before school age DR/KHALID ALHARBY

9 Process Growth measurements plotted on the charts.
Children outside the averages are reexamined, investigated, and treated or referred Developmental milestones are checked Detection and treatment of malnourished Health education to the mothers For ill children : vital signs, preparation and teaching of ORS, nurse-doctor referral, and giving injections when needed DR/KHALID ALHARBY

10 اتق شر كل من اقترب من الارض

11 Growth indices - weight
At birth: kg 1st 4 months: 3\4 kg per month 2nd 4 months :1\2 kg per month 3rd 4 months: 1\4 kg per month At the end of 4th month: 6 kg At the end of 1st year: 9 kg After 1st year: 2 kg per year DR/KHALID ALHARBY

12 Abnormal weight Above 90th percentile Below 5th percentile
No increase over 3 subsequent months Curve down in 2 subsequent visits DR/KHALID ALHARBY

13 Growth indices - HC Between 97th and 3rd percentile At birth: 35 cm
At 6 months: 43.8 cm At 1 year: 46.8 cm At 2 year: 49.1 year At 3 years: 50.2 cm At 4 years: 50.8 cm At 5 years: 51.3 cm DR/KHALID ALHARBY

14 Growth indices- height
At birth: 50 cm At the end of 1st year: 75 cm Thereafter: 5 cm per year Between 90th and 5th percentile DR/KHALID ALHARBY

15 Home visits Should be done by the nurse of the WBC for the following children: Delayed mile stones or delayed growth Diarrhea : chronic OR recurrent acute Social or psychiatric problems Defaulters DR/KHALID ALHARBY

16 At risk children Group A : Babies of working mothers
Babies of poor family (low income) Loss of a parents, or divorce History of mental or psychiatric disturbance of a parent More than 7 children in the family DR/KHALID ALHARBY

17 Cont… Non – breast feeders Early weaning Twins DR/KHALID ALHARBY

18 Management Registration in risk records Regular follow up
Call for defaulters Comprehensive health education Take out of registry if no problems by 6 months of follow-up DR/KHALID ALHARBY

19 Cont. at risk children Group B : 9) Birth weight < 2500 gm.
10 ) Failure to gain weight in 3 successive visits. 11) Loss of weight in 2 successive visits 12) Weight below 80% of expected weight for his age DR/KHALID ALHARBY

20 Management Registration in risk records
Regular follow up ( at least 1 \ month) Call for defaulters Comprehensive health education Take out of registry if no problems by 6 months of risk removal DR/KHALID ALHARBY

21 Cont…at risk children Group C : 13) Congenital abnormalities
14) Bronchial asthma 15) Diabetes mellitus 16) Handicapped ( mental or physical) DR/KHALID ALHARBY

22 Management Shared care DR/KHALID ALHARBY

23 Child health card Two copies (one with the family and one in the WBC)
It should contain the following : Family file number Child number in WBC Delivery information Growth and developmental measures in the first 5 years of life Immunization status Schedule of follow-up visits in WBC DR/KHALID ALHARBY

24 Health education contents
Care of newborn Dealing with infantile common problems Nutritional education (especially breast feeding, weaning, and hygienic preparation of bottle feeding ) Family planning Growth curve and its importance DR/KHALID ALHARBY

25 Health education methods
Individual counseling Group discussions Lectures Demonstration (using pictures, leaflets, posters etc…) of the following : Feeding position Bathing Preparation of semi-solid foods in hygienic methods Preparation of ORS DR/KHALID ALHARBY

26 المهارة واسطة المبدعين الى القمة


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