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UNDER 5 CLINIC Dr. Rekha Dutt.

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1 UNDER 5 CLINIC Dr. Rekha Dutt

2 symbol of under 5 clinic Care in illness Family planning
Preventive care Growth monitoring

3 Aims and objectives Care in illness: it is mothers felt need.
70%-80% of illnesses can be treated with trained nurses. Diagnosis and treatment of acute illness, chronic illnesses and disorders of growth and development. X ray and laboratory services Referral services

4 Preventive care : Immunization Nutritional surveillance sub clinical nutrition Food supplementation Health check ups – every 3-6 months. The child health card is maintained. Oral rehydration solution for diarrhea . The child gets 2-6 attacks in a year. Family planning Health education

5 Growth monitoring – on growth chart also called as Road to health card.
Every month – up to 1 year 2 monthly – up to 2 years 3 monthly – up to 5 years The weight is plotted according to the age of child.

6 Growth Chart Used In India
It has four reference curves. Top most curve – 80 %of the median (50th percentile) of the WHO reference standard. Lower lines represent 70% ,60% and 50% of the standard. 80% median weight is approximately equal to 2 SD below the median which is the conventional lower limit of “normal range”. Purpose of reference curve – It indicates degree of malnutrition. 6

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