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Wisconsin Swimming Officials Committee Rev. June 2013.

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1 Wisconsin Swimming Officials Committee Rev. June 2013

2 Welcome/Introductions/Purpose Review Chief Judge Starter Meet Referee Administrative Official Administrative Referee Deck Referee Timing Judge Whats Next

3 Introductions Name Club Experience Paperwork Registrations Release of Contact Info Officiating forms

4 Stroke Briefing Major Meets Review: Not a teaching instrument Dont discuss examples/highlight rules Use USA Swimming mini-briefing Other meets May be used as a training method Swimmers with Disabilities Notification is the responsibility of the athlete/coach Hand signals Ask about accommodations: Dont assume Changing swimmers lane Use of an on-deck assistant Swimming a 100 event in a 200 event

5 Timing Procedures Three types of systems Automatic Semi-automatic Manual Designations Primary Secondary Tertiary Requirements for an Official Time Procedures for making a timing adjustment Determination of Official Time

6 Discuss with Meet Referee Protocols Sit/Stand during freestyle Lead/lag Position assignments

7 Supervises Stroke Judges Turn Judges Relay Take-off Judges Responsible for ensuring correct call has been made Questions assigned judges appropriately Liaison for Referee and Judges Mentors assigned Judges Gives Officials Stroke Briefing (as assigned)

8 Philosophy of Starting Calm and consistent Have a command of the field Be in the present Ensure a fair and equitable start Be patient Swimmers must be stationary; not be motionless Act as part of the team Memorize the start procedure; only practice perfects Know the hand signals


10 Preparation Communicate with the announcer if assigned Dont want announcements while starting May need to announce Event and Heat Now swimming: Heat 1 of the Mens 400m Freestyle Now swimming: The Mens 400m Freestyle; Heat 1 Now swimming: Heat 2 Examine starting platforms (safety) Familiarize self with and test starting/timing equipment Review interactions with Referee Other equipment (bell, lap counters) Forms Timers Meeting

11 Timers Briefing No cheering No electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) Use USA Swimming briefing

12 Procedure Stand ~10 ft. from pool, next to Referee Use well-modulated voice (Close the door.) Activate signal when swimmers are stationary Forward start Back start Use Stand up/down, please as appropriate Mic doesnt work Mic cuts out No horn Distraction Loud noise Unresponsive swimmer(s)

13 Procedure Toes commands Prior to Take Your Mark (TYM) Toes, please to all swimmers After first TYM Toes, please, Lane X After second TYM Toes, please, Lane X May call Delay of Meet Starter is responsible for toes before the start; stroke after Blocks commands Similar to Toes commands

14 Procedure False Start Starter initiates I have a potential False Start. NOT Did you see anything? Must be dual confirmed with Referee or designate If the swimmer enters the water prior to the start, stand the heat and restart the race without the violating swimmer Notify at the end of the race Must be a swimmer mistake; not a flinch, fall, slip, involuntary movement

15 Procedure Heat Recall Not all swimmers react Double start sound One system System in second pool External stimulus (camera flash, airhorn) If a swimmer does not respond: Stand the heat Any inadvertent recalls eliminate DQs Use hand signals ONLY if requested by hearing-impaired swimmer No Optional commands (Wisconsin Swimming) Use common sense Swimmers best start is first start


17 General Information Oversees the Meet, the staff, the facility Ensures safe, fair, and equitable competition Wet Side: Deck Referee May have 1-2 per session Oversees Starter, Timers, STJ, Relay Take-off Judges Dry Side: Administrative Official Assistant to and delegate of Meet Referee Involved with all dry side details of a meet Works closely with the Meet Director Administrative Official and Administrative Referee are NOT the same.

18 General Information - Continued Dry Side: Administrative Referee Admin Referee is generally used for higher level meets, and must be certified at a Referee level A Meet Referee may also perform the duties of an Admin Official if no other duties are assigned One per pool if possible Oversees Clerk of Course, Timing officials, Announcer, Marshals

19 Prior to the Meet Contact Meet Director Reviews Meet Information Check-in; Seeding; Heat Sheets Distribution of DQ and No Showslips Timing system; start procedures (fly-overs, etc.) Timing procedures if system malfunctions Reseeding procedures Results posting; Awards Announcer duties Marshal duties Schedule meetings Scratches; Finalists/Alternates (if Prelim-Finals)

20 Prior to the Meet Obtain Officials List Names Club affiliations Certification Levels Available sessions Provide list to Deck Referee and Chief Judge

21 Prior to the Meet Obtain Reports for Admin Referee Entries reports Gender Age group Last name Club Event Exceptions reports Unregistered Swimmers Proof of Time Swimmers with Disabilities Unattached Swimmers (to assign coaches) Warm-up Lane Assignments Meet Timeline

22 Prior to the Meet Determine Officials assignments Based on availability and ability Radio usage Who gets them What channels used Establish a Meet Committee For Appeals At least five people Athlete Coaches (2) Meet Director Meet Referee Can be more if geography and meet size warrant

23 Pre-Meet Arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to Warm-up Ensure Administrative Official, Administrative Referee, Deck Referee, Starter, and Chief Judge can handle responsibilities Inspect the Venue Meet with Meet staff Coaches Officials Non-judging officials Meet with Chief Marshal Emphasize that Marshals are responsible for entire venue; not just pool area

24 Pre-Meet Meet with Announcer May delegate to Starter Review Heat announcement protocol Now swimming: Heat 1 of the Mens 400m Freestyle Now swimming: The Mens 400m Freestyle; Heat 1 Now swimming: Heat 2 Review awards announcement protocol No announcements after long whistle Inspects credentials (may delegate function)

25 During the Meet Start Meet on Time (Note the Time) Observe the Meet Walk the Deck Talk to people Anticipate problems Handle protests Review disqualifications Have USA-S rulebook available (not on person) Treat everyone with respect

26 After the Meet Thank all Meet staff Coaches Officials Non-judging officials Remains until all questions resolved and final results posted Self-critique Complete and submit Meet Report to LSC Chair or designee


28 Works directly with the Meet Referee and supervises/directs the following positions on the dry side of the meet: Entry and Registration Personnel Clerk of Course Timing System Operator Scoring Personnel Timing Judge Hy-tek (Meet Management Software) Operator May serve in one (or more) of the above positions or may simply act in a supervisory capacity of those positions.

29 Serves as Deputy Meet Referee Oversees Meet entries USA-S Registrations of swimmers Clerk of Course Timing Judges Reviews timing information Reviews DQs Ensures appropriate paperwork for Relay Early Take- offs and False Starts Deck Personnel

30 Maintains Logs DQs No-shows Scratches Computer changes Administers Prelim-Finals provisions Swim-offs Scratches Organizes Time Trials

31 Has authority over deck Officials Briefs officials and assigns/reassigns jurisdictions Signals the Starter when all Officials are in position, the course is clear, and competition may begin May overrule a DQ and/or decide any point of rule interpretation May disqualify any swimmer for any infraction May confirm a False Start May Declare False Start and/or Delay of Meet

32 Timing Systems Manual (Watches) Semi-Automatic (Back-up buttons: Require manual back- up) Automatic (Pads: Require manual back- up) System Designations Primary Automatic Semi-Automatic Manual (Minimum two watches per lane) Secondary Semi-automatic Manual Tertiary Manual (One watch)

33 Position Start Anywhere the starting strobe can be observed Need not be behind the lane Finish Head over the water in assigned lane Record all manual times Record to hundedths of a second with NO ROUNDING Automatic and semi-automatic are in system

34 Referee may assign three ADDITIONAL timers to a lane for qualifying times of beginning fraction of race Must see blank watches before race Must see times after race Must legally complete full race distance

35 Determining Official Time Any time from an automatic system if all are functional Any matching button/watch time The intermediate time from three buttons/watches or the mean time of two buttons/watches (recorded to hundredths with NO ROUNDING) Any one available button/watch

36 Determining Official Time Lane malfunction If 0.3 second difference between pad/button times Lane adjustment procedure Average the pad/button difference in accurate lanes Add/subtract accuracy average from malfunctioning button time Heat malfunction Automatic (and semi-automatic) system starts late Same adjustment procedure as for lane malfunction, except that watch (not button) time is secondary system and adjustment is applied to all lanes

37 Number of Officials Minimum of four 1 Administrative Official 2 S/R 1 STJ Facilities Standards Counters Competition Records Rule Interpretations Swimmer with Disability Interpretations

38 Interpretations Racing Starts Not Officials responsibility to monitor DO NOT accept a list of uncertified swimmers (coach and parent responsibility) Uncertified swimmers must start IN THE WATER (even for forward starts) Breast stroke pullout Start of pull New DQ slip item: Breast stroke kick prior to the arm pull Observable separation of the hands

39 Interpretations Backstroke Submerged at the Finish The touch is the finish, the finish is the touch. Can be submerged at the finish touch, not prior Call: Submerged during the swim, prior to the finish touch Uniform Jewelry, such as a friendship bracelet, is not considered a uniform violation

40 Continue USA-S Membership Take all outstanding tests Referee Starter Clerk of Course Administrative Timing Judge Stroke/Turn Recert Apprentice Starter: 5 sessions, 2 mentors, 3 meets Referee: 6 sessions, 2 mentors, 3 meets Establish relationships with other Officials Especially Lead officials Volunteer often everywhere


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