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Financial/Travel Session 9/4/13. Administrator Assignments: o Tyler Spencer: club levels 1-5 Program Manager Assignments: o Kendall Knott: Baseball, Bowling,

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1 Financial/Travel Session 9/4/13

2 Administrator Assignments: o Tyler Spencer: club levels 1-5 Program Manager Assignments: o Kendall Knott: Baseball, Bowling, Crew, Jiu Jitsu, LAX (M), LAX (W), Marksmanship, Quidditch, Sailing, Soccer (M), Soccer (W), Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Ultimate (M), Ultimate (W), Waterski o Mykala Sandifer: Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, DanceSport, Disc Golf, Fencing, Judo, Ki Aikido, Kumdo/Kendo, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Rugby (M), Rugby (W), Running, Table Tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Volleyvall (W)

3 Chris Cox & TBD

4 Tyler Spencer o Sport Club Coordinator o 204E ASRFC o 864-0792 Jill Urkoski o Assoc. Director, KU Rec. Services o 103 ASRFC o 864-0798 Mary Chappell o Director – Recreation Services o 103 ASRFC o 864-0789 Patti Anderson o SOFAs Account Coordinator o 7 Caruth-OLeary o 864-5942 o Aaron Quisenberry o SILC Coordinator o 400 Kansas Union o 864-4861 Rec Info Line o Field Conditions Hotline o 864-3456 This info can be found in the Sport Club Handbook online!

5 203 ASRFC Fall 13 Hours: Kendall Knott o M: 2:30pm-4pm o T: 10am-2pm o W: 2:30pm-5:30pm o R: 10am-4pm o F: 12pm-5pm ** Or by appointment No Phone Until further notice Mykala Sandifer o M: 12:30pm-5pm o T: 9:30am-12:30pm o W: 12:30pm-5pm o R: 9:30am-12:30pm o F: 9am-2pm ** Or by appointment

6 Tyler Spencer – Sport Club Coordinator Office: 864-0792 Cell: (270) 779-4554 Jill Urkoski– Rec. Services Assoc. Director Office: 864-1820 Cell: (785) 2187-5065 Mary Chappell-Recreation Services Director Office: 864-0789Home: 841-1986 Cell:393-1597 When reporting an injury please have as much information available as possible. Specifics such as what happened, location of injury, severity, name of injured persons, living Greek or Residence Hall, etc.

7 Budget Allocations o Restricted Fee Membership Dues o SOFAS Account (Cash & check ONLY) Donations from individuals/corporations o For tax benefit: Endowment Account o Without tax benefit: SOFAS Account Fundraising Activities o SOFAS Account

8 Sport Clubs are required to privately collect dues and submit funds to 23 Strong Hall. Please provide documentation for every club member that has paid dues. o AKA: Provide a Members list (app.E) which contains: Full name Amount in membership dues paid Date the membership dues were deposited ***Any member not documented will not count toward the allocation process.

9 SOFAS account + Endowment deposits Deadline is 1/31/14 Current generated income is any money deposited into SOFAs or Endowment since 2/1/13

10 If you would like to know where your club currently stands with your generated income then ask your program manager. Remember, you must meet BOTH requirements to qualify for a certain level!

11 Where does this money come from? o Student Fees: $4 of every students fee goes to the Sport Club Restricted Fee Fund Why are there differences in allocations? o Member Requirements: Unique person (by KU id #) Feb. 1 st through January 31 st Paid dues to your club o Generated Income Deposits into SOFAs account Fundraising Donations

12 Levels Members Generated Income Allocation Range I50 +$13,500 + $10,000 - $20,000 II30-49$5,000 +$3,500 - $7,000 III15-29$1,300 +$1,000 - $3,000 IV8-14$200 + Match Generated (up to $500)

13 Given $75 in allocated money Must have a generated income of $40 Only have to attend the workshop policy meetings (1 st meeting of fall semester & 1 st meeting of spring semester), not the sport club council meetings May not apply for supplemental requests Not eligible for capital improvement May travel once per semester If interested in declaring: contact your SC Program Manager

14 Can be used for: o Travel o Tournament/Game officials pay o Equipment costs NOTE: This will be inventoried so this equipment MUST stay with the club! o Advertising (up to $175) o CLUB membership to associations or organizations o Guest Instructor Workshop with Expert CANNOT be used for: o Coaching services o Social functions o Insurance o Personal items (Items you intend to take when you are finished) o Individual memberships to associations or organizations o Individual event registration for alumni, ASRFC faculty/staff or coaches o Food or Alcohol

15 When purchasing equipment: o Fill out appropriate Purchase Request Form Appendices: U ($5000 & above) – for purchases over $5000, Tyler must bid for the lowest offer out of 3 provided vendors V ($4999 & below) o The Purchase Request Form must be accompanied by documentation of the item(s) being ordered, prices, etc. o Turn Purchase Request Form into program manager o ALL PURCHASES MUST BE APPROVED BY TYLER! You will NOT be reimbursed for purchases you completed yourself, without prior permission.

16 When Traveling: o Only Travel Reps can pay for travel expenses Travel expenses include: Hotel costs Rental costs Gas Tournament entry fee costs

17 Tyler must pay for hotel, car rental and registration, plane tickets (if payable by credit card) You must collect a room receipt from the hotel For registration fee: if they do not provide a receipt come prepared with a Receipt Form For hotels, Sport Club Coordinator must be provided with the hotels Credit Card Authorization form Need w-9 from all vendors (exception is hotels and travel expenditures)

18 Reimbursement: o Each travel representative must submit a Travel Receipt Log with list of all expenses within 5 business days of returning from trip o There must be a receipt for EVERY expense listed o Funds will be sent by direct deposit to the travel representatives bank account – there will be no checks issued o Submit clean receipts o ALL receipts MUST be in a Travel Representatives name. Any receipts not in a Travel Representatives name will not be reimbursed.

19 Clubs will be penalized 50% of their unused Restricted Fee for any amount 5% and over in their next Fiscal Years allocation Penalized Funds will be put into Supplemental Funding that all clubs can apply for Ex 1: Snow Skiing Club had $480 (8% of their budget) left from their FY10 allocation of $6000. They will be penalized $240 of their FY11 allocation of $5000. Therefore they will be left with $4760 for FY11

20 About once a month (refer to schedule in Handbook) the Executive Board will meet to hear Supplemental Requests The deadline for any requests is the Friday before the next meeting Eligibility: o New clubs can request funds to help with initial expenses o Clubs ineligible for restricted fee allocation can request funds but they will not exceed the amount they would have received if eligible, up to Executive Board discretion o Requests should be for one-time or reasonably unexpected purchases o Requests can be for travel if unexpected (regional/national tournament) and is not a yearly custom of the club Form T

21 A clubs SOFAS account works like a normal bank account, apart from 2 exceptions: No reimbursements or payments can be made with a credit card – SOFAS utilizes ONLY checks. SOFAS account is NOT tax exempt To be reimbursed, keep all receipts & turn them in with proper documentation o 2 signatures are required for any SOFAS withdrawals ***All SOFAs forms can be found at: vices/sofas/ vices/sofas/

22 Endowment Donations should be sent directly to KU Endowment directed to the Sport Club Program account. Checks should be made payable to KU Endowment Association. Please have the donor write which club the donation will be applied to on the memo line of the check. Checks should not be sent to KU Recreation Services and should not be sent directly to club officers. Any account inquiries, spending endowment $, balances, etc. email Tyler

23 Checking Account, Credit Cards, etc. Money through these accounts WILL NOT qualify for generated income. To remain qualified as a club you MUST have at least $200 of generated income (level IV) USE CAUTION!!!

24 Must fill out and turn in by 9/18/13 for first revision Final submissions due 9/25/13 (2 nd SC meeting)

25 Any contractual agreements with the club and any coach must first be reviewed by the Sport Club Coordinator with the club President prior to the document being signed. It is recommended that any contracts be reviewed by Legal Services for Students here on campus. Contractual agreements should last no longer than one year and should be renewed each year the club would like to retain the services of the coach from the previous year.

26 Clubs Eligible Quidditch Disc Golf Boxing Bowling Judo Rock Climbing Ki Aikido DanceSport Mens Rugby Club Alternates Womens Ultimate Jiu Jitsu Softball

27 Policies & Documents

28 All receipts, prepaid reservations, &/or registration fees must be in a travel representatives name WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE A MEMBER WHO IS NOT A TRAVEL REPRESENTATIVE & DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPER PAPERWORK SUBMITTED 4 travel reps required per club 2 board members + 2 regular members Fill out new officers sheet for travel representatives All travel reps must fill out a w-9, EFT, & submit a voided check

29 Turn in 15 days prior to leaving for trip Meet with program manager 10 days before trip to verify details IF YOU DO NOT MEET WITH YOUR PROGRAM MANAGER, YOUR CLUB WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL & NOT RECEIVE FUNDING FROM YOUR RESTRICTED ACCOUNT It is your job to verify hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. If you need to pre register for an event, hotel, rental, etc. you MUST have your ITT turned in first. We will not reimburse any members who prepaid for an event without turning in an ITT first

30 BEFORE TRAVEL Must have w-9, EFT, & voided check turned in 1 st Then submit ITT 15 days before travel Meet with program manager 10 days before travel 5 days before travel: check that reservations, registrations, etc. have been paid AFTER TRAVEL Turn in clean receipts (in travel reps name) within 5 business days of return Sign Travel Expense Detail Report 3 days within notification

31 KU Sport Clubs Recommended Vendors The following vendors have approached the Sport Club offices to offer their products. Some offer special discounts, some offer product longevity, some are simply reasonable prices on equipment/services clubs normally need, etc. Clubs have previously used most, but not all of these companies, please notify sport club staff of a good or bad experience with them so we can continue to recommend the companies that will benefit you most! Remember, all sport club policies apply towards purchases (even with these vendors)!

32 Francis Sporting Goods Patrick Woods 785-856-2189 *104 GTM Rhonda Wright 1008 W. 23rd Lawrence, KS 66046 785-838-3000 *1702 Ultimate Athletics (UA) Mike Bergkamp 800-496-4339

33 Motel 6 / Studio 6 CP545316 800-671-2089 Holiday Inn Katy McConnell 785-749-8920 kmcconnell@hulsinghot

34 Premier Auto Co. Ryan Blum 2332 Haskell Ave, Ste A Lawrence KS 66046 (785) 841-6200 office Business Hours: 8am-5:30pm M-F, 9am-1pm Sat

35 Allocation for FY 14

36 Allocation for FY 14


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