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Frigoriferi I Madh ,Mengel ,Elbasan / Albania

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1 Frigoriferi I Madh ,Mengel ,Elbasan / Albania

2 One of the advantages of El-Frigo 2 is its location
One of the advantages of El-Frigo 2 is its location. It is located in the district of Elbasan , the center of Albania, in the crossroad between East and West, part of ancient Egantia road. “ PERFECT ” LOCATION · To Durres km · To Thessiniki Greece km · To Skopje, MK km · To Split, Croatia km · To Sofia, Bulgaria km · To Belgrade, Serbia km · To Sarajevo, B&H, km · To Pristine km Next

3 The establishment The establishment extends over m2 of land by Shkumbin river ,in the outskirts of Elbasan,approximatelly 3 km away. Almost m2 of the establishment is a covered surface. Next

4 that A Technology brings Performance!
El Frigo 2 operates from 1992 in Albanian market. Its activity consists in importing, storing, tradeing and exporting frozen meat products and vegetable . During these years El Frigo 2 has been the leader in its sector. Correctness, qualitative products and competitive prices have guaranteed its success in the market . In the last 3 years, El Frigo has given priority to fish processing (Anchovies) for Italian companies. El Frigo 2 is an ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified company. It also possesses the legal right to process and export fish in EU with certificate nr. CE 42 Next

5 The establishment El Frigo 2 is one of the most powerful distributors of frozen meat products as well as one of the biggest refrigerated warehouses in Balkan area as regards storage capacity. The total capacity of tons is distributed in 24 rooms, 14 of which are refrigerating rooms and 10 are cooling rooms. Each room is build according to contemporary standards.. Next

6 Administration Office
Name of Company : EL FRIGO 2 NUIS : K C Legal status : Limited Liability Company Foundation date : 28/06/2001 Capital: ALL Legal representative /Administrator : Petraq Guxho Object: Import / Export, wholesale and retail, storage and processing of grocery products, industrial, raw materials processing, clothes, hydraulic and hydro sanitary materials, construction materials, furniture, electric, electronic machinery and equipments, transport and production line. Next

7 The Warehouse 1 El Frigo2 Company owns a warehouse of 600 m2 surface (46*13 m). This warehouse has been built recently and offers optimal conditions. Next

8 The Warehouse 2 A second warehouse is now under construction. Its surface is 1300 M2 (100 * 13 * 7 m). It can be suitable for all kind of activities, manufacturing and processing lines that require this kind of space. Next

9 Processing Department
The operational infrastructure of this establishment is build according European Union standards and parameters. El Frigo 2 is being certificated in ISO 9001:2000 standard and HACCP. It also possesses the legal right to process and export fish in EU with certificate nr. CE 42 The manpower reaches people specialized in threading process of fish (anchovies) and other grocery products. Next

10 Processing Department 2
The area of grocery products processing (fish, meat and vegetables) is about 2000 m2. Refrigerated infrastructure helps in the storage and keeping these products safe before and after processing. Next

11 Meal - Time Next

12 Surrounded Area Next

13 Next

14 Frigoriferi I Madh ,Mengel ,Elbasan / Albania

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